Center Coffee Table Decor

Center Coffee Table Decor – It’s the focal point of all formal and informal living spaces, so why not make it a focal point? Coffee tables serve many functions in homes, from serving drinks, feet or TV remotes to displaying meaningful decorative items. When it comes to how to decorate a coffee table, some may find it a daunting task, but with the right accessories, it’s a great way to add interest to the space. We’ve included some basic tips and rules on how to create a balanced decor design for any coffee table.

The three rules are a long-established design guide. Carl’s Home Design Blog explains the Rule of Three as “design principles that affect every room in your home.” It determines the arrangement, size and shape of objects, the working triangle of the kitchen, and even your colors, patterns and fabric designs. Accommodation. “The human brain likes to break things down easily,” they continued, “and with three you can often find a center point and a balance.”

Center Coffee Table Decor

Center Coffee Table Decor

Start with three different objects and explore different arrangements to find the right balance for your coffee table.

Flower Decor Ideas For Your Coffee Table

Grouping pieces based on the size and style of the coffee table is another way to create balance. When using two tables, a two-tier mirror table or a square table, it works well as a way to achieve symmetrical balance.

Center Coffee Table Decor

When segments are grouped, the grouping represents a segment, meaning that multiple objects can be used as a matching design. Depending on the size of the coffee table, the rule of three can be extended to any odd number, especially when grouping pieces.

Using objects of different heights moves the eye and creates more appeal. With good design, the eyes should dance from piece to piece, never stopping at one level.

Center Coffee Table Decor

Super Modern Living Room Coffee Table Décor Ideas That Will Amaze You

Displaying a variety of shapes on a coffee table is a way to add interest. Think simple things like a rectangular book with round candles and a decorative box.

Whether it’s clutter bought on a travel expedition or an old family heirloom, what better way to get these precious pieces the attention they deserve than in the middle of a display. Also, unusual objects often serve as fascinating conversation starters.

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Center Coffee Table Decor

Readers, do you have any questions when it comes to decorating your coffee table? Let us know! We are happy to answer your design questions.

How To Decorate Your Coffee Table Like A Pro– La Muse

Leslie Hendrix Wood is the founder of the luxury lifestyle and design blog, Hadley Court, and has her own interior design firm, Leslie Hendrix Wood Interiors in Midland, Texas.

Center Coffee Table Decor

Leslie holds a bachelor’s degree in business. He worked briefly in banking and returned to school to earn an MBA.

After graduation, he moved to Washington, DC. Worked on presidential campaigns and received a presidential nomination for a position in international business.

Center Coffee Table Decor

How To Style A Coffee Table

After the administration ended, Leslie returned home to join the family oil and gas business, though her first passion was always, after raising her children with her husband, her business, and interior design.

Seeing her children on the verge of leaving home, she decided to start the Hadley Court blog. In 2012, it won the Design Bloggers Conference’s Best New Design Blog Award, a prestigious honor given by its peers.

Center Coffee Table Decor

In 2014, in addition to the blog, she started building HADLEY COURT, a family luxury lifestyle brand based on her values ​​of graceful living, timeless design and family tradition. Finding the perfect coffee table? We have to admit that it’s getting easier: manufacturers do not forget that a luxury product should not only look good, but also behave during daily use, and more importantly, it should serve for many years. We will give it to you

Spruce Up Your Living Area With These Fabulous Center Table Ideas

The mirror is back on the center table! There are many different styles, materials, and even sizes that will be trending in 2018.

Center Coffee Table Decor

Coffee tables have always been a staple in any living room. Traditionally, they were built as an area to place your drinks, elevate your feet, and/or carry small snacks. However, since it’s 2018, we feel that next year will bring us a more modern twist than what we’re used to as coffee tables.

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Center Coffee Table Decor

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I always use a large plate on my coffee table. Always. I love how they keep everything organized, and if you want to prepare your coffee table for use or distribution, you can remove everything with a simple lift of the tray. Plates are also a great way to add interesting textures or colors.

For our family’s coffee table, I went with a large 28-inch wooden tray that takes up most of the coffee table but still leaves room for my husband to put his feet up (we keep a designated “footboard” and he does – lol!).

Center Coffee Table Decor

Source: White Background Corner Cushion Cover | Fabric Gray Cushion Cover | Antelope Cushion Cover | False Leaf Fig Tree | Carpet | A pair of floor mats Acrylic Coffee Table (similar) | Black and white striped box Brass Faucet | white coral (similar)

Living Room Ideas: Choose The Right Center Table

The hardest part was finding a square plate with a large handle that I liked, but I finally found the perfect one on Etsy. The store I bought it from no longer exists, but you can find almost the same plate. They are available in a variety of colors in fabric or glossy velvet finishes. Such a large plate is expensive, but I’ve had it for years. I love that if I change my color scheme in the future, I can repaint it instead of buying a new plate.

Center Coffee Table Decor

For the ottoman/coffee table in our living room, I use mostly light fabric plates to add shine and texture. What I like the most is the good size and value for such a large plate.

FYI, add a rubber mat to the bottom of the woven trays to make sure they don’t scratch your coffee table. Favorite coffee table plates also work well here (

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Center Coffee Table Decor

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

I use flowers and natural elements in my home because they add life like nothing else can, so it’s no wonder it’s one of my favorite coffee table decor ideas. During the summer, when a ton of flowers are blooming in our garden, I keep small flowers on our coffee table:

You can add even more life and character by placing your flowers in something unique like this copper swan planter that I adore:

Center Coffee Table Decor

If you don’t have any cut flowers from your garden, pick up a bunch of tulips at the grocery store for $5, and for even lower maintenance, add herbs. This snake plant that used to be on the coffee table in our house is the best, impossible to kill:

Statement Center Tables To Upgrade Your Home In London

I also love having a stack of books at the end of our coffee table – another way to bring nature into this space.

Center Coffee Table Decor

There’s no shame in going fake! I recently bought a raspberry, and two of them have the cutest arrangement:

After moving my snake plant upstairs, I’ve been using three of these hollow eucalyptus branches (found) on our bedroom ottoman:

Center Coffee Table Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Under $100

You can also use other natural elements to bring it to life: a bowl of pine cones, feathers or marine elements, such as driftwood, shells and coral. The best thing about natural elements is that many of them can be found and used for free right outside your front door.

Books are one of my favorite coffee table decor ideas. They’re perfect for adding a layer of flair, and it’s great to have fun coffee table books that your family and guests can pick up and read. As a designer myself, most of my (big surprise) focus is on design. Books about the area you live in, your favorite state

Center Coffee Table Decor

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