Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday – If there’s one trend I’ve been totally in love with lately, it might be the Muted Rainbow trend. Don’t get me wrong, I love bright, energetic rainbow colors as much as anyone, but there’s something about the soft boho feel of softer colors that makes me feel comfortable and happy. That’s why I recently had the pleasure of designing the Silent Rainbow dessert table for a client’s daughter’s first birthday party. Filled with soothing soft colors and gorgeous organic elements, this dessert table is perfect for birthday parties, showers or other celebrations. Read on for all the details!

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Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

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Diy 1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Party

I love having a space that welcomes guests and sets the stage and tone for the party decor. For this batch, I used a light natural wood A-frame board sticker that says a simple “Happy First Birthday Maila” written on white brown paper. I added a woven macrame rainbow in the corner to highlight the muted rainbow theme.

Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

I added additional themed decor under the dessert table. I stacked a few different sized bamboo storage baskets and added another woven rainbow. I then placed several palms painted in very soft hues in front of it and cardboard letters that spelled out the birthday boy’s – ONE – age.

I made sure to add a variety of natural baskets, bowls, containers, and coasters to the table, as well as additional woven rainbows. I also added gorgeous flowers in soft blush colors to add an organic look to the party. Some hot pink fabric added a whimsical feel to the table.

Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

Muted Rainbow First Birthday Dessert Table — Mint Event Design

The centerpiece of the table was a gorgeous cake from Sweet Carousel Cakes, with the perfect rainbow frosting on top and surrounded by delicious macaroons and harmoniously soft candies. Gold accents on the edge and a very pale pink “1” added elegance to the boho vibe of the cake. I placed it on an inverted rattan basket for height and clarity on the table.

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In addition to the cake, I rolled out more delicious desserts, all of which match the color scheme of the party. I used wooden trays front and center to showcase a mix of smaller desserts, almost like a grazing table for sweet treats.

Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

However, some desserts were too good to mix and deserved to be featured. So I put in some mini trays to display some awesome themed cookies from Westlake Bakes.

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To add more themed items to the entire dessert display, I used some pretty muted rainbow dessert ornaments (you can get them in my shop) and a really cute “one” lollipop from Luna Lollipops.

Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

I’ve also put up a few stands of different sizes and heights to showcase more desserts – scones and dark chocolate covered pretzels.

For easy take-away drinks at the dessert table, we’ve included mini water bottles wrapped in silent rainbow labels, polka dot straws wrapped in silent rainbow straw flags. Both are muted in the Rainbow Party Kit, which you can purchase from my store.

Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

Boss Baby Birthday Party Backdrop For Photography Banner Kids Event Ca

The final piece that completes this dessert table is where the guest of honor can enjoy it! We decorated the highchair with a cute muted rainbow ONE banner and some matching tassels. On the back of the chair, we applied a sweet personalized muted rainbow jumpsuit from Kiss Hug Design for Maila to wear at her party.

Remember you can get the Silent Rainbow banner for FREE when you subscribe below! Perfect for dining chairs or as a background on the wall.

Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

If you’re in or around the Austin, TX area and need help styling some or all of your party, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Leighton’s 1st Birthday: Winter One Derland

MINT Event Designaffiliate, boho birthday, muted rainbow, rainbow birthday, first birthday, first birthday party, first birthday party ideas for girlsGuests who commented. But how can you stand out from the crowd and increase the awe-inspiring factor of your child’s birthday party? Of course, with mouth-watering themed dessert tables! Who can say no to sweet, sweet miracles? Of course not me! Caution: Images may cause sugar rush in some people.

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Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

Little Connor threw a beach-themed first birthday party using the three dominant colors coral, green and aqua. This gorgeous dessert table by A Cuppa Luv is set against a beach backdrop with a hanging surfboard that announces the celebration. What was on the dessert table? Hand-painted macarons with beach designs, crab and shell decorations, flip-flops and surfboard cakes!

Frozen isn’t the only animated show captivating little girls everywhere. Three-year-old Reanne wanted and got a Sofia The First themed birthday party. The celebration event featured a Sofia The First themed dessert table, carefully put together by party planner Color it Sweet. The mauve cake pieces were decorated with tiny pearls and had purple “stones” behind them. Even the jelly cups were covered in beautiful lace with small satin flowers. How delicious!

Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

Floral 1st Birthday

This Sanrio-themed dessert table was one of the highlights of little Jemma’s first birthday party. At first, the Hokey Pokey design team wasn’t sure which Sanrio character to add to the dessert table. Eventually they added most of them with emphasis on My Melody and piano. Hello Kitty fans, don’t be disappointed – both sugar cookies and cakes feature the popular cat. Don’t they hum?

Baby Arianna changed her style with an amazing mermaid themed birthday party! Mermaid-themed dessert tables are in vogue, according to Little House of Dreams. This beauty used shimmery mint green and baby pink with a hint of gold. Arianna’s family wanted cute box-shaped macarons set on edible sand. (wow!) Other highlights? Mermaid cake, marble marshmallow pops, and beach-themed chocolates!

Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

Who said dessert tables were only for birthday parties? Baby’s month-long celebrations also require plenty of sweet treats! Little Yves had prepared a minimalist dessert table for a modest group of guests at the month-long party. The little yellow cubes you see on the left are Pastry Den’s most popular treat – the classic New Yorker cheesecake! Pastry Den says their minimalist installations are designed according to the color scheme chosen by the customer. They prefer to keep it simple and let their desserts do the talking!

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Carousel Themed Birthday Party Cake, Candy And Dessert Table At Allianz Park London

If you love anything rainbow-colored, you’re sure to love this one. The talented friends at Party Fiestar have prepared a sky-themed dessert table for two-year-old Franco’s birthday (Disney’s popular animated movie “Up”). A small pile of colorful balloons was placed on top of the trio of chocolate cakes and rainbow-shaped sugar cookies for guests to take home. A super cute fondant hot air balloon was sitting on the birthday cake. (Up, up and away!)

Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

Little kids can’t get enough of Disney cars. Animated movie found its way to dessert tables! Ethan’s first birthday party is made particularly memorable with a car-themed dessert table created by the creative folks at Party Mojo. Needless to say, checkered black and white flags were at the center of this dessert table design. They came in the form of number one cake holders, cake decorations and sugar cookies!

The ever-popular animal theme is what you see on this dessert table that was part of baby Ethan’s first birthday party. The baby animal theme mainly appeared in table decorations and also in mini cakes. The mini white chocolate cupcakes were also covered in black fondant in the shape of a baby elephant. Extra cute dots for little monkey cutouts hovering over the baby blue alphabet. The good people at Susucre definitely pay attention to details!

Cake Table Decoration For 1st Birthday

Birthday Dessert Table Set Up

Again in the animal theme, here is a pink and purple rabbit themed dessert table. And yes, it was for a little girl. Baby Riley celebrated her first birthday with this super cute design created by the artisans at The Dessert Party. The pink and purple 3D flowers floating on the birthday cake add an elegant touch to the whole design.

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