Candy Party Table Decorations

Candy Party Table Decorations – This sponsored post was written by IZEA on behalf of The Hershey Company. All opinions are 100% my own.

I always love planning my family’s birthday parties with themes, games and most importantly treats! Planning a kids birthday party is so much fun because there are so many fun themes you can do and I’m always looking for easy DIY projects to go with them. Today I’m sharing one of my go-to projects when I’m looking for something easy to put together. The great thing about this project is that you can use this not only for birthday parties but also for baby showers or any other special occasion. They are great as party decorations because they add color to the table and are easy to make.

Candy Party Table Decorations

Candy Party Table Decorations

Instructions:Β  To start you will want to make sure you have all of your candies stocked up. We went to the local Wal-Mart and found a display of Hershey’s birthday products with all of my favorite candies.

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Birthday Cake Candies pack the taste of birthday cake into one bite and complete any birthday theme with a satisfying treat. If you’re doing a specific theme, you can go ahead and color coordinate your candy or use them all for rainbow colored fluted glasses. *Optional Step: We have a candy theme for this party so we left the flute as is. But if you have a theme like a princess party, you can add glitter to the bottom of the cups by adding a layer of modge podge, glitter and then a layer of modge podge on top. For a big party you can decorate the cups with ribbons on the back.

Candy Party Table Decorations

Then after your cups are filled with candy on them and your cake and VOILA! An easy birthday party you’ll create in minutes! Whether you’re planning a princess or theme party, there’s one party guest you should always invite: Hershey. from the new

Chocolate designed for birthdays, your favorite Hershey products are now available – sure to delight any occasion.

Candy Party Table Decorations

Buy Blue Candy Kit

You’ll find them in the party aisle at Walmart, not the candy aisle. Visit select Walmart locations to find all your birthday party needs and make your next party special with Hershey’s birthday themed products! See Birthday Parties with Hersheys for more information.

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Be sure to follow I Heart Arts n Crafts on Facebook and Pinterest! And if you decide to make any of my crafts, please share them on my Facebook page or use # on Instagram so I can see! Candy ornaments are harder to find than I thought, so I decided to make them.

Candy Party Table Decorations

Pinterest is full of Candy Party Ideas! So with the little time and limited funds I had, I came up with this…

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What can I do with mod Podge, foam discs (dollar store), curling ribbon (dollar store), wooden skewers (dollar store) and these wipes from Hobby Lobby?

Candy Party Table Decorations

Here’s a great tutorial on making paper pom poms from Martha Stewart. (FYI: Very time consuming! Especially, making small children!)

I saw an idea to hang a frame outside for pictures. So I went to the thrift store and bought a cool picture for $4 and painted it white. I have a vanity toolbox for the kids to use when taking pictures.

Candy Party Table Decorations

Outdoor Candy Bar And Decorations For Birthday Party Stock Photo

My plan is to get more outdoor decorations, but I don’t want to invest in buying and making a bunch of balloon decorations that I won’t be able to use because the weather forecast is threatening rain this morning. I’m trying to figure out how to hold this party indoors if it really rains. Fortunately, there was no rain, only a very hot day. The exterior is still nice but I would like to see more decorations like candy πŸ™‚

To make handling the dinner plate easier, I punched a hole in the plastic plate and tied a ribbon and attached the plastic wrap.

Candy Party Table Decorations

It’s great to see everything come together on the day of the event. My only complaint is that I didn’t take enough pictures. I should have assigned this job to someone else. Live and learn.

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Candy Party Table Decorations

Organizing an event? Guests love candy and a good candy table can be a hit at any party! Ever popular, this table is popular for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, graduations and even casual entertaining.

There are endless candy table varieties of colors, decorations, and ideas! You can go all out with glass vases, expensive candy, designs and custom cakes, or add quality food on a budget.

Candy Party Table Decorations

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Check out these fun buffet ideas, doubling as decorations and serving cakes, cookies, and candies to your party guests. Try making your own at your next event with these candy buffet ideas, and you can purchase the supplies here.

1. Girly Pink and Green – I love using pink and green candies, plants and floral arrangements to liven up the table. Lollipops, Candy buttons, Sixlets and Candy rocks make up this candy bar.

Candy Party Table Decorations

2. Rainbow Colors – Amy from Amy Atlas uses color to brighten up this party! I love how she chose different colored candies to make this candy bar stand out. Light blue seems to be the primary color, but you can choose any colors you like.

Joymemo Candy Balloon Garland And Arch Kit

3. Pink and Blue Cotton Candy – I love this color for baby showers, you know, the kind where parents don’t want to know the gender of the baby. A lot of blue provides a light, yet masculine approach, where hints of pink soften the mood.

Candy Party Table Decorations

4. Black and white, with a hint of yellow – this one has a nice flavor with the tags and paisley background. I think it’s amazing, the yellow sets it right! White chocolate pretzels, vanilla cupcakes, vanilla meringue, and white almonds make up this classic.

5. Berry Blue Sweets For You – A variety of blue sweets make this buffet table look good! Using tall blue bottles, a cake as a centerpiece and delicious cupcakes with blue sprinkles is sure to be a hit.

Candy Party Table Decorations

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6. Pastel Outdoor Candy Buffet – Love this pastel color decor for outdoor events! The primary colors used are peach and mint, yellow and orange in each pot. This is so cute and one of my favorite candy buffet ideas for summer!

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7. Playful Orange and Blue – This fun set screams kids birthday party! I love bright orange jelly beans, orange slices and macarons. Tablecloths and tableware also make this candy buffet stand out!

Candy Party Table Decorations

8. White Wedding Bliss Candy Buffet – Clean, simple, delicious. This white candy buffet does the talking without saying much. Adding flowers adds a bit of color. It’s amazing.

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9. Beautiful with a Purple Candy Buffet – Shauna Younge has an eye for creativity, and she showed it on the purple candy buffet table. Many of these remedies look at home, everything is suitable for flower decorations on squares. Blue lollipops and paper-wrapped candy sticks add a little color to the table, and I love seeing this tablecloth in bold blue!

Candy Party Table Decorations

It’s easy! Get creative with your candy supplies, candy in your favorite colors, some glass or plastic bottles, a matching tablecloth, napkins or napkins, colorful ribbon, and name tags! Take a look at these candy party table ideas for guidance.

In my opinion, smaller candies and bite-sized items work best for a candy buffet display. Good for individual candy treats such as Skittles, jelly beans, M&M’s, gumballs, small individually wrapped candies and other small candies. If you add some sweets to the dessert table, we recommend that they be small, such as mini cupcakes, donut holes. Sometimes, a standard-sized cake is used as the main part, but only this should be large. Something on the table.

Candy Party Table Decorations

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You can buy candy at your local candy store or online, and most products can be found at holiday stores, dollar stores, or Amazon. I made a mini candy bar for my friend’s baby shower last year and found glass jars and lots of colorful ribbon at the dollar store. Have fun getting creative using these best candy buffet ideas! Older versions of your site are not supported

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