Bunny Table Decorations

Bunny Table Decorations – If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I can’t resist pretty Easter table decorations! In my family, it’s all about holiday meals, and there’s nothing better than breaking bread with the ones you love.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’d like my Easter table to look like this year… A little Beatrix Potter mixed with a French country landscape. I hope you find inspiration here to create your own Easter table decoration that will impress your guests and make them feel special.

Bunny Table Decorations

Bunny Table Decorations

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Festive Table Decorations For Easter

Remember in high school or college when you had to write an essay and stare at that big, blank piece of paper? Yes, I understand that students use computers to write essays now, but please. I mean tablescape is like writing history.

Bunny Table Decorations

Before I bought anything new, I took my “blank desk” desk and put together a vision. Most of this is done by browsing Pinterest and collecting ideas that speak to me over the course of a few weeks.

I have great respect for all kinds of Easter table decorations and have seen everything from compact to rustic farmhouse and everything in between. There’s no reason I can’t change it next year, but I also had to keep in mind my starting point in France.

Bunny Table Decorations

How To Create Stunning Pink And Green Tablescapes For Easter

Our dining room has a long, salvaged wooden trestle table that creates a rustic atmosphere. We also have deep gray blue walls (Benjamin Moore Charcoal Slate) and cream lining. It limits the color palette and style I can choose from, but there are still so many options.

For other holidays, I’ve decorated with deep mustard and rust tones (see my fall interior color scheme) and neutral metals (see my mercury glass base). I knew that the spring pastel theme would complement the blue and cream tones of the room.

Bunny Table Decorations

The next step was to take inventory of the table decorations I had. It’s like thinking about what spices and baking supplies you have on hand before looking for the right recipe.

Easter Bunny Table Runner, Easter Decorations, Seasonal Spring Flower Table Runner Decor For Dinning Living Room Kitchen Home, Table Runner Scandinavian Decorations For Holiday Party, 13x72inches

I didn’t end up using all of the above in my tablescape, but I know I’ll be mixing and matching for years to come.

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Bunny Table Decorations

Before buying any new products, I had a general idea of ​​the “look” I wanted based on my research:

When decorating the table, I always start with the centerpiece, in this case my flower wreath.

Bunny Table Decorations

Pair Of Golden Rabbit Bunnies Table Display Ornaments, Furniture & Home Living, Home Decor, Other Home Decor On Carousell

For this occasion, I decided to ditch my DIY table runner and use a single long flower wreath for my Easter brunch. Although fresh flowers are absolutely wonderful for a special occasion, these days I’m really into artificial flowers.

I absolutely loved the floral wreath below! We’re talking serious twin heart-eyes emojis! It has a mix of hydrangea, peonies and zinnias. Don’t you love the soft texture and branching branches of this baby?

Bunny Table Decorations

Besides the wreath, there really wasn’t much to add, except for an Easter poo here and there. My twin boys happily sprinkled the branches with a few eggs. They love helping me with my blogging projects.

Pieces Easter Bunny Wood Sign Easter Wooden Rabbit Shape Sign With Jute Rope Easter Themed Freestanding Table Decorations For Easter Party Desk Office Home Party

In the past, I have used mercury glass, mosaic candlesticks and cone candlesticks for tablescapes. My latest obsession is taper candles.

Bunny Table Decorations

I bought these brushed gold candlesticks at Target last year and I love using them to decorate the dining room table.

I have Easter Bunny figures. There, I said! These guys jumped right into my heart with their long skinny legs.

Bunny Table Decorations

Stylish Easter Brunch Table Setting With Egg In Easter Bunny Napkin. Modern Natural Dyed Pink Egg On Napkin With Bunny Ears, Stock Photo

The plates I found also look like Beatrix Potter made them just for me. (Wow, thanks, Bea!) Seriously, they look like Peter Rabbit.

Last summer we had a real bunny in our yard and I watched the races with him every time we crossed paths. It looks a lot like these bunnies on these plates.

Bunny Table Decorations

Since I didn’t have any napkin rings to match the occasion, I decided to make my own with my Silhouette Cameo! I have a separate post on how to make bunny napkin rings and there are free JPEG and SVG files for you to make your own.

How To Create Darling Easter Table Decor For Kids

I also found some cute porcelain egg cups that went well with my decorations. They add just the right color. I am showing examples of place settings with and without these accents because I understand that some families may not use them for Easter brunch.

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Bunny Table Decorations

In my bridal shower decor post, I talked about my love for a gold charger. I didn’t have them then, but I was able to improvise with these substitutes (on the cheap).

This year I decided to try new charging plates to bring out the golden tones of the plates. Tin chargers would also look good.

Bunny Table Decorations

Pieces Rabbit Ornaments Figurines, Rabbit Figurine, Resin Easter Bunny Table Decorations Ornaments

I also recently added two DIY Easter projects that you can easily incorporate into a tablescape or other vignettes:

If you want a more subtle spring look, you can also check out my spring table decoration post.

Bunny Table Decorations

I hope to have a beautiful Easter with my loved ones and I wish you many blessings this year!

Easter Table Decor

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Bunny Table Decorations

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Bunny Table Decorations

Pieces Easter Table Sign Decoration Center Happy Easter Welcome Bunny Family Party Table Decorations Crafts Bunny Decorations|screens & Room Dividers|

Spending the holidays in the kitchen is not my favorite thing, but I love decorating the party tables! Easter tables are some of my favorites because it’s easy to create a wonderful table with Ruokakauppa’s beautiful tulips without a lot of work. Today I’m sharing my favorite Easter table decoration ideas that are easy to put together using what you already have at home and a few things you can pick up at the grocery store. (

Tulips are the perfect flower for Easter decorations because (1) they’re inexpensive, (2) most grocery stores carry them so you can grab a few bunches while you’re there, and (3) you don’t have to master flower arranging skills. Even an inexperienced flower arranger can create a beautiful arrangement by simply throwing a few tulips into a vase. My grocery store sells them for $5 a bunch, and I used a total of six bunches ($30) of the pink and white mix for this Easter table:

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Bunny Table Decorations

If you cut the bottoms of the stems at a slant when shipping them home and change the water every few days, they should last at least a week. I paired mine with my favorite cut flower vase:

Beautiful Served Round Table With Decorations In Dining Room. Little Yellow Bunny, Willow Branches Decorated With Colorful Easter Eggs. Spring Holiday Setting. Top View Shot Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image

If you like artificial tulips that you can use year after year, I used a combination for my spring table and found them incredibly realistic:

Bunny Table Decorations

There’s a little trick to it because you don’t want to just throw lemon slices in the same vase as the flowers – use a vase within a vase! The lemon slices stay firmly pressed between the two layers of the vase instead of floating freely. Also, the water the flowers sit in is separate from the lemons, so the acidity of the lemons won’t kill your flowers. In the center I placed a simple glass vase, about 8 inches tall and just under 4 inches in diameter.

After the vases are layered, cut a few lemons so that they fit nicely between the two vases. Starting at the base, layer them around the perimeter until you reach the top:

Bunny Table Decorations

Whimsical Easter Bunny Table Decorations

When the space between the two vases is filled with lemon slices, add water to cover them (this prevents them from drying out and makes them last longer). Then add water and flowers to the inner vase and you’re done! Really easy and always a crowd pleaser!

It’s so easy to do! First, find a glass jar, vase or short tumbler for the cabbage. Next, use a knife to cut a deep circle around the top of the cabbage that is slightly wider than the glass container you are using. Hollow out the cabbage until the hole is deep enough so that the top of the vase is slightly lower

Bunny Table Decorations

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