Candle Table Top Decorations

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Soft, shimmering candlelight is an absolute boon at a wedding – in fact, everyone looks better by candlelight. And while white, thin ivory candles are a classic choice, we also love the more fun idea of ​​colored candles on the table. They are an unexpected, fun and easy way to add a pop of color to your entire living room.

Candle Table Top Decorations

Candle Table Top Decorations

A taper candle is a long, thin candle with a cylindrical base that tapers at the top. They can be plain or curved and are generally inexpensive, making them a good choice for decoration.

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Colored candles are especially useful in setting the mood for any aspect or mood of the wedding. You can place them in the hallway, put them in the altar place, or put them in the reception table when they are used more often. A taper of red tones adds a soft romance, pastels add to any situation, neutrals look rustic, and dark colors like burgundy or black add a romantic atmosphere.

Candle Table Top Decorations

Taper candles are also a great way to coordinate your table by matching your accessories or centerpieces, or to further enhance the theme, especially the season. For autumn, consider using warmer shades of the season such as marigold, orange or plum. For winter, consider matte shades like powder blue, black and grey. You can even make them the centerpiece of your table, whether you dress up your table with candles or keep it small with a few. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite colors and ideas across the candle spectrum, from dusty rose and soft blue to black and forest green — and everything in between.

You can’t go wrong with red and gold – this is a common color combination. Fill the pink-inspired centerpiece of the bronze candlestick with soft pink candles to create a soft, romantic glow throughout the reception room. We love how well the candles match the table numbers and plates.

Candle Table Top Decorations

Ways To Decorate Candles

The couple’s outdoor reception combined a rustic wooden table, antique chairs, antique French plates and cut glassware. The design was anchored by burgundy candles in the center of each dining table. Plus, the extra length added drama!

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Mixing and matching black ceramic accessories with black taper candles creates a modern and harmonious look. Add a clear glass vase filled with fresh greenery to keep the entire table look elegant and light. We love the height of the metal candlesticks to add dimension and interest.

Candle Table Top Decorations

Taper candles are an easy and affordable way to add a touch of luxury to your reception table, especially if you keep everything else on the table simple. Start with a simple bud vase with a single flower, add some fresh greenery and complete the look with three candlesticks. We love the powdery color of this tablescape!

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Create a forest mood by choosing a rustic, wooden dining table topped with a fresh (and fragrant!) cedar wreath. Candles in shades of green match well and will give a warm glow when the sun goes down. In order not to overdo the green shade, add other accessories such as crystal glasses.

Candle Table Top Decorations

Fill the pink and purple centerpieces with simple gray candles to add some understated flair to your table decorations. We love how the lower centerpiece is paired with the taller candles in the brass candlesticks.

Create a coordinated table by matching your flowers, napkins and candles. This dusty rose shade is romantic and sophisticated. Plus, it really pops against a bright white tablecloth.

Candle Table Top Decorations

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For an elegant and modern look, choose a white table. Then mix and match pink-based candles with blue (or another color in your wedding palette). Notice that the blue appears even more on these white candlesticks.

Nautical pillar candles added gravitas, plus color and element, to this couple’s reception table. The darker details also worked well with the vintage blue and white pattern and made the colorful floral arrangements pop. Combine light colored fabrics with deeper accents, such as these nautical candle holders and candlesticks, to enhance the overall feel of the table.

Candle Table Top Decorations

The couple’s reception was held in a modern, all-white barn in Napa Valley. Guests dined under fresh greenery, and yellow candlesticks added warmth and brightness to the space. Bright, sunny candles combined with bright orange and red flowers create a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere.

Simple Table Decoration Ideas You Can Easily Copy

Use thin candles to enhance existing design elements, such as pairing bare candles in wooden candlesticks with wooden plaques and votives. With a wreath of spirea branches, the style of the bare-breasted hair is very fresh and modern. Keep the tans away from boring with the bright colors of the tablecloth.

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Candle Table Top Decorations

Think about inspiring your space and adding color and color. In this barn wedding, along with wood and hay, the couple used candles that evoked different elements of the barn such as woods and hay. The use of many colors – brown, ivory, light rose – made the space more cohesive and enhanced the rustic look.

If your decor is seasonal, consider looking to the seasons for color inspiration. For a fall wedding, try using marigold, orange or burnt sienna. The couple used warm colored candles to match the wooden table covered with brightly colored pumpkins and dried flowers. We also love the mix of tapering and non-tapering!

Candle Table Top Decorations

Light The Way

Warmer weather means colorful flowers and citrus fruits. With sliced ​​kiwi, orange and dragon fruit with a hint of wildflowers, this centerpiece brings the two together to create the perfect summer spread. To match some of the more vibrant colors of the centerpiece, like the purple wildflowers and dragon fruit, the couple chose lilac candles in the glass votives.

For a summer getaway, get colorful inspiration from fresh fruit — which can be a hit with your wedding guests if you use it as a decoration. Incorporating peaches, plums and strawberries, they went well with the colors of the simple floral arrangement, while the use of blush pink on a light stand served as the perfect color backdrop to let the red shine through. in this garden wedding.

Candle Table Top Decorations

For a winter celebration, consider incorporating shades of blue, ivory, and gray. This rustic winter spread with different shades – mercury glasses, gold candlesticks and clear votives. A few pale blue candles with wooden accents, tonal accents and a robin’s egg blue fabric were especially fun.

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Photo: Mike Larson; Event Planning by Bash Please; Marigold flower design; Rentals by Theoni Collection, Bright Event Rentals, Found Rentals, La Tavola Fine Linen, Frances Lane and GotLight

Candle Table Top Decorations

Nothing screams “fresh” more than a lovely peach color. Peach candles are an easy way to add a romantic glow that feels modern and a little playful. This tablescape includes peach candles in tall, clear glass votives and peach roses attached and fruit scattered around the table. Both elegant and eclectic.

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Although some people shy away from using black at weddings, black candles can add an understated beauty to any situation. At this wedding, the tall black cones of various antique candlesticks added drama and harmony to the gray, beige and metallic colors.

Candle Table Top Decorations

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Sometimes it’s the boat that matters. For a high-drama table setting, use multi-branched candles. This couple used five-armed gold candles with ultra-thin white cones for a beautiful fantasy look. Lumiere, is that you?

Candles in muted and dusty shades are perfect for filling the center, but not lighting them up. We love how the couple mixed more glass pieces with smaller flower vases with delicate twigs.

Candle Table Top Decorations

The shape of the taper candle can affect the mood of the table. If you are looking for a unique table, consider using additional candles at different heights. There’s a dark and whimsical aura about this decor that we love, especially when paired with pendant lights.

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Embrace the colors and elements of the season. We love how this couple incorporated orange candles into a copper candle holder. Candles appeared in a world of dried flowers.

Candle Table Top Decorations

For a bright pop of color, consider matching table candles. The couple used simple cobalt blue candles to accent the tree and tied the look together by using a few blue candles on gold candle holders. Bright and sunny decks perfect for outdoor entertaining.

This beautiful table setting used a variety of delicate flowers in small clear vases and powder blue candles to add a soft pop of color. We love the choice of blue on this simple and quiet table, giving the environment a soft and feminine feel. Go for a variety of colors, but stick to pastels to maintain spring appeal.

Candle Table Top Decorations

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Sometimes it’s not just about the color of the candle, it’s about the candle holder with the cone. This artistic world used unusual proportions and shapes, just look at the pictures on the panels and the thin and dry center. Especially us

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