Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

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This gallery of candy buffets by All City Candy will give you great ideas for creating a fantastic display of delicious candy for your party or event. Whether you’re planning an event theme or have special colors, we have a variety of candy buffet examples, from stunning, elegant wedding dessert tables to fun, crowd-pleasing candy tables for children’s parties. For inspiration, check out our series of videos and infographics to help you create a successful candy buffet. If you have questions along the way, call us at 216-487-7070 to speak with a candy expert. We are available Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday from 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).

Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

Visit our store in Richmond Heights. We can even design a buffet and come to your event to prepare it for you! Learn more about our candy layout service.

The Balloon People

All City Candy can also create custom labels, personalized candy wrappers and hand-dipped chocolates in your event colors for your special day. Custom products are sweet party favors, welcome baskets and look extra special on a dessert table or candy buffet. Wedding sweet tables lined with select and mixed items are an added touch to the reception that guests will remember forever. No matter how old they are (or full after a three-course wedding breakfast), no one can resist the siren call of these striped paper bags.

Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

Along with increasingly creative dessert tables, candy bars and buffets have become a major trend in recent years due to their great sense of nostalgia and low-cost, high-reward setup. Not to mention, they couldn’t be more Instagrammable: colorful candy + stylish serving dishes + cute label = recipe for sweet, photogenic success.

Thinking of getting ready for your big day? These sweet wedding table ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for your display of choice, and we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to ensure your display fits seamlessly into your wider wedding theme. Sugar rush, here you go…

Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

Social Event Blue & Gold Décor

A tall industrial display case like this one will have room for all the candy your guests can dream of, plus extra decorations like flowers and signs. Check out second-hand shops, Gumtree, Freecycle or Facebook Market to see if you can find some second-hand gems, or visit sites like Amazon where you can invest in similar styles for under £100 (and find them a place to go home after the big day).

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Another great way to replace old furniture! This dark wood desk would look especially good at a wedding with a vintage, antique feel. The old-fashioned glasses will bring back fond memories of retro pastry shops, and we love the idea of ​​hanging a series of fun photos for people to admire while snacking.

Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

If your wedding has a clear color theme, a rainbow of M&Ms and lollipops can distract from the final aesthetic. But it’s definitely possible to color your sweets, as this couple did on their pastel pink table. If you can’t get enough of one particular color, accent it with white or metallic colors that work more neutrally.

Little Prince Centerpiece Blue And Gold Birthday Party Table

This small but perfectly designed set is proof that you don’t have to go big or spend a lot of money to make a wedding sweet table part of your day. If you already have lots of dessert options, a few candies per person will be enough – place them on a mini picnic table and use a napkin holder for baskets.

Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

If you want to go big, we can suggest tracking down a wonderfully cracked wooden cart like this one. Using baskets and especially a smaller side table is also a smart way to expand your display with minimal installation effort – add flowers, ribbons and bundles and you’re good to go.

If this sounds like your childhood fantasy, now might be the time to make it come true – what could be better than a drawer full of sweets?! This is another concept where charity shops and boot sales will be your friends. You can play with the look of the furniture by painting it or updating the handles.

Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

The Sweet Life Bakery

When you think of a buffet table, you probably think of a long and rectangular table, but round shapes are often even better because they allow guests to reach all areas at once. Hessian fabric and brown paper bundles give this table a chic, rustic finish, while accessories and brackets of various heights keep things interesting to the eye and the taste buds.

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Not really a candy person? No problem, why not opt ​​for a screen made entirely of chocolate? From chocolate honeycomb and Brazil nuts to classics like Ferrero Rocher, there’s still plenty to choose from. The pair kept things super-luxe by sticking to a warm palette of browns, creams and golds, accented with cool, neutral paper fans as a backdrop.

Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

Jars, vases and votives are all well and good, but the letters really make a statement in every sense of the phrase. Love is obviously a great choice for weddings, but you can be a little more personal and instead look for bowls with initials or bowls with numbers to indicate the wedding date.

Aggie Baby Shower

Calling all colorful brides and grooms, this is the table for you! From the neon color on the table legs to the abundance of bright flowers, we can’t think of a brighter way to display colorful sweets like jelly beans, pink shrimp, soft drinks and flying saucers.

Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

As you’ve probably already realized, the type of glass you use will have a big impact on your final look. Candy comes in all shapes and sizes, and so do your jars—look for wider bon bon jars for larger, rounder options, and look for taller hurricane styles to hold tall candies like cables and lollipops.

Ladders are especially attractive at outdoor weddings, as they are ideal for a summer garden party. The blue pops especially well against the bright candy reds and pinks for such a simple yet effective way to add string to the frame of the bag.

Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

Boy`s Birthday Party With Bluish Pastel Colors Decoration Stock Image

Wooden boxes are a dream come true for chic, chic weddings – you can get them for next to nothing and they’re perfect, including taking pride of place on your wedding sweet table. They’re still stylish as long as they stay solid, but don’t be afraid to color them to match the larger theme as well.

Sometimes just one type of candy is enough – just try this inexpensive idea with a big impact! Start saving jars of jam or pasta sauce now, then fill them with individually wrapped single-serving candies in different flavors, like rocks. This would be especially cool for a beach party or nautical theme.

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Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

As far as one-dessert situations go, if there’s a better way to bring all the fun of the fair to a wedding, we haven’t found it. Fluffy clouds of sugar floss have such a great visual effect (

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They’ll take pictures with their wand!), and don’t forget that you don’t have to think pink—in fact, these days you can find suppliers who can make candy floss in a variety of shades.

Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

This sweet wedding table ditches the glasses in favor of a curated mix of vases and votives. Look out for small bowls, large glasses and other dessert stands as well as regular candy jars – if you’re willing to invest, LSA has a wide range of quality that you can use in your kitchen for years to come, or start regularly visiting charity shops to stock up on everything they have in stock.

Another great (and very affordable) alternative to glasses are cake stands – you can pick them up from stores like IKEA or Flying Tiger for just a few quid and have plenty of space to stack your favourites.

Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

Ideas For Stunning Wedding Ceiling Decorations [photos]

This soft, pastel display is so pretty and finding candies to fit inside is a no-brainer – you’ll be surprised how many candies there are in these baby pinks and blues. Start with marshmallows, candy necklaces, flying sauces and doll mixes, then expand to lollipops and candies.

Another color scheme we couldn’t resist is this blue and gold option with white accents. Golden chocolates and candies look incredibly decadent – ​​and we’re obsessed with the genius addition of white chocolate in the background.

Candy Table Decor In Royal Blue And Gold

Move over bar carts, sweet carts are definitely where it’s at.

Royal Blue And Gold Balloon Decorations

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