Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

Cat In The Hat Table Decorations – “The sun is shining, it’s time to play, so we hope you’ll join Aashi on her 3rd birthday.” And so Aashi’s birthday party invitation for her cat started just like the book. She loves the doctor. Seuss (who doesn’t?), especially The Cat in the Hat. He can’t read yet, but he has the whole book memorized, so it seemed like the perfect theme for his birthday.

Because there is so much great party inspiration from Dr. Seuss, part of the challenge (and fun) here is focusing on the Cat in the Hat. It was a very artsy party – I drew most of the pictures for the decorations and games with Sharpie markers.

Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

The invitation for this party is a red and white striped hat with an opening cat. The party details are written on the cat’s back, of course, in rhyme. The invitations were hand-delivered, and the reaction to the pop-out cat was priceless after guests figured out how to open the hat box.

Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Guests are welcomed to the party by a huge cutout of a cat in a hat at the door and a whimsical crown made of feathers reminiscent of the hair of the first and second thing. The Cat in the Hat (in costume) was also there to greet them when they hit the carpet! Center parts and fluffy table runners also played with One One and Thing Two hair. I also created a huge mural of elements from some of our favorite scenes from the book. Using Sharpie markers, I drew all the pieces of the mural onto poster board. My favorite party decorations were the first thing I made and the second thing I made, complete with kites and fluffy blue hair (made with paper pom poms) that we put on top of the bar. Their kites extend into the kitchen and create a wonderful 3D effect.

Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

In addition to the Cat in the Hat costume (from Party City), I made Thing t-shirts for the family members who help with the party game. The “Things” patches on the t-shirts are also from Party City. The birthday girl is wearing a cute cat in a pillow top from Doodlesbabylicious.

No books were harmed in the making of this dessert table: I made the banner above the dessert table out of book pages, not from the original book pages, but onto card stock!

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Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

Cat & The Hat Baby Shower Party Ideas

When planning this dessert table, I couldn’t shake the image (from the second book) of the cat balancing many things (including the cake) and the cat eating the cake in the bathtub. I have to find a way to make it happen! So I made my own tall cake stand to balance the birthday cakes on.

Instead of a tiered cake, I opted for two cupcakes, one for each stand. The first stand was made with a plastic toy bathtub containing a hand-drawn cat in the bathtub. I put clear glass plates aside and stood to “balance” the cake so it looked like the cat was holding it and eating it. By combining a tall clear glass vase and a clear glass cake stand, I was able to create a second stand tall enough for the hand-drawn cat to balance everything on its own, including the birthday cake on top I was Both cakes are topped with fish in a fishbowl and Thing One and Thing Two fondant toppers from MyArtisanBakery.

Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

In the book, the cat tells Sally and Conrad that he will play with them and is called “Up, up, up with a Fish”. This game is shown in the form of jello fish bowls topped with a hand-drawn fish in a six-piece dish, held up on the dessert table.

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Another cat game is called “Fun in a Box” which comes in the form of cotton candy in two red boxes filled with a big hook in each box!

Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

I wanted to incorporate as many elements from the book as possible, so the table also included rakes, a teacup with rock candy, a milk bottle filled with candy, “hat” inspired sugar cookies from TreatsBuyTerri, a “thing” inspired there are also cakes. Fayes Cakes Pops and “thing” inspired cupcakes decorated with fondant toppers from My Artisan Bakery.

Food and drinks follow the theme. Look out for Strawberry Banana Things, Catnip Dip, Stripes-On-A-Stick, Cat on a Blanket (fish-shaped), Goldfish Crackers and Cats’ Whiskers Macaron. Things 4 Kids includes Pink Ink (strawberry milk) and Things 21 And Up includes Things for Adults (beer and wine). I definitely had to resist the temptation to serve the Green Eggs and Ham!

Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

Cat In The Hat Breakfast

As guests arrived, each guest was given a cat in a hat and necklace to wear during the party (and to take home as a party favor). They can then explore different activity stations, each described by rhyming symbols placed throughout the party:

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Kids can design and decorate a new cat hat using a variety of crafting tools. The hats were actually store bought Cat in the Hat headbands that I turned inside out.

Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

Kids will love this game, which consists of two blue butterfly nets and several plastic balls with Thing One and Thing Two patches. They had fun throwing and catching the ball in the net – almost like a mini lacrosse game!

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This game is inspired by the movie The Cat in the Hat Returns. I painted some stacking blocks and decorated them with letters and cats A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J! Often 2-3 year olds enjoy stacking them. Simple games are great at this age.

Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

Children should feel the different things in the hat and guess the contents of the hat.

I decorated each cornhole board with a cut out of the hand drawn First and Second Thing, each holding a fishbowl over their head. The kids had to try to put the soft fish into the fish bowls, which we used instead of the bean bags.

Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

Munchkins To Masterminds

I drew the cat on the poster by hand without a hat. Children had to pin store-bought cut-out hats to the cat’s head. Instead of an eye mask, we used a large striped hat on their head and to cover their eyes.

I drew objects for the photo booth again. The kids had so much fun pretending to be First Thing and Second Thing. I also have various photo props on hand.

Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

Story Time We ended the party activity by sitting down and reading the story aloud. After the entertainment, the weather was perfect.

Cat In The Hat / Birthday

The children leave the party with sweets on the dessert table, in gable boxes decorated to look like Sally and Conrad’s house. Each family also left with a new pet, a betta fish, which wasn’t as sad as their parents Sally and Conrad’s unpleasant pet fish. Tristin’s 3rd birthday was a success for the most part! Even though Ice and Tables arrived an hour late…none of the kids minded! They’ll be playing with toys, bubbles, finger paint, and tasting delicious treats right away! I’m like a chicken running around with its head cut off! Thank goodness I decided ahead of time to only serve deserts and desserts as opposed to a full meal, we had the party at 2pm and it turned out great!

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Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

Or as I like to call it…the spread… Cupcakes and Crazy Cake; Tristin helped me make Jello cups with marshmallows and whipped cream, red chocolate marshmallow cookies that look like the cat in the hat, and chocolate pretzels! And some good old green eggs and finally red (strawberry) and white (banana) skewers for the cats hat. (This is a BIG HIT with the little ones!!!)

I almost forgot! Goldfish! I placed them in cute little goldfish bowls outside and inside all the tables. Such a cute idea… Tristin died holding one on the couch the night of the party. He played with bubbles and sand and made finger painting very messy! I had to take a few pictures before wiping it off and putting it to bed 🙂

Cat In The Hat Table Decorations

Happy Halloween Party Table With Orange Polka Dot Plates An Chocolate Cupcakes With Black Cat, Pumpkin And Bats Decorations On Orange Background Vertical Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 18952352

My girlfriend Jess helped me because I admit I can paint and draw anything…but ask me to cook something that you expect to not only eat but serve…forget it. BUT, I made a dear fish on top of the cake, water droplets were coming out of the cake. All I used was a little boy Model Magic foam – non-toxic and a sharpie for drawing on the details once dry. Since I used so much of it…it took about a week to dry, so I’m glad I didn’t wait to make it.

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