Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

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Thinking of creating a candy buffet for your wedding? Check out these tips for putting up a beautiful and inexpensive candy display.

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Looking for the perfect edible party favors to gift to your guests? We love candy buffets – they double as decorations and treats!

Six Adorable Ideas

Just a warning to those of you thinking of having a dessert buffet – it can definitely be expensive if you’re not careful.

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

The cost of candy bars can add up quickly, but a little advance planning can save you a lot of money in the long run. One website we stumbled upon estimates that most candy bars are around $5 per guest. If you have 100+ guests, that’s over $500, which is chump change. But don’t worry, with the help of a few coupons, advance planning, and proper timing, you can use these tips to make your candy buffet look good without breaking the bank.

Some of the things you’ll need are color-coded candy, bags, cans, cans, labels and tags, and tote bags. Depending on the location of the reception, you may need tables, tablecloths, and background decorations.

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

How To Set Up A Candy Buffet Like A Pro

Here’s a planning guide for determining how many candy bars to serve, depending on the size of your guest list:

When choosing colors for your wedding cake buffet, unless you want an “anything goes” look, stick to only 2 or 3 colors for a bolder color.

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Rule of thumb – the candy bag should fit inside the jar – so no need for a bottle. Big!

Amazing Candy Buffet Ideas [baby Shower, Wedding, Birthday, Diy]

If your wedding day allows, a good time to stock up on sweets is after the holidays. Stores like Target, Meijer, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc. will start discounting sweets the next day between 30% and 50%. If you’re lucky, you might find some deals from 75% to 90% off! Just make sure to check the expiration date on the box twice to make sure they’ll be good for your wedding day, of course!

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

When planning your candy list, depending on the number of jars you use, stagger the price of candy. Opt for some ‘premium’ or more expensive desserts. Then, plenty of goodies in between, and use most of your cans for budget-friendly varieties. That way, you have options for guests.

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If you have a Meijers store nearby (a Midwestern grocery chain, similar to a Super Target or a Super Walmart), they have an entire aisle dedicated to colorful items! Their prices are more reasonable than most online candy sites we’ve come across.

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Colorful Candy Buffet Pictures, Photos, And Images For Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, And Twitter

As a tip, stores like Target and Walgreens offer their own in-store coupons on different candies and cookies from time to time. You can stack these deals with manufacturer coupons and sales for some incredible savings! Plus, in addition to Target’s in-store coupons, they also let you use Cartwheel deals! (Cartwheel + in-store coupon + produce coupon + sale/clearance = 4’x savings!) Example: We bought M&M’s from Target after Christmas, we used a Target coupon with a manufacturer coupon on top of the sale. They come out to less than 0.30 cents/bag. If you’re one of the lucky ones near the Meijer store mentioned above, they’ll be bringing you a Target store coupon! Or be sure to check out Meijer’s mPerk for in-store deals.

First, check what you have at home. Think of the random bags you have in your closet or basement collecting dust. After a quick cleaning, they are ready to go!

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for pots or vases that you can borrow. It never hurts to ask, right?

Up On Tippy Toes: Hello Kitty Themed Birthday Party

Dollar Tree is a good place to check. A few simple glass bowls and glass candle holders can easily be put together to create a very cute set!

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

It also doesn’t hurt to make a few stops at garage sales and thrift stores. You never know what you can get for 0.25 cents each.

Use coupons. You know those $10 off coupons you sometimes get in the mail from places like Stein Mart, Kohls, or JCPenney’s? Use them for hunting.

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Top 5 Best Candy Buffet Ideas For Your Christmas Party

As a little tip, don’t try to buy all your bottles at once. You can easily build a collection over several months when you find a good buy. If you wait and buy them all from one store, you can save more time on your bottle.

Another important element of a wedding candy buffet is the candy bag, box, or jar. Remember that if you give guests a larger bag or jar, they can fill it with more candy. The more desserts each guest spends, the higher the cost for you. A good way to limit the amount of candy per guest is to have them use candy bags.

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Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

There are many Etsy and eBay sites that sell food grade glass bags that are great sizes. By choosing not to have a monogrammed purse or any purse with a designer label, you can save a little extra cash.

Candy / Dessert Buffet

Don’t forget to serve up your wedding cake buffet. To keep things safe and hygienic, you’ll want to use a spoon or rubber for your guests to use to fill their pastry bags to avoid touching things with your fingers.

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Check places like Amazon for spoons or tongs. As a tip, look for “ice spoon” or “tea spoon” instead of “chocolate spoon”. The ‘candy’ that is decorated with the wedding will go up in price immediately!

Another good place to check is the Dollar Tree. They have plastic tweezers that come in a set of 4 in clear plastic or silver metallic plastic. You can decorate your spoons with ribbons in your wedding colors to make them look a little less plain.

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Alice In Wonderland, Mad Tea Party, Candy Buffet Birthday Party Ideas

Do you want to label your candy buffet? Consider labeling or printing something out on card stock and attaching it to the box. Your box.

You can also create or add labels to remind your guests of your candy bar and have them grab a bag and take it home!

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

We hope these tips are helpful for you! Something we are missing? Join us in the community to talk about the candy buffet!

Make Big Candy Buffet On Small Budget

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Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Check your email to confirm your application, then we’ll send you a free wedding planning chart + checklist! Candy buffets and dessert tables make a delightful addition to wedding receptions, receptions and bridal parties. If done well, they become a memorable design element, make it comfortable to marry home, and add a sense of fun and entertainment to your day.

The candy buffet brings out the kid in all of us! Unfortunately, that special design element can be expensive, depending on the number of guests you expect and the decoration of the buffet and the type of food or dessert you choose, so it is more suitable for weddings. Less than 200 guests.

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Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

The 7 Best Ways To Color Your Candy Buffet

While many professional companies cover the establishment and management of your candy buffet for large events, this article focuses on the do-it-yourself (DIY) aspects of creating your own candy buffet on a budget.

So what makes a professional candy buffet? The visual effect of the candy buffet is achieved in different heights of containers, the type of pottery and containers used, and the general color scheme of the buffet, but more on that later.

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Backdrops add a lot of visual appeal and don’t cost much. Consider paper garlands, ribbons, flags, fabrics, balloons, artwork, paper pinwheels, photographs, etc. Table options can vary greatly, from basic folding tables to interesting antique furniture. Whatever you choose for “your table”, make sure it is durable.

Blue Candy Buffet For An Ocean Themed Wedding

Candy and heavy glasses! If you feel uncomfortable sitting at such a table, please do not use it. Pedestals should be avoided as they tend to wobble if weight distribution is uneven or someone leans too much on them… Uh, oh. Remember that people tend to overfill whatever container they are given, so use smaller containers or smaller bags to keep your candy price low.

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Consider the following options for take-home containers and be sure to leave room on the buffet table for them:

The type of pastry and dessert you choose will help determine what utensils you need, such as spoons, tongues, chopsticks, etc. Here are some of the useful things we offer in our store:

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Candy Buffet Tables In Oceanside Ny

Personalizing your dessert buffet with your name and wedding date, a personal note, wedding theme or other themed elements makes it memorable and unique. Here are some very inexpensive and beautiful ways to do just that!

Decorating your buffet or dessert table doesn’t have to break the bank! Don’t know how much to spend? Use our free wedding budget calculator

Candy Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

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