Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella – If you have a little girl who dreams of becoming a princess, look no further. We have the best Cinderella birthday party ideas for you!

A Cinderella birthday party is a princess’s dream, so don’t miss out on this great idea! You’ll find ideas for dessert tables, birthday cakes, cookies, decorations and more… Enjoy!

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

BEST CINDERELLA PARTY IDEAS Cinderella Dessert Table This real Cinderella dessert table is perfect! It’s so stylish! The framed Cinderella silhouette is the perfect touch. And that cake… wow! Cinderella Cupcakes These Cinderella-inspired cupcakes topped with fondant pumpkins and magic wands are simply beautiful and give your dessert table that special touch.

Celebrate With Cake!: Cinderella Themed Dessert Table

Cinderella Cookies Cookies are always a big hit. Kids love it and what’s not to love about this adorable Cinderella mix?

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

Cinderella Caramel Apple Wow!! These royal Cinderella inspired caramel apples are beautifully decorated. I love how they finish with the pink and pale blue bow!

Cinderella Tablescape The pink and pale blue tablescape for this Cinderella birthday party is simple yet beautiful! Love the curtains and chandelier decoration. And note that all the tableware is paper!

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

Celebrate With Cake!: Cinderella Dessert Table (click Post To View More Pictures)

Cinderella Birthday Cake Every princess needs a fairytale castle and this birthday cake is amazing! It is very well decorated with all its towers. It’s amazing! You can find castle kits like these to make your own. (affil) Candy Cinderella You can’t have a Cinderella party and not have glass slippers somewhere, right? So why not use it to serve sweets like we did at this party? What a great idea!

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Cinderella Centerpiece How to use the princess’s name as a dessert table centerpiece? This example is amazing. The letters are beautifully decorated with butterflies and glass slippers, but you can add anything related to Cinderella, such as a pumpkin and a carriage.

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

Cinderella Decorations Decorate the chairs at your party with beautiful banners like the ones in this Cinderella birthday party. They add such a nice touch!

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Cinderella Party Activities Bring the princess to life with this mini Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo dresser. Not only will they enjoy it, but you can keep them occupied for a while.

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

Cinderella Party Send your guests home with a tutu as beautiful as this Cinderella party tutu! I’m sure you’ll want to wear them as soon as you see them. Plus, pull out some magic to complete the look.

If that’s what you’re looking for, check out the Cinderella party supplies we have available for you at Catch My Party! OTHER CINDERELLA POSTS YOU MIGHT LIKE: Cinderella Dessert Table Treats 7 Tips for Throwing a Shabby Chic Cinderella Birthday Movie Last week and we both loved it! It’s true to the original film, but seeing it with live-action characters makes it feel even more real. We were totally swept up in the drama and romance.

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

Best Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas

With all the excitement of the movie, we’re sure to see more Cinderella parties added to Catch My Party.

So when Party City asked me to make some Cinderella birthday party desserts, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to make a treat that was easy, cheap, and would look great at my next Cinderella party! This is what I want…

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Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

Melt the candy melts in the microwave at 30-second intervals, stirring after each interval, until the chocolate is melted.

Dessert Tables/candy Buffets– Elegant Impressions Bakery

Place the pretzel sticks on a baking sheet lined with waxed paper to dry. After about 30 seconds, when the white chocolate starts to harden, sprinkle with white pearls.

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

Place the melted chocolate over the popcorn. Mix by hand until coated as desired. Mix in mini marshmallows and sprinkle with granulated sugar.

Place three cookies. On each cookie, press frosting in a circular pattern, leaving about 1/4 inch around the cookie.

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

Kara’s Party Ideas Atlantis + Ocean Inspired Wedding

Stack three cookies. Place the pumpkin on top of the cake, then sprinkle with blue granulated sugar. You can also use white pearls as an accent.

Finally, one of the most spectacular things in the movie is Cinderella’s blue dress! Here’s Lainey in her new Party City Cinderella dress inspired by the movie. He especially loves gloves. Isn’t she such a princess?! We are absolutely in awe of the creative variations on the beloved Cinderella theme (check out our latest wedding)! And this beloved dessert table is another example of inspiration. Beautifully put together, photographer-mom Violet of Violet Skies Studio is a veritable party from a few years ago for her (then) four-year-old daughter. But the idea is as fresh as daisies on a birthday cake! Read on for all the sweet details.

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

First of all, it must be said that this party shows that you can capture the theme without going the “commercial” route. Or stick with the view straight from the book or movie. Kudos to Mama Violet for showing us how!

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Disney Wedding Ideas For A Truly Magical Theme

– The birthday cake was “store ordered” so she just added flowers and a cute carriage (the cupcake toppers were made by her uncle!).

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

– To top off the cake was a unique Cinderella figurine (not the usual princess look you’d expect!) made out of clay, again by Violet’s uncle, to look like a birthday celebration… she loves it!

– Large clocks are a last minute find at TJ Max and look perfect against the starry backdrop of twinkling fairy lights.

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

Kara’s Party Ideas Rustic Outdoor Bridal Shower

– The cupcakes were topped with white chocolate “Cinderella slippers” (from the Amazon candy mold) with blue glitter added; so beautifully presented on a Home Goods vintage style cake plate.

– Violet’s mom’s adorable fruit sculpture is a cart carved out of a watermelon…and guess what the little mouse in front of it is made of?

Bridal Shower Candy Tables Decorations Cinderella

Don’t let all the great ideas make you think, “Hey, I can throw a Cinderella party too!” Thanks for the inspiration, Violet. All in all, the dessert table and party are clearly made with love!

Dusty Blue Wedding Inspired By Cinderella

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