Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor – Looking for ways to spruce up your coffee table? If you take a second look at almost any home decor magazine, website, book, or blog, you can see well-organized spaces. Although these positions look perfect for photography, in real life they can lead to impossible, even unattainable conditions.

Take, for example, the magazine-worthy, perfectly decorated coffee table in the living room photo. These pieces look great wrapped in stacks of color-coordinated magazines and evenly spaced mirrors of various eye-catching lengths.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

But what happens when the baby walks? Or does the child need an opportunity to read at an early age? Or does a young person want to meet friends (with accompanying soda, popcorn and a tray of goodies)? Those magazine-worthy coffee tables won’t work.

Wood Coffee Table For Living Room, With Sturdy Metal Frame

In this article, the aim is to introduce four authentic styles of coffee tables that meet the needs of the family of residents while maintaining a sense of balance and style of the surrounding living room. We hope you find inspiration in the simple, well-designed and practical nature of these coffee tables as you gather more ideas on how to make a coffee table in your beautiful space.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

This style of coffee table represents, according to the homeowner, “the modern vintage lady with bad taste.” A lot of natural light enters the living room from various walls, which makes a large wooden coffee table a good choice.

The large size of the coffee table can serve as interesting real estate for the main decoration, but the owner does it simply by leaving many empty shelves. Despite the dark color of the wood, it looks like an aesthetic “white space” and provides balance.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

Family Room Decorating Ideas

The whiskey scented candle in a triangular glass jar is simple but unique. It also combines the wood of the coffee table with shiny metals.

With three small children (including a 1-year-old) and a dog and cat in the mix, this coffee table should be kid-friendly. Any decorations are placed in the center of the coffee table, making it less likely that little hands will accidentally damage them.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

Incorporating different heights, even for simple everyday items, is a great way to bring visual interest to a coffee table while maintaining its utility.

Childproofing: Safe, Sane And Stylish

This unique living room, as its name suggests, combines styles and pieces from all aspects of design in a clean, elegant and modern way.

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Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

Keeping a space light and bright is key to bringing many different elements together and helping them make sense.

Their stark imperfections, including chipped wood, exposed nails and painted and painted exterior markings, are striking in the unusual space.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

Gorgeous Reading Room Ideas We Want To Steal

Trunks provide great storage space for the living room when they double as a coffee table. These two suitcases, for example, hide stylish clothes for the children of the house (five children plus friends) and seasonal decorations for the living room.

A glossy marble tile tray (make your own with this tutorial) is an easy way to elevate the look of old wood chips.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

One of the advantages of a two-piece coffee table is flexibility in space. These trunks can be separated, aligned vertically or easily moved from the center of the room to additional seating or work surfaces.

Unique End Tables That Add The Perfect Living Room Finish

As for the contents of the coffee table itself, it’s kid-friendly: it’s easy to go through magazines and a “Quiz Book,” a few puzzles in baskets, and a brass butterfly tray because it’s (a) cute and (b) incorruptible.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

This homeowner keeps her coffee table simple (sometimes even bare), which matches the well-coordinated aesthetic of her entire living room.

Sometimes he uses three aluminum vegetable pots in the center of his coffee table. The organic nature of the plants themselves (whether real or not) perfectly complements the beautiful wooden sheen of his modern coffee table.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

How To Decorate Your Living Room With Kids In Mind: Family Friendly Decor

With four young children in the house, the coffee table can hold a game or two instead. This modern wooden chess/checkers combo set is fun to play while staying in the visual ‘theme’ of the living room itself. (Wood on wood can be a decorating challenge.)

In a living room where hard corners can dominate, throwing curves on a coffee table can be what adds contrast. Mixing some of the plates and ceramics on this coffee table, for example, breaks up the surface of the table without distracting the eye.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

Several shades of blue on the coffee table match the blue on the furniture used in the living room.

Living Room Furniture, Storage & Accessories

All the elements in this simple yet modern living room complement each other, including the long wooden coffee table.

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Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

Its mid-century modern vibe easily works with the other whimsical elements in the living room (like the stuffed kangaroo and joey hanging in the corner), but the simplicity of the coffee table is directly related to the overall style of the room.

Where there is well-groomed simplicity, as in this living room, the importance of detail grows. Like these curved coffee table legs with long, narrow proportions.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

Nitori Furniture Singapore

A narrow coffee table reduces its visual presence, which is important to maintain the balance of the living room (with multiple functions, such as a fireplace, a sofa and a piano).

Colorful pieces like this authentic water meter from Iran and the potted yellow rubber plant don’t need additional “decoration” to make a statement.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

The reading material is well organized and meets the Third World design principle. (Which basically suggests incorporating an odd number, specifically three, of something for maximum aesthetic appeal.)

Christmas Table Ideas & Inspiration

In a house where many children live, a solid coffee table with enough space to put down a cup and a book is a priority. The top of my coffee table is one place where I let my extreme side go. I like to keep a heavy chain of things to keep track of the preferences of whoever sits in our living room, including my 3-year-old.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

So I felt inspired to share what I’ve learned about coffee table style when they’re little at home. Now, there are obviously no hard and fast rules. What you avoid/include is constantly changing. One day you can avoid candles and beautiful plants, the next day you can include them. You know your child better than anyone else, so you decide what’s right. The goal of this post is to inspire you with new ideas and encourage you not to give up and go to the museum with an empty coffee table.

Trust me; If you have small hands around, I know how tempting it is to not decorate the bottom three feet of your house. But don’t let that deter you from a missed opportunity! There is nothing better than seeing a child playing with something on the table while you have five minutes alone. What? I’m okay?

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

How To Create An Elegant Look With Coffee Table Decor

You don’t want to spend all your time arguing with your kids and rearranging what you put on the coffee table. So what is a well-designed coffee table suitable for children? Let’s break it down, shall we?

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Would it break if i dropped it on the ground? It would break if I hit it on the table

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

? (because you know they will)? If the answer is yes, don’t include it. You don’t want it to worry you.

Affordable Accent Wall Ideas That Look Expensive

Solid games, especially with connected pieces. There are many of them on the market today. Rubiks cubes, tic tac toe boards, large wooden puzzles.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

Picture and art books: find age-appropriate visuals and make sure your child is past the paper-tearing stage. If not, there are some very elegant books on the market that won’t hurt your eyes.

Sculptural objects: The key is to find some that have weight to them. Ceramics, rocks, paperweights, and textiles that are too heavy for your toddler to lift or move but can still touch.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2022

Shape changing: Objects that can change shape add a touch of humor to your desk: art pins, magnets on trays, even wooden blocks or a sketchbook!

Lucite or resin objects that have the appearance of glass are beautiful, but don’t worry.

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

Once you have kid-friendly items on display, the key is to rotate them often to keep things fresh and interesting.

Parent Shock: Children Are Not D├ęcor The New York Times

Place the blocks on a tray or box and instantly add texture and size. And on top of that! They are easy for small children to dress. (maybe leave the whiskey on the table LOL)

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

A tic tac toe game with connected pieces and an old remote control with the battery removed (trust me on this one!)

Heavy ashtray with bead necklace. Make sure you look for one with securely attached beads. If your baby is in the weaning stage, choose a silicone necklace or a silk tassel instead. The living room, especially the coffee table, is primarily a children’s instruction center. There they eat snacks, build toys, play games…it’s also a help for little monks who need silence while they learn to stand. So just because this piece of furniture is a kid magnet, it’s not

Child Proof Coffee Table Decor

Kid Friendly Living Room By Design Improvised

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