Burke Decor Outdoor Dining Tables

Burke Decor Outdoor Dining Tables – Nothing makes a house feel like home more than gathering your favorite people around a good dining table and making good memories. That’s why you need a table that not only gives you a space to stretch and be comfortable, but also an elegant anchor for the room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. To help you find the perfect spot for your space, we reached out to five design experts to share their favorites. From sleek wood designs by Sundays to Saarinen-style marble countertops, these are their top dining choices for classy dining and fun.

Unexpected details are what make this tall square wooden table, according to Vancouver-based designer Karla Dreyer. The classic solid oak shape has a familiar air, but is updated with slightly curved corners and thick, rounded legs. It can also be customized; You can choose from three different wood finishes and sizes that can accommodate four people. Up to 10. A table with a uniform character, like this one, requires a seat. Asymmetrical, says Dryer: Think of a chair on one side and a bench on the other. A structured runner is also a smart accessory, to break up the long look.

Burke Decor Outdoor Dining Tables

Burke Decor Outdoor Dining Tables

Many of Dallas-based designer Jean Liu’s clients ask for a table with a glass top and the LC6, created in 1928 by the famous Italian design house Cassina, is often his answer. Liu likes the striking contrast between the sculptural base made of tubular steel, painted black or ice blue, and the large top made of a single plate of glass. Liu says that with an elegantly upholstered table like this, you need equally impactful seating, such as So look for a set of chairs with lines that reflect the table.

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Black Windsor Chairs

You can’t go wrong with this iconic design by architect Eero Saarinen (of Gateway Arch and JFK’s TWA fame), according to Liu, who considers it his all-time favorite. Slim shape sculpture, dress up the dining room without making it overwhelming, noticeable, and the tulip-shaped base gives you more leg room and the freedom to choose dining chairs in any style. It has a version with a marble top, but also available in other 23 finishes, in many sizes and with bases Gray or black.

Burke Decor Outdoor Dining Tables

For a worldly and elegant appearance, Dreyer recommends this elegant design made of concrete-like materials. The sturdy base makes it a striking focal point in the room, and it’s easy to dress up or down, she says: for example, go casual with a rattan chair, or keep things sophisticated with black leather seats.

The wooden table immediately brings warmth to the dining area, and the clean lines of the design make it look light and airy. It is a favorite of Donna Gilliam, a designer based in Nashville, Tennessee, director and founder of Donna Gilliam Interiors, especially for the elegant and useful easel feature, which makes snacks to rest their feet. The ability to customize the shape of the table, size and finish opens up your seating options – go contemporary with a pair of low benches or traditional with a high chair, for example. And when it comes to modeling the surface, Gillam recommends keeping it simple. “I love the wicker placemats for this table,” he says. “It’s too cute to cover with a tablecloth.”

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Burke Decor Outdoor Dining Tables

Contemporary Dining Fixtures For Any Space From Burke Décor

When the designer and founder of Studio Shaolin Shaolin Low in Honolulu wanted a unique and affordable table for young customers, she chose this geometric option for the “friendly” abstract octagonal shape. “It serves the purpose of a round dining table in a very interesting way,” he said. The light walnut finish shows the natural changes in the wood and softens its angular shape. Low paired with cane chairs and fabric lamps for a boho vibe, but you can also balance solid wood pieces with a comfortable open seating set.

“A table with a strong personality” is how César Giraldo, director and founder of César Giraldo Design in Los Angeles, describes this strong piece. Born from the idea of ​​Italian architect Vincenzo de Cotiis, it is made of handmade fiberglass and stromatolite, a multi-layered fossil rock. The special material of the table means that you will often find “a design element that is different from the angle you are looking at it,” says Giraldo, who recommends adding equally striking seating such as wood and leather sets.

Burke Decor Outdoor Dining Tables

Find the perfect table for customers who want a mix of traditional and modern elements, lower down in this amazing six seater. The rich tones of acacia wood, mid-century modern lines and the unexpected touch of cane paneling combine to make it an elegant anchor for the room. Low’s customers have matched the classic dark wood chairs they already own, but the seats they put in a new texture, such as velvet or bouclé, would be a smart choice.

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Burke Decor Outdoor Dining Tables

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Burke Decor Outdoor Dining Tables

Portside Concrete Outdoor Dining Table

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