Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations – I watch his antics every chance I get and always hope that Lucy will set up and hold the football for him and not kidnap him at the last minute.

Before I get to my Christmas table, I must tell you about my progress in healing and getting back to normal.

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

I started cooking (with the help of the captain) and did a little cleaning. I mean, I do something here and a little there…before I get tired and plant myself in the chair. LOL But the point is that God brings me beautiful. I started a gratitude journal and it really helped me appreciate each day of my life, and I am especially grateful for each and every one of you my dear, best friend.

Cozy Christmas Living Room Decor

Although I didn’t really care much about watching TV last Christmas, I heard that the networks decided not to air the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Christmas TV shows.

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

The centerpiece is animated with Charlie Brown and Snoopy standing next to Snoopy’s doghouse, (remember Woodstock sits on the roof)…and they dance while some Christmas carols play and the lights twinkle.

And I had to set up a hot cocoa bar for the kids to sip on after a cold day playing in the snow.

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

Holiday Decor Wishlist

There were marshmallows, mints, chocolate chips, and cocoa mix…all in a container I ordered online from Dillards.

It still has a long way to go, but I’m seeing things I haven’t seen in a long time and it’s like being with old friends. laugh out loud

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

I shouldn’t admit it, but the candy canes are definitely just for looks. I don’t know how much they are “mine”. 🙁

Charlie Brown Christmas Png Images

I found the red and white candy cane candles, and the Santa salt and pepper shakers, etc… and put them on a three tier stand.

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

Everywhere, I put the “Joy” snowballs (from the messy office, which is about to be neat and tidy) and then decided that the drinking glasses would be too formal for Charlie Brown and the gang. .. so they got red plastic cups.

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Although… eventually I kind of wished I had sent payment and kept them because it was so nice to get four of each mug.

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

Best Christmas Tree Ideas For Kids

I want to thank Khloe Celebrate and Decorate for putting this hoop together, she is an amazing woman and a good friend of mine. Get ready to indulge Snoopy, Charlie and the rest of the Peanuts gang. Charlie Brown Christmas themed party ideas will delight kids and adults alike.

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Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

The first step in planning any party is preparing a guest list. And when it’s time to get the whole gang together, there’s no better way than sending out adorable Snoopy invitations

What’s The Story With The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

You know how Snoopy decorates his doghouse with big, colorful lights? You can also decorate your dessert table with them. These easy Christmas cookies are so much fun to make. And you can prepare them before the day of the party!

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

Speaking of dessert tables, you’ll want to make a festive spread for your party guests. We love this look from Party Pinching featuring the iconic Charlie Brown Christmas tree, Santa Snoopy and tons of snacks! These delicious recipes are inspired by all your favorite Christmas movies.

No Charlie Brown Christmas party is complete without watching the classic movie! Buy or rent a copy, or host your own party to coincide with the annual telecast. For an extra cozy touch, encourage guests to wear pajamas and provide plenty of blankets, pillows, and stuffed toys.

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

Colorful Christmas Tree Lot Free Download

You can’t watch a movie without popcorn! This adorable printable popcorn box comes from Chica and Joe – and that’s just the beginning. They have everything you need for a Peanuts Party – including banners, goody bags and more. (Fill the boxes with our gourmet popcorn recipes.)

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After the movie, continue the fun with a round of Christmas-themed trivia. Keep all questions related to the classics or branches and include other holiday favorites. Here are some questions to get you started:

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

Your guests won’t be able to get enough of this delicious combination of puppy chow, peanuts, and yellow coated candies from Momma Told Me. Snoopy Snax are perfect for party time snacks, but you can also pack them into individual goodie bags to take home with your guests.

A Charlie Brown Christmas, Snoopy Christmas, Peanuts Christmas Ideas

End your party with a fun, kid-friendly craft. This ingenious decoration idea from Non-Toy Gifts is reminiscent of Charlie’s iconic zig-zag shirt, and is a fun addition to any Christmas tree.

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

When it’s time to say goodbye, don’t let your guests leave empty-handed. This adorable quote art makes the perfect parting gift for kids and adults alike.

As Senior Shopping Editor, Katie connects Taste of Home readers to the best gifts, deals and home products on the market. Katie, an avid foodie and holiday lover, is an expert at cherishing meaningful moments. When he’s not in the office, you can find him exploring Wisconsin, trying new vegetarian recipes, and watching Christmas movies. I’m a Snoopy freak and I love a Charlie Brown Christmas and I just had to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the BEST.

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

This Linus Van Pelt Ornament Brings All The Holiday Warmth To Christmas Trees

Snoopy’s house is actually made of graham crackers, not gingerbread. You might be wondering why Snoopy’s house isn’t red? In the show “A Charlie Brown Christmas” Snoopy’s house is blue! Trust me, I’ve seen the movie about a million times. Not even kidding.

Remember when Snoopy won the decorating contest? I should have tried to recreate his house! For more information on how I made Snoopy’s house (and the dog plate), click here.

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Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

One of my favorite songs from the show is the one titled “Skating” by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. I just changed my cupcakes to white, rolled the edges with clear sugar sprinkles and topped with blue gel frosting. I cut out peanut slider figures from cardstock and glued them to toothpicks and placed them in the center of each cupcake! It’s so easy!

Peanuts Men’s A Charlie Brown Christmas Good Grief Snoopy Distressed Graphics Pullover Sweatshirt Men

My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies were so much fun to make. For instructions on how I made these and my ice cream cone tree lot, click here.

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

Lucy’s psychiatric booth is made of rice krispie treats wrapped in strawberries at her feet. I colored a popsicle stick cut in half with a red edible marker and connected everything together with melted chocolate. The writing is done with a black edible marker and the white marker is a small amount of white fondant.

Well Charlie Brown deserves his own treat – Charlie Brownies! Just add a yellow candy coating wafer to the top of your mini brownies or store bought brownies with melted chocolate and draw the Charlie shirt pattern on top with a black edible marker!

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

Modern Christmas Decorating Theme Ideas

I’ll admit it. I have almost the entire Department 56 Peanuts Christmas Village collection. So I had to add my Charlie Brown and Snoopy figurines.

Snoopy cookies are a must! I cut out sugar cookies and decorated them with white cookie frosting and jumbo wooden garlands. Then I added a sprinkle of cinnamon candy and let it dry overnight. I drew on Snoopy’s face with a black edible marker. You can buy a Snoopy Cookie Cutter here.

Charlie Brown Christmas Table Decorations

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