Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

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Buffet catering has long been a staple of wedding receptions, and for good reason: it’s an inexpensive and effective way to feed many guests with different dietary preferences at once. But in the era of socially distanced weddings, some changes will be needed to ensure the safety of both event guests and catering staff.

Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

A buffet reception features a menu set up on a large table in an area. This differs from a station-style reception, which will feature multiple menu concepts spread across multiple displays.

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We spoke to restaurant industry experts Roe Cantrell of Cantrell Auctions and Leila Miller of Constellation Culinary to gather everything you need to know about hosting a buffet wedding reception.

Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

For more common forms of event catering, buffet style is usually a more cost-effective option than plated, station or family style. Cantrell. “At a buffet, you may need half as many people to serve the food.” In addition to requiring more staff, Miller noted that station-style and family-style catering typically require more equipment and crockery to be manufactured, which further increases prices.

For Cantrell occasions, the cost per person for a basic buffet reception typically falls in the $16 to $19 range, but prices can vary widely based on menu selections and the addition of other services such as passed appetizers at cocktail hour. As for Constellation, Miller says buffets typically start at $165.

Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

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There are different ways! For more intimate affairs, Cantrell likes to introduce take-out containers so guests can leave with leftovers. “When things start to take off and everyone is full, we’ll make an announcement,” he says. Cantrell has partnered with Atlanta-based organizations (Goodor’s is particularly well-known in the city) to collect food scraps and redistribute them to homeless families.

Food donations have specific requirements: “Once something has been out for a certain amount of time or passed through a certain number of hands, it’s not food-safe,” Miller explains. So even restaurateurs are starting to compost food they can’t donate.

Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

“Foods that have a lot of moisture are good for buffets,” says Cantrell. “Shrimp and grits, chicken with gravy — dark meat holds up better than brisket — and things with gravy, like meatballs, can cause heat stroke.” Chafing dishes — metal skillets that use an outer layer of hot water to keep food warm — are a staple of the buffet line, but they can dry out dishes like salmon and broccoli if not served in broth. For Miller, a buffet menu usually consists of a salad, bread, two proteins and side dishes. Accompaniments, or side dishes, are often combinations of vegetables, starches, and grains chosen to complement the main protein.

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Miller plans a buffet table for every 50 guests to keep things running efficiently. Wherever possible, buffet tables should be double-sided. Events with a large number of guests may include multiple buffets, but all buffets will feature the same food.

Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

Miller likes to stack plates in front of the buffet line instead of arranging them on the table. “Going to your table and then going to the buffet is boring,” she says. However, if you are planning a socially distanced wedding, the plates will likely be filled with food and handed directly to the guests. Expect cutlery to be wrapped in napkins and collected individually.

“All [constellation] buffets will have chefs present and plexi screens,” says Miller. Constellation is also making changes to the seating areas of the buffet reception: butter, cream, sugar, salt and pepper will be available upon request in single-use portions, and when water is pre-poured, it can be protected with a protective lid. .

Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

Diy Boho/aviation Wedding Buffet Table Decor On Hallmark’s Home And Family Show — From Scratch With Maria Provenzano

Constellation has added several additional health and safety procedures to their event playbook. Staff will have their temperature checked on arrival and will wear masks and gloves throughout the event. Timers will direct event workers to wash their hands every thirty minutes, multiple hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout the kitchen facility, and high-touch surfaces will be routinely disinfected using CDC-recommended cleaning solutions. Each event will have a designated on-site ‘Safety Champion’ to manage and oversee these processes.

Cantrell also moved away from self-service. “You can have a buffet, but guests are not allowed to stand in line,” he says “We’ll make them food and bring it to them.” This will require more staff, so couples should expect to adjust their catering budget accordingly.

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Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

Southern inspiration: roasted or roasted roasted chicken; rice pilaf; green beans cooked in broth; Macaroni and cheese.

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Jamaican inspiration: chicken curry; rice and peas; mac ‘n’ cheese; An appetizer of plantain chips and jerk chicken kebabs.

Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

Asian inspiration: Peking Duck Carving Station; Moo Shu Pancakes; lo mein with napa cabbage, cured baby carrots, and garlic chives; edamame, ginger pork and lemongrass chicken dumplings; Korean beef barbecue and shiitake skewers.

New York inspired: Reuben sliders with cumin sauerkraut; A blanket is all francs; potato chips; lamb and beef mini falafel and pita shawarma; tower of mini bagels with smoked salmon and side dish; Hampton Chopped Salad with Tarragon Ranch Dressing.

Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

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Comfort Food-Inspired: Korean Fried Chicken, Beyond Burgers, Ricotta Chicken Patties and Cauliflower-Chickpea Sliders; buffalo chicken patties with blue cheese sauce; fried cheese curds; Applewood Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese; French fries; Tex-Mex Tater Tots. Today on Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family show we celebrate the wedding season with a very unique wedding theme, Boho Meets Aviation!! Our bride’s style is boho and her family history of aviation is very important to her, as is the groom’s career in aviation. They were getting married at an aviation museum and wanted to keep things casual and relaxed. I created a boho meets aviation buffet table to inspire them for their big day. They have 250 people at their wedding, so they wanted to create a buffet table that was casual enough for paper plates, and still incorporated their boho/aviation theme.

So I think we did it!! The show airs today, June 13, 2016, on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family program at 10 am. If you missed it, it will repeat tomorrow at noon!

Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

* Color the rectangle white with a blue border; Help create a border using painter’s tape, this can be done by measuring all sides to make sure they are even and applying painter’s tape.

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* Paint the circle dark blue and once dry draw a star in the center; To create clean lines, use painter’s tape to create a star shape and paint

Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

* Let everything dry completely, then glue the round piece of wood to the center of the rectangular piece of wood. These are the most frequently asked questions from couples interested in wedding reception styles for dinner service:

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We’ll answer all of these questions as we discuss each style of dinner service offered here at Preston Barn. The 3 styles we offer are buffet, sit-down and family-style (that’s one less question!) We’ll define each, answer these frequently asked questions, and as a bonus, how the Preston Barn staff perfects the art of each dinner service. Let me give you some insight on that. We are here!

Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

Dessert Buffet Table Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

The buffet reception has all the food on a long table. Guests are invited to one or two tables at a time, offered a dish, and served from behind the buffet table while staff choose their favorites or try them. This is a more casual form of dining, and guests can mingle with other guests at the buffet with whom they may not interact. Our buffet is beautifully set with copper chafing dishes, matching linens, lights, and occasionally, we’ll add light decorations to match your wedding style.

Buffet style is usually the cheapest option because you don’t need a lot of staff. Portions of each option are also slightly smaller, but the variation is large. Couples who choose to eat buffets often do so not just because of the price difference, but because they like the idea that guests (and themselves) can try a little bit of everything. Have you ever been to a wedding with a plated dinner, then felt jealous of the person next to you who had something different and looked and smelled even more amazing? A buffet is a good way to avoid this.

Buffet Table Decorations For Weddings

One of the main reasons we see couples choose this style of dinner is because they don’t like the idea of ​​waiting in line for guests. Buffets can and do take a bit longer sometimes for this reason

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