Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower – My best friend from high school is pregnant with twins and some friends, and I decided to throw her a baby shower this past weekend. I had so much fun making all the decorations for the shower and I was so happy with how it all came together. Today I thought I’d share some details! ๐Ÿ™‚

After the shower was over, another friend of mine took care of sending out the invitations. A call was made

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

Also for the party. I came across this printable baby shower kit from Tania’s Design Studio on Etsy and fell in love! Exactly what I was looking for! All the prints you see in this post are from this pack.

Celebrate With Cake!: Baby Shower Dessert Table

The cake table backdrop was made with white crinkle paper/party streamers. I got the idea for this from my friend Taryn at Design, Eat, Diaper. It was such a cheap and easy way to create a neutral backdrop for a table display… But it was time consuming! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

The hanging banner in the background was again from the party suit I bought on Etsy and the other prints you see on the table.

For the helmet display, I used two cardboard boxes and wrapped them with plain silver wrapping paper that I bought at Walmart. I always like to add party prints to the boxes to coordinate with the rest of the decor. The white tablecloth used for the cake table was actually a double size plain white sheet purchased at Walmart for only $5.00. The chevron fabric was purchased from Hobby Lobby. I love the color and pattern it adds to the table. And last but not least, tissue paper pompoms hanging from the ceiling add decoration to the display. Mom was kind enough to help me decorate the shower. She made me a pom-pom. Click here if you like the teacher.

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

Diy Decorating Ideas For A Baby Shower ยท The Typical Mom

The guest table centerpieces were probably my favorite thing about the shower. They were so simple, but so sweet!

We used mason jars we had, filled them with water and added some lemon slices to the water. We then made small arrangements inside a mason jar with baby’s breath and yellow mummy daisies. Daisies and baby’s breath were purchased in one of our store’s floral sections for only $5.00. Then we used the hat punches from the party pack, punched a hole in it and attached it to the neck of the mason jar for a little extra detail. Cheap, easy and beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

There were tables that were too small for our shower guests to sit on, and tables that didn’t match. We again used white tablecloths from Walmart as the table to keep everything uniform. We were able to get 3 tables for one $5.00 table! Next we added a gray chevron table runner (JoAnn fabric) to each table, and finally the flower centerpieces.

A Winter Wonderland Baby Shower That You Can Diy

The dining room table was covered with another $5.00 Walmart tablecloth, then decorated with prints and floral centerpieces from the party pack. We had delicious appetizers for the shower and were also served chili.

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

We made bottled water and lemonade for our guests to drink. I bought some cute yellow striped straws (also from Etsy) to match the shower decor. The party suit came with streamers for added flair…. Love all the little details! ๐Ÿ™‚

I love Christy and her son Owen in the lower left corner. He is such a pie! But I don’t know if he realizes how the world can change in a matter of weeks! Christy will be one busy mom with three little boys, but I know they will all be best friends! Click here to see the baby shower we threw for Christy when she was pregnant with Owen.

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

Shabby Chic Pink Baby Shower Decorations On Table Stock Image

We thought with two babies Christy would go through a lot of diapers!! It was a great way for her to pack and prepare for the arrival of her children!

I thought it came with some photo booth props for a little extra fun and because our party package was so awesome

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

We moved the cake table and used the party stream backdrop to create a quick photo booth for our shower guests. I picked up a pack of foam boards at Walmart and asked the shower guests to write a little message to Christy and her family. It really made for great photos and lots of fun memories!

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Pink Tulle Table Skirts 6ft Baby Shower Tablecloth For Girl Gender Reveal Tulle Table Cloth Cover Tutu Table Skirt For Birthday Party Cake Dessert Banquet Table Decorations

In other news, I hope my blog posts are back to normal soon! I would have put up my Christmas tree or started decorating for Christmas last weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚ *Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links. Read our disclaimer for more information.

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

As the weather warms, moms are starting to host their own baby showers. If you’re one of them, you need to think of ways to make your baby shower memorable and fun for all your girlfriends (and boyfriends!).

Below we’ve listed all of our favorite baby shower decorations, games, photos and gift ideas for the new mom. Most of these are color-coded pink for girls and blue for boys, but we’ve also included plenty of gender-neutral options, like greenery and safari-themed decor, for moms who choose to surprise the gender.

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

Inexpensive Diy Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas That Can Be Made With Dollar Store Items

Most of these decor items are bargains, some items like playing cards cost less than $3, while other decorative items will stretch your budget further. Either way, you should be able to find lots of great and inspiring party ideas for your big day! Click on the product image or the link below your favorite image to shop,

Which of these baby shower ideas is your cup of tea? Do you like gender neutral party themes, or do you prefer neutral, green and safari themed baby showers? Rainbows and the sweetest, most precious themes set the stage for an unforgettable welcome party.

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

After sending out your beautiful shower invitations, browse baby shower ideas, images and themes.

Pcs Blue Elephant Baby Shower Decorations For Boy Elephant Theme It’s A Boy Party Table Topper For Baby Elephant Baby Shower Decorations

Here is a list of essential ideas to ensure you have everything you need for a successful bachelorette party. Check out decorations like table decorations, wall art, and interactive photo decorations, like a DIY photo booth with a handmade banner. And consider custom cake toppers, table centerpieces and coordinating party supplies.

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Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

Customize your baby shower to reflect mom and her favorite things. Make shower decorations as simple or elaborate as you like.

These are some baby shower decoration ideas for girls! You can turn any favorite idea or color scheme into a beautiful baby shower theme.

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

Host A Nautical Baby Shower

Sometimes balloons just don’t add the right vibe to baby showers, and that’s cool. A baby shower theme works with or without balloons.

We hope you enjoy these baby shower decorating ideas, pictures, and personal touches!

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

March 24 Barcelona Photos: Travel Guide March 24 Helpful Ways to Survive After the Holidays Homemade shower decorations can be just as beautiful as store-bought items, and you’ll often pay less. Homemade ornaments usually spark conversation and admiration and are more meaningful to parents because they are made with love and care. These 20 cute and creative DIY shower decorations will get the party started!

Baby Shower Decoration Items To Make The Event Special For Mom To Be

Everyone loves a good centerpiece! When planning the decor, centerpieces need to be a little creative. Guests spend most of their party time eating, socializing, and playing games, so centerpieces, tables, and table-related decor get a lot of attention. These cute and easy DIY shower decorations for tables will complement any theme or atmosphere.

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

If you know the theme of your nursery, you can create cute and very useful centerpieces that match that theme. The center baskets are both decorative and serve a purpose, so think about what goes into each one, as moms can get serious use out of the basket’s contents after the shower.

A new mom can never have too many materials, so these homemade decorations can be reused when they arrive. You will need to plan a tablecloth for the guest/table settings, so know the number of guests before the shower or make extra place mats in case the guest list changes. This is a project

Cheap Table Decorations For Baby Shower

Baby Shower Ideas For The Modern Mama

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