Chanel Birthday Cake Table Decoration Ideas

Chanel Birthday Cake Table Decoration Ideas – * In collaboration with Bobby’s Gin. It may be September but the weather tells me we are heading for an Indian summer here in the UK. Autumn looks warm and sunny so far, which means those fun summer evenings outside don’t have to end (yet). Whether you’re planning a garden party or an outdoor picnic,…

I haven’t blogged much about our garden yet as it’s still a work in progress. It also happens to be too sweet for my taste, so we’re not planning on doing any major landscaping (yet). We planted some plants and bought a swing for the kids. There are many possibilities…

Chanel Birthday Cake Table Decoration Ideas

Chanel Birthday Cake Table Decoration Ideas

It took me almost a year to complete our dining room overhaul, but hey, it was worth it. I absolutely love it! I loved my old dining room (in our old house) so much that I didn’t think it was possible to love this one more. I’m so thankful that the previous owners went to the trouble of expanding…

Black N’ White Chanel Cake

I never thought I would rip out the original chimney, but here we are. We will be replacing our 1920’s brick TV/kids playroom with a new solid stone Spanish fireplace. The whole room is going to get a makeover and I can’t wait for it to be sophisticated and grown up. At present…

Chanel Birthday Cake Table Decoration Ideas

Since your front door immediately sets the tone for the rest of the house, I didn’t want our (late) 1920s hallway to be less than impressive (in a warm and inviting way of course). I wanted it to be functional and more colorful than the other pieces. We kept it mostly original… This Coco Chanel birthday party was a delightful combination of luxury and luxury, which is exactly what Blown Away Events & Services did for you when you created it.

From top to bottom, the space used for this party was the perfect place to conduct sophisticated business. Golden tones and black and white colors create a beauty that covers the entire room with vibrancy.

Chanel Birthday Cake Table Decoration Ideas

Chanel Birthday Party Ideas

A beautiful display has been precisely laid out for the items to sit on. This table was placed in front of the window which had a layer of beautiful curtains which perfectly enhanced the look of the decor. A large framed display makes a perfect backdrop for this table, which features a Coco Chanel sign personalized with the name of the birthday girl. To highlight the framed art, on either side of the sign, tall candlesticks topped with golden candles stood upright, adding a stunning look to the entire table.

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The table itself was boldly decorated in black with a black and white herringbone runner that ran down the center of the table in a unique way. Gold trays held delicious snacks like sugar cookies and cupcakes decorated in black and white with a fun Coco Chanel logo on them. The centerpiece of the table featured a beautifully created Coco Chanel cake and a delightfully decorated handbag that made a wonderful addition to that party table. This one has been placed on a large cake platter, which makes it stand out even more brilliantly. Cute little water bottles stood on either side with personalized labels for the enjoyment of guests.

Chanel Birthday Cake Table Decoration Ideas

With an exquisite range of personalized decorations and sophisticated color combinations, this event is sure to impress all who have been lucky enough to attend. theme party, chanel party favors, coco chanel party, coco chanel party decorations

Chanel Bag Cake With Calla Lilies

Who said themed birthday parties were just for kids? Not us! We want to share with you how to make an adult and sophisticated Chanel party! This designer party is for a young woman with expensive taste for her 25th birthday. It’s fun and cute yet sophisticated and fun for any woman in her 25s or 75s!

Chanel Birthday Cake Table Decoration Ideas

Let’s talk about centerpieces first! Decorating the table is important when trying to create a theme for a particular party, but it’s even more important when you’re having a big party. When creating Chanel-themed centerpieces, you MUST include this famous perfume bottle! Here we’ve used beautiful square vases from Bella Nozze (lots of vases) and paired them with cute stickers that say “No 5 Chanel

Etsy’s “Perfume” stickers. We went and got all the roses we could find from that same rose list and put them together in each arrangement. The different sizes and color variations worked well! If you can’t find real flowers, you can exchange with artificial flowers of the same color.

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Chanel Birthday Cake Table Decoration Ideas

Best Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

In addition to perfume bottle arrangements, hat boxes with roses are also a must-have for your Chanel party! They are so sophisticated, beautiful and easy to make! All you need are hat boxes and spray paint! Buy or search your local thrift stores for small to medium hat boxes and make sure they aren’t too big or you’ll need lots of roses. (blue hat box, black hat box, white hat box) The arrangements used for this party were approximately 12-15 roses in each hat box. If you want a sophisticated and mature look then stick to black white, white or light pink when painting on the hatboxes, if necessary you need to keep it ladies chic! Once you have a coat or two of paint, let them dry and you’re ready for chic Chanel stickers. Paste them Viola again! You have beautiful table pieces that Coco Chanel would be proud of! You can also use elegant glass perfume bottles!

It’s not a party without a backdrop and this Chanel backdrop was the perfect canvas for Chanel’s birthday cake and treats! The best part is that it was so easy to accomplish too! You know what they say, simplicity is the ultimate complexity. Because the back tulle was hanging on the curtain rod. You can actually use chiffon/tulle curtains or go to a fabric store and buy the fabric. For a solid white drop in the back, we highly recommend the double layer with thick material behind the tulle! Now, when it comes to personalized Chanel birthday signs, you can have a graphic designer create the design and have it printed by a local business near you. You can find great graphic designers on good old Etsy! Don’t have time to order a custom logo, buy Chanel inspired art (artistic variation). Pair the logo with the much requested pink flowers and you have a chic and sophisticated Chanel background!

Chanel Birthday Cake Table Decoration Ideas

Cake! Everyone loves cake! Especially if it’s Chanel’s birthday cake! This chic cake makes us big heart eyes! ALMOST too good to eat. Local Sacramento cake artist Evelina of Yum Bakery made these tufted cuties and macaron cookies. Evelina created an edible Chanel logo for the cake, which gave it that perfect designer touch! The party planner and hostess handcrafted the roses and they’re edible too! Talk about talent! To top the cake, a glam “25” cake from Amazon was used and just like that, you have a GORGEOUS Chanel birthday cake!

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Chanel Inspired Birthday Party

In addition to the cake, you need other foods for your Chanel themed party and these cookies did not disappoint! You can also order cake on Etsy! Besides chanel cookies, you can have jelly beans to match the color scheme and display the stylish glass vases. Even if it’s candy, you still have to keep it classy! Oh! And we have to talk about the Chanel book, how beautiful it is! You can also buy something similar on Amazon or Etsy. The more Chanel logos you find at your party, the better! It’s like shoes, a girl can never have enough!

Chanel Birthday Cake Table Decoration Ideas

Now let’s talk about other Coco Chanel party decorations! Sticking with the black, pink white and gold theme, we highly recommend using black table linens in your tablescape. Black gives the table decoration the drama and sophistication that is characteristic of Chanel! Elegant crockery was used like gold chargers with white plates, gold cutlery, wine glasses and of course pink accents and napkins. It’s the perfect combination of cute and cute! The tables were lined with centerpieces of Chanel perfume bottles, ornate hatboxes and luxurious candle holders. In the words of Coco Chanel, these Chanel party decorations are elegant and beautiful!

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Chanel Birthday Cake Table Decoration Ideas

A Chic Chanel Party Theme

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