Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

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After completing your guest list and confirming your answers, another thing to check off your wedding planning checklist is arranging a seating chart. As much as you love your friends and family, it’s also important to share some quality time with your brand new spouse on the big day, and this darling table provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Here’s what you need to know about having a sweetheart table for your wedding, and 23 table decoration ideas for your sweetheart to inspire you when the time comes.

Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

A favorite table for newlyweds in a wedding reception is a small table The couple sits with the wedding party and family at a very close table in front of the guests The advantage of having a sweetheart table is that you get to spend one-on-one time with your new spouse – which is easier said than done during a busy wedding day. At your favorite table, you will have time to really sit down, enjoy your meal, chat and look at all your loved ones around the room. Plus, it makes it easy for wedding guests to see you from your table

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Choosing a sweetheart table can also be a blessing in disguise if you’re in a sticky situation with your seating requests—for example, if your parents, siblings, and in-laws expect to sit with you, but everyone doesn’t. Sitting together as a couple can be a smart solution to difficult family politics or friend dynamics, but if you’re hoping to chat with your wedding party over dinner, you might want to consider a traditional table instead.

Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

Your sweetheart table is an easy way to play with your wedding theme with floral arrangements, decorative clothing and more. Here are some examples we love

Frame your favorite table with a larger than life wreath made of greenery and flowers This backdrop would fit right in at a rustic wedding – we love how it looks against these barn doors

Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

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Blooming plants are different from your average centerpiece, but that’s what makes them so memorable For a spring wedding, beautiful pink cherry blossom trees in the background add just the right amount of color and drama without blocking the skyline.

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A beautiful, rose-filled bouquet is a perfect complement to elegant wedding decorations and a classic white color palette. Have it draped over the side of a love table for a charming effect

Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

This daisy table – a type of table that rests on a raised platform – is set against a custom backdrop depicting one of the most popular Bible verses about marriage. Alternatively, you can use song lyrics, a poem or another romantic love quote.

Gorgeous Sweetheart Tables

If you’re having a fall wedding, these sweetheart table ideas will add a wonderful seasonal touch to your decor. Start with a bare wooden table, then add a table runner to match the wedding colors, taper candles and finish off the setup with a pile of gold leaf in front.

Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

These simple wedding ideas look beautiful no matter the season or theme All you need are classic white pillar candles with glass hurricane vases (choose different sizes and heights for a dimensional look). For wedding venues that do not allow open flames, LED candles will create an equally romantic glow.

Modern and minimalist, this ethereal baby’s breath bow stands out against a black and white color palette. Accent the front of the table with little puffs of baby’s breath for a cloud-like effect

Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

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Incorporating pumpkins into your wedding decor requires a bit of creativity, but is a perfect example of how to pull it off in a subtle way. Add a few bright orange and white pumpkins with matching flowers and greenery – even better if you can find a vintage desk to use.

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Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

Rustic barns and art museums have completely different vibes in how to furnish each type of reception space.

Sweetheart Table Ideas You’ll Fall Head Over Heels For

For a garden-inspired look, hang a fabric banner against a green wall (you can rent one from your florist or wedding planner) Complete the decor with floral designs that mimic wildflowers, like these clusters of delphiniums and greenery.

Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

If your darling table needs a little sparkle, add a sequin tablecloth. A neon sign will draw more attention to the layout Customize yours with a quote, song lyrics – like this couple who are “madly in love” – ​​your name or your wedding date.

This bright pink and red centerpiece makes a statement on a plain white table Keep the overall design minimal but combine with the stylish bucket chairs

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Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Rattan peacock chairs are a popular choice for couples who love the boho style. Statement chairs are often paired with pampas grass and an earthy color palette, as are larger-than-life floral columns bookending the tables.

Make your table stand out with detailed lines like this glamorous black and gold print Add fancy glass and china with candles to complete the design This pendant light was made for a Harry Potter inspired wedding, but you can use basic tapers and candle holders to other topics.

Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

Since the end tables are so small, choose a low centerpiece instead of a tall arrangement. This will keep your view unobstructed so you can see all your guests (and vice versa). If there are not enough flowers for you, you can highlight the foot of the table with a wreath

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It’s hard to imagine a more creative sweetheart table wallpaper Record a short word or phrase with your partner, then zoom in on an image of the sound wave to use as a focal point on the wall behind you.

Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

Patterned covers and cushions are a super easy way to dress up a chair and add an extra layer of soft comfort. An unexpected print also makes for an interesting photo detail Complete the tablescape with symbols to celebrate your newlywed status, such as Mr. and Mrs., Mr. and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs.

An old table or chair can quickly spruce up a bare wooden table We love this option for a homey, vintage-inspired vibe

Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

Wedding Table Decor Ideas

For couples who thrive in the limelight, why not go all out? Set up a backdrop for any party decorated with giant Mylar balloons that spell out your name or another phrase like “Just Married.”

When planning your favorite table setting, remember to think beyond the table itself Add a swatch of grass under the table for an instant dose of color – plus it minimizes grass or dirt if you’re getting married outside.

Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

Take advantage of the built-ins that your room has to offer and work them into your decor. A lovely table placed under a pergola or gazebo is charming and makes the meal feel like a mini-vacation from the rest of the room.

Wedding Party Table

Create a decorative green screen by tying bunches of eucalyptus to a wooden or metal frame. Edison bulbs or bistro lights will complete the background

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Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

You can recreate a wedding ceremony arch as a backdrop for your favorite table This couple reused the chuppah and tallit, but you can do the same with a floral arch or square arbor.

Prefer to keep your table simple? Add a loveseat instead of a standard chair It’s unexpected and allows you to snuggle with each other in a nice, homey way. Complete the table with some votives to set the romantic mood

Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

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Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

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Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

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Bride And Groom Table Decor Ideas

Wedding Table Decoration

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