Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations – With the beautiful weather approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to share a Beautiful Light Breakfast.

The colors for this bridal shower are gold, teal and pink. I really wanted to give the bathroom a simple and girly look so I looked around to get the cutest things I could find and this came up.

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

For the floor decor I chose a variety of luxurious stands and placemats that pair well with the shiny gold linen I chose for this table.

Bridal Shower Table In The Shade Of Pink

I spread all the delicious food around the place and added fresh flowers to beautify the table.

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

Latin Bakery Austin offers a variety of bite-sized desserts, including delicious strawberry shortcakes, mini meringues and chocolate truffles.

The meringue cookies stand out on the tea table below, and the basket above completes the modern look.

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

Cake Table Displays — A Garden Party

For me, no party is complete without cakes and cupcakes, so I added them to my table!

The perfect cake for this occasion comes from Christine at Two Chihuahuas. The gold letter was exactly what I expected!

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

The cookies.. How cute are these cookies? When I saw them at The Bakers Group Store, I couldn’t resist them.

Vintage Bridal Shower Tea Party Ideas

Sticking to the color palette of the party, the pink/gold cupcakes contrasted with the chocolate brown cake accented with rose-pink cake.

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

Go to the Mimosa Station and you’ll find a nice wine cart to work with.

Orange, grape and apple juice served with fresh strawberries, blackberries, oranges and raspberries, but don’t forget the great addition, Champagne!

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

Bridal Shower Centerpieces To Inspire Your Table Decor

Small bottles were available for each guest wrapped in a beautiful ribbon and decorated with a wooden stick with the word “Hello” on it.

In the background is the Mimosa logo; Pop the Bubbly, she’s getting a husband! This tag is part of a printable set by Linda from Sprinkled Designs that features a gold frame and red rose design, and you’ll see part of this set throughout the group.

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

I also added a white stand with some fresh eucalyptus hanging off the side to hold the champagne flutes and some water bottles.

How To Create Your Wedding Cake Table Decor

I wanted the flutes to be decorative as well, so I went ahead and used gold sprinkles to decorate the rim of the flute.

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Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

As the story goes, I wrapped the water bottles with cute labels (found here), and gold straws (found here). I also added pink and gold fringe to add an extra touch to the set.

For the table setting, I used an old farmhouse table with gold chairs and white cushions. The table was set with gold dishes and white porcelain, gold and gold vases. I also added a cute sign with the words “She Said Yes!”

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

This Cake Artist’s Langdon Hall Bridal Shower Is As Sweet As You’d Imagine

We’re coming to the end of the blog, but we have one more table to share and thank you giveaways! I found these cute candy canes from Fancy That and they filled them with colorful candies to match our rain. Isn’t that beautiful?? I added the tag with the pretty ribbon and voila!

Thank you so much for reading my blog post! I know this is a LONG post, but I really wanted to share everything with you.

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter below to stay informed and get exclusive access to my entire library of FREE printables and DIYs! Putting together a surprise table full of flavors is a fun way to add delicious food to the shower. Choose a great dessert, whether it’s a cookie or a cupcake, then add other options from calories to fruit-flavored candies.

Cupcakes, Dessert Cakes, And Dessert Tables

Paper cake is popular at weddings because it can serve many people without much cost. These affordable options are one layer to butter and designed to match the bridal shower theme. The flavors are white, chocolate and marble, but many bakeries offer other options such as red velvet or almond. Design considerations include:

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

A biscuit is a different type of paper cake, and it is simple so that the guests do not feel guilty about eating the other sweets on the table. Cut out sugar cookies are the perfect base for these and you can even take some to send home as wedding favors. Decorate with designs like this:

A small cake looks great on a cake stand. It will add height to your dessert table, and you can surround the cake with bowls and containers full of other sweets and treats. The anniversary cake should have a design that matches the rest of the bridal shower. For example:

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Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

Gorgeous Wedding Cakes

All cookies are ready to share with a large group of people. Since you can combine many sets, think of many delicious things to choose for the guests at the table. Decorate as a large cookie in the form of a dress, bouquet or individual decoration. Ideas include:

Cupcakes are a fun addition to the dessert table. They are like mini cookies because they are smaller than a cake or a cookie. Turn the cake and bake it in the frosting and make it into a ball. Cool, insert a stick and dip in sweet coating. Decorations for cookies can include:

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

Even if you want to have a centerpiece for the dessert table, you should add other flavors and other sweets. For example, add your favorite:

Dessert Table Display Is A Must Have At Your Modern Home Wedding. Bookmark These Ideas!

To coordinate the table, you should choose bridal shower decorations for the table that match the rest of the event. If the theme is Parisian, for example, look for a small base of the Eiffel tower. If you’re going with the ring and bracelet theme, drag small rhinestones around the plates. Add lamps behind the table, some candles and dishes that stand at different heights. The presentation brings the table together.

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

Plan to set up the sweet table at the bridal shower before the guests arrive. It’s a fun way to start the party, so they can “ooh” and “ahh” over the various items. Let people snack on delicious food throughout the event. If the bride is a favorite at home, send guests home with a recipe that’s perfect for the shower. My friend is getting married! A few weeks ago we threw her the most beautiful bridal shower – inspired by her wedding theme of Pink and Gold. It was a little difficult to stay on schedule, but I think we did a good job. We originally planned to have the party outside, but it ended up being a downpour. Luckily our host let the party in. Check out our suggestions from our Pink and Gold Collection.

Most of the candy I found was at Bulk Barn. I think I actually bought all their pink candies. Some of the resins, I chose only the pink ones.

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Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

Fanqisi 3d Floral Tablecloth Rectangular 90×132 Inches Lavender Rosette Tablecloth For Outdoor Dinner Wedding Baby Shower Cake Table Decoration

I bought most of the dishes at the thrift store/dollar store. Large trays and glass jars are easy to find and cost less than $5 each.

The best part of the party was the cake I made. It is very simple. I used 3 cake mix boxes to make 5 layers, then I used box frosting between each layer. I followed this easy tutorial on how to make an ombre cake HERE – and it didn’t take long. I made the cake with gold foil and white foil. I just printed this shape that I made down, traced it onto paper, and then cut it out. I glued paper and toothpicks in the middle to hold it on the cake. Save the image below and paste it into a text document to print!

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

I got this white background book from Michael. The paper is a very big book – very long, I think only 10% is used here. If we hadn’t stuck the balloon on it, maybe I could have saved everything. Cost is about $35 plus tax. I found this floral collar at the dollar store for about $3. The gold locket I found on Etsy for under $20 including shipping HERE.

Treat Table & Bridal Shower Cake

I found the tools for the photo booth here. They came with sticks and double-sided tape, so I had to attach them to the sticks the night before. I got it from Missguided for $15 HERE .

Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

Thanks for coming, your support means the world to me! This is a beautiful place to be inspired and able to create happiness in your own life. Join me on our journey to live our best life. Christina Park is a social media manager with experience in weddings. She has held staff positions at Martha Stewart Weddings.

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Bridal Shower Cake Table Decorations

Pinky Pie Dessert Table

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