Cheap Italian Table Decorations

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I had a small Christmas dinner party over the weekend and my theme was a rustic Italian Christmas feast. I focused on rich colors, rich food and modern farmhouse table decorations and the result was a wonderful feast!

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

Food was the most important part. I’ve seen a lot of antipasto menus on Pinterest and I wanted to make something similar but with a twist. Joe found me an antique carved wooden flour bowl that was perfect for my dining table and we filled it with food.

Amore Wedding Sign For Table Decor Standing Wooden Block

And I mean we had our fill of it! We put the entire antipasto bar into a bowl, including meat, cheese, fruit, bread and sauces. We used wax paper to put things in when needed and cheap things like cereal and crackers to fill in big gaps.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

We finished it off with a few heads of roasted barley, a few pieces of crusty bread and sprigs of fresh rosemary that we sprinkled with sugar. Wow, what a wonderful sight sugared rosemary is! It looks like snowflakes.

On the table, around the bowl of flour, we took fountains of fresh greenery, some votive candles, and some sugar-laden fruits like oranges, grapes, and pears. A set of battery-operated fairy lights and a few rows of fresh cranberry sprigs are the perfect finishing touches to make this main course a beautiful centerpiece.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

Affordable Centerpieces For Any Wedding Style

In each case, we used thin white plates with a small wooden plate on them. We placed a small piece of bread and sprigs of fresh rosemary on each plate and tied it with a piece of jute.

Place cards doubled as we decorated small oil and grape bottles with paper bands and personalized them with guests’ names.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

We really wanted to do something special for the placemats and bring in another touch of rustic wood. We loved the idea of ​​bringing cutting boards to match the antipasto feast. We couldn’t find any that were right, so we made our own placemats on a cutting board! We placed tables and flatware at an angle, for a special look, and hung napkins from a hole at the end.

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We decorated the dessert table with lots of greenery and fairy lights and served classic Italian panettone. It was my first time eating panettone and it certainly won’t be my last. I really loved this sweet, rich and liquid food that was half sweet and half bread. On the wall above the dessert table, I added more fairy lights to the wrought iron piece I already had. I used wide burgundy ribbon to hang two wreaths that we decorated with fake sugar berries.

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Cheap Italian Table Decorations

My dining chairs are very boring, so I upholstered them with large bands of burgundy velvet that I folded into a point at the end. This was an easy no-sew project – I used strips of our double sided tape sheets to “hem” the edges! I decorated my Christmas tree with more burgundy velvet ribbon, white twinkle lights and vintage ball ornaments in burgundy and gold. It was the perfect backdrop for dinner.

My rustic Italian Christmas dinner turned out to be a feast for the eyes and stomach. I am very happy with how everything turned out and we had a lovely evening.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

Budget Centerpiece Ideas For An Italian Dinner Theme

Hello! We are Chika and Joe, best friends who love to create whenever we can. From fun DIY projects to elaborate parties to delicious recipes, you’re sure to find ideas to inspire you. Look around to see what we’re up to today and follow us @ Looking for table decoration ideas for an Italian dinner party? Wait until you see these fabulous table decoration ideas.

If you love Italian food like I do, this month’s Supper Club theme is for you!

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

With no shortage of good Italian food and drink recipes, how should we dress the table?

Meiduo Red Green White Christmas Fiesta S Mexican Italian Party Decorations Paper Fans Lanterns Flower Pom Poms Felt Pennant Balloons For Grad

For this month’s Supper Club, we travel abroad to enjoy Italian comfort food with elegant table decoration ideas.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

Dinner parties are a lot of fun, and if you want to know how to host one, you’ll want to check out that post.

If you are coming from Rachel’s of the Ponds Farmhouse welcome to our festive and cozy Italian dinner party!

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

Best Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

While there is no right or wrong way to set the table, there is an overarching theme to remember where the Italian dinner party is concerned.

So I want to create a comfortable, intimate atmosphere that feels both welcoming and homely because we want guests to stay and enjoy themselves.

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Cheap Italian Table Decorations

So today, setting a warm and welcoming table for guests to eat, drink and stay a while.

Diy Wedding Centerpieces You’ll Love

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I love a beautiful centerpiece for a dining table.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

I then ran to the kitchen to grab some fresh tomatoes, lemons and peaches to add to the basket.

Or you can use all faux if you want to create something long lasting.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

Table Setting Table Decorations Italian Restaurant Stock Photo 1493846996

Since I have a lot of faux greens and flowers, I mixed fresh with faux to save some money (and a trip) to the grocery store.

We’ll add more to the look to create a sense of abundance, but first, let’s set up the rest of the table.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

I prefer to keep my farmhouse table exposed, but if you love a beautiful tablecloth, go for it!

Simple Table Decorations For An Italian Dinner Party

To serve water and plenty of wine, I used my gold-rimmed Lennox dinnerware with some vintage amber glassware.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

Instead of using a tablecloth, add a small live plant for guests to take home as a take-home gift.

Since we enjoy a lot of wine at my Italian dinner party, I recycled a couple of bottles

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

Table Decor: Amalfi Inspired Italian Pottery Tablescape

To create a cosy, warm and welcoming atmosphere, I planted faux fern sprigs, sedum flowers and small boxwoods in pots with fresh oranges.

We moved in two months ago and recently renovated the dining room by removing the paneled walls and painting the faux finish ceiling.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

As always, be careful where and how you burn candles. Keep them away from anything flammable and don’t leave them unattended when lit.

Italian Themed Dinner Party

We have been enjoying our supper club for a year now and I really enjoy seeing how each of us creates a beautiful table for that month’s dinner theme.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

My friends have creative Italian dinner table and basic ideas, so be sure to check out each of them by clicking the blog name above the image!

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Cheap Italian Table Decorations

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Cheap Italian Table Decorations

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Italian Table Decorations For Your Home

The inspiration for this setting comes from two places. First, our upcoming trip to Tuscany to visit our daughter who is studying there and second, the Italian recipe salad plates we received as a gift a while back. Originally I only had four plates and they were no longer available from the store, but when I decided to build a setting around them, I went to eBay in a successful search for remaining place options. As usual, I started with an interesting point and built a colorful story and details around it.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

A rustic country feel is conveyed through burlap tablecloths and terra-cotta linen napkins. Countering this sentiment is a bit of sparkle with antique silverware and gemstone handkerchief rings.

I never use place cards to seat my guests at intimate dinners because I prefer to choose their seats, but I love the opportunity to use printed graphics on the table, and I designed these table cards as fun details to convey the theme.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

This Italian Wedding Inspiration Shows Why We Love Lemon Decor

Pairs of floral arrangements are placed on distressed Tuscan vessels. Orange roses and red dahlias combine with greenery to tell the story of the Italian countryside through color.

A glimpse of glassware and crystal can help lend a sense of elegance that complements simple rustic elements to dining.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

Decorating with food is always my favorite. Here, glass bowls are filled with a variety of tomatoes and grapes, another nod to the Mediterranean Sea available throughout Italy.

Affordable Wedding Centerpieces That Still Look Elevated

A long view over the table opens up to an adjacent room where pre-dinner drinks can be enjoyed.

Cheap Italian Table Decorations

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