Cake Table Wedding Decor

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You’ve chosen your theme and customized your color palette. Thanks to this, you can choose many parts of the decor of your wedding reception. But while you’re making plans for beautiful tablescapes and flower arrangements, don’t forget to think about where your wedding cake will be displayed.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

Cake Table Wedding Decor

Although the decision may seem small, the display case for the cake is an important detail of the decor. That’s why we consulted experts Summer Newman and Tamara Stahlheber for wedding cake display tips and inspiration.

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“The cake table is so important because it complements the room,” says Newman. “It’s part of the decor and adds to the overall ambiance that affects the guest experience.”

Cake Table Wedding Decor

When you think about how to make your wedding fun, start from the beginning. Newman suggests using a linen-covered table and a simple cake stand if you’re going to let your cake shine on its own. “If you want a more minimalistic cake, rent beautiful linens or a stunning table that doesn’t need linens. A lot of rental companies have pieces of furniture and unique pieces that you can place the cake on,” she says.

Cake tables can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors depending on what you want to display. According to Stahlheber, using an antique table offers a great unique option. “One of the most unique cake tables we used was a brass swan head table set next to a beautiful pond at Grassini Family Vineyards,” she says.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

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As for adding decorations to the table? Really, anything you want to add will do. Adapt to the aesthetics of your wedding by adding candles or abundant flowers. “I like to see flowers around flowers, on bread or on a cake,” says Newman. “If you don’t know what to do, most florists will be happy to help you create your cake flowers.” But remember that decorating a cake table can also mean edible decorations. Add your favorite desserts or foods that guests will easily grab and take back to the dance floor,” adds Stahlheber.

Ready to get inspired to set up the cake table for your wedding? Read on for 31 of our favorite ideas.

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Cake Table Wedding Decor

Talk about making a statement! Use a wooden base and surround your cake with lots of greenery for a nice natural look.

Wedding Cake Table Ideas

Planning a lot of cakes with different flavors? Make sure your guests know what’s on offer for dessert! A small token can make a cake table even more charming.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

Are you interested in cacti or succulents? These charming plants will be a wonderful addition to the cake table. We especially love the look of the cactus in a few mini chocolate cake bowls!

Want to take your wedding cake to the masses? We love the idea of ​​displaying the cake on a bar cart with greenery to really draw attention.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

Table For Wedding Cake With Flower Bow Stock Photo

Planning a wedding with a vintage atmosphere? Don’t let it end up on the cake table. Use a uniquely shaped table, perhaps with brass details, to create a beautiful display.

For a minimalist couple, don’t feel like you need to go overboard with the cake display. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics! To keep things simple, pair a white wedding cake with white linens and a cake cutting kit.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

If you really love flowers at your wedding, feel free to add more flowers to your cake. Work with your florist to add lots of lush flowers and greenery for a romantic touch.

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Keep it simple and beautiful. Add cute linens and tall, pointed candles to add a nice touch to the cupcake table.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

This incredible cake was adapted to the landscape surrounding a beautiful desert wedding. While the cake is certainly a showpiece in itself, the addition of a wide range of natural herbs and plants really makes this product something special.

If you have invested in the design of your cake, your cake table may not need much. Incredibly detailed cakes can shine on their own with a simple cake stand or perhaps some candles to enhance the look.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

Wedding Cake Table Decorations Ideas Christian Church Wedding Decoration Wedding Stage Decoration Bd Church Imágenes Por Myrah_42

Want to serve up treats for everyone? A two-layer cake and cookies in individual packaging are a great pair. Plus, with such beautiful decorations on top, the iced cookies will make the perfect cake table decoration.

If your baker is adding a metallic touch to your wedding cake with gold detailing, why not match it with your cake table decorations? Mix multiple metals by pairing tall candlesticks with a cake cutting set.

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Cake Table Wedding Decor

While the citrus cascade at the bottom of this wedding cake is certainly eye-catching, it’s the mini-desserts on the table that grab the attention. Pair your cake with another matching dessert option for a pop of color.

Wedding Cake Table Décor Ideas


Cake Table Wedding Decor

Want to add meaning to your cake table? Why not give the gift of a beautiful calligraphy message? We love the natural brown paper paired with the greenery in this gorgeous display.

One of the easiest ways to decorate a cake table is linen. For a fun color scheme, choose bright shades and a fabric with a bright pattern.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

Cake Table Sign Wedding Cake Table Decor Cake For Weddings

It’s hard to believe that such a setup is even real, but with the right planning, it is possible! To really surprise and delight your guests, consider hanging your wedding cake on a swing and pairing it with lots of flowers.

Don’t forget to think about the decor around your cake table as well. A bold background can change everything! Consider adding a monogram in bright neon lights for a modern vibe.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

While cabinets, bar carts, and other pieces of furniture are a good idea, no one piece of furniture can fully represent wine barrels. Create a rustic, romantic atmosphere and use this unique fabric as a cake table.

Geometric Gold Cake Table

While simple linens can be a nice touch, the aesthetic of your wedding may require a little more. Use a pretty piece of lace to add some interesting texture to the cake table.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

Too many flowers for a spring night? We don’t think so! Combine an incredible pressed flower cake with more flowers. Beautiful petals sprinkled around the cake table will act as natural confetti.

Planning a decadent show? Or maybe a winter wedding? A piece of fur can be a nice touch under a cake stand, combined with flowers and greenery to accentuate the look.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

Wedding Cake Stands That’ll Instantly Elevate Your Dessert

Even if you plan to keep the cake table minimal, it can still tell a story. We love the idea of ​​asking your cake designer to display a framed copy of your wedding cake sketch on the table.

While this incredibly tall wedding cake looks great, the cake table adds even more to complete the presentation. We love how the mirror bowl takes this to a whole new level.

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Cake Table Wedding Decor

A cake table doesn’t always have to be a literal table. This stunning confection was truly out of the box and was displayed on a beautiful linen shelf at an intimate wedding on Lake Como.

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If you’re ditching the traditional cake table for a unique space like a shelf, make sure it’s a safe place. The last thing you want is for a guest to accidentally stumble upon an amazing confection.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

Are you planning a wedding on the beach or somewhere else? Fortunately, you have a great background. Set up the cake table to reveal the most amazing view by adding a few decorative elements to the natural shades of the environment.

Want your cake to look like it’s floating? Acrylic is the answer! Add modernity with a tall square stand made of clear acrylic.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

Boho Whimsical Wedding Reception Dessert Table With Lace Ivory Tablecloth, Three Tier White Wedding Cake With

Flowers, flowers and more flowers were for this installation! And that’s exactly what we’re here for. Use a simple table with plain linen, but surround it with flowers for a beautiful design

The combination of a beautiful cake with additional sweets is such a tempting option. What could be nicer than adding matching cupcakes to the mix?

Cake Table Wedding Decor

While this cake table features decor elements like dark linen and tall ruffles, it’s the backdrop banner that pulls the look together. We love the idea of ​​adding some sentimental words to the background before cutting the cake.

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Why not build around a cake table to really make a statement? A beautiful piece of furniture combined with a rose gold frame and abundant flowers is used as the base of this display for a bold look.

Cake Table Wedding Decor

There is always the option of using a simple round table for events with a beautiful tablecloth. But if you want to create a vintage or unique atmosphere, a piece of furniture will suit you. Take a wardrobe with you

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