Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor – Making mercury glass candles is easy and cheap! It is a great addition to your home and can be used all year round. This DIY is a great way to upgrade your glass jars. I love easy, cheap and cute DIY!

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Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

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Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

Over the past few days, I have been inspired by my dear friend, Tammy at Lavender Brook. She made a DIY mercury glass Christmas ornament for her Christmas tree during the holidays. I love how they turned out! Her inspiration got me thinking about how I can add more light, brightness and warmth to our home this winter. That’s when I decided I wanted to try my hand at making DIY mercury glass candles. I am over the moon with this new DIY!

I have always loved mercury glass. Some of my favorite pieces of home decor include candle holders, jars, vases, and Christmas ornaments. If you’ve ever bought these types of pieces for your home, you know they can be expensive as well.

Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

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A few days ago, I found out how easy and cheap it is to make a very nice mercury glass watch. Now, after trying the method, I am confused.

Mercury glass adds a beautiful, timeless and reflective light to the home. Without a doubt, my favorite mercury glasses are candle holders. Even without burning candles inside them, they are so beautiful. But, when the candles are lit inside, it’s really amazing! The warm light provided by the candle in the mercury glass adds a calm and inviting feel to any space.

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Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

To make DIY mercury glass candle holders, you need a few things. You’ll be amazed at how easy and inexpensive this DIY is!

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The glass materials used in this DIY can come from a craft store, dollar store, or thrift store. Upcycled yogurt and jelly jars are a great idea for DIY mercury glass holders.

Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

This project involves painting so it is highly recommended to ventilate the area where you are working. It is always better to work outside, if possible. Take care to protect the work surface and I recommend wearing gloves.

Combine equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle a few times before use to make sure the mist is fine and doesn’t drift.

Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

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Wash the inside and outside of the jars and dry them thoroughly. Using masking tape, tape the outside of the jar. For this project, we are only developing the front of the jar. The tape will help protect the outside of the jar in case of paint spills.

After a few seconds the silver spray paint dries, gently rub the inside of the jar with a vinegar and water solution. You will see small drops of water and vinegar creating spots and dots in the silver paint. That’s good!

Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

Depending on how exactly you want the mercury glass pieces to look you can keep repeating the process until the look you want is achieved. For me, 2-3 coats of paint followed by a vinegar and water solution was fine. I wanted the candlelight to shine through. The more you do, the less clear the glass is.

Coffee Table Decor

After one hour, the jars should be dry. To speed up the process of drying hair helps. When the candle holders are completely dry, remove the outer tape. Insert the candle, light the candle, and enjoy these DIY mercury candle holders.

Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

After finding a recipe for making DIY mercury glass candles, I started experimenting with different methods. That’s when things got really interesting! I had some spray paint left over from another project, so I decided to make a change to one of the jars.

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First, I developed the front of the jar using “Looking Glass” silver paint and then did the first vinegar and water mist (as usual). Next, I spray painted the second layer followed by a vinegar and mist and water solution. Next, I sprayed “Look Glass” again on the third pot. Finally, I poured the last round of vinegar and water solution into the jar. Once it was completely dry I placed the candle in this version of the DIY mercury glass candle holder, and I was hooked. This was my favorite!

Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

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A piece of gold spray paint adds a vintage look to the mercury glass. When the candle inside was lit, the warmth and light it showed was perfect!

After finding a tool to make mercury glass candles, I decided to try my hand at making them look “etched”. Yes, I don’t know how to make glass, but I know how to draw. Using a pen I found at Hobby Lobby, I used white acrylic paint and made a leaf design on one of the candle holders I made. I love how it turned out! The added benefit of the design is that it is detailed for those who have a good candle.

Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

I hope you enjoy making these DIY mercury glass candle holders as much as I enjoy sharing them with you. For easy DIYs, home improvement tips, and accessories join me on Pinterest and Instagram. I look forward to seeing you here. Decorate well!

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Just click on the link below the photo, and come around to visit the girls and see their projects!

Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

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This simple yet attractive candle holder is made from beech wood. The wood is finished with a protective eco-varish. You have a candle made by hand in Portugal through the conversion of wood. The candle holder is part of a totem family that has candle holders in various forms. Wooden totem pole holders are inspired by the Native American totem pole, transformed into a modern yet practical piece.

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Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

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This modern wooden bar is made of soft beech wood, which will look modern in a modern Nordic and minimalist interior. Candles are hand-turned from solid wood, and have brass, for a perfect candle. Different shapes of wooden candle holders can be combined, to create a beautiful and elegant table.

Candlesticks make a great gift for any interior design lover, or a great gift for yourself to decorate your home. Candle holders will be a beautiful sight on the table of different styles, such as minimalist, bohemian, Scandinavian, and traditional interior styles.

Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

Candle holders come in a variety of sizes, which are easy to put together for a fun and interesting table setting. Design Indulgence, by Pam Description of SimplĂ­do Design Project Design: Coffee Table Coffee. I think it will be interesting to see different people’s take on this topic. I believe that the coffee table is the perfect surface to share your favorite things. This could mean your favorite candle, book or collection. My method is simple. I change it often, sometimes daily, but some people like to go back to the table every now and then.

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Naturally. I always want people to feel comfortable and relaxed in my home. Our coffee shop is close to the site many times. It’s early. We came across RJ Imports when we lived in California for the second time. It was in the family room and then we returned to Connecticut and found its home in the attic where he found several hot boxes of pizza and drinks left for hours, if not days, by teenage boys. When we moved into this house he found his way back to our room. It has a little wear, but this table built many years ago and imported from India does not have a single nail. I love him for all his imperfections.

Candle Holder Coffee Table Decor

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