Children’s Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

Children’s Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations – I woke up early on Saturday morning with storybooks. I pulled out all the classics and separated them from our shelves. I joined two of my friends, Jami and Sarah, to throw a baby shower for my friend Lindsay.

We found tons of ideas for storybook themed showers on Pinterest. Jami planned all our themed meals;

Children’s Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

Banners featuring characters from classic children’s stories were designed and cut out. And Sarah planned some beautiful decorations…

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Living room, Children’s books are placed around the entrance and kitchen. When the children saw them, they immediately stood up and read to each other. I was struck by the flood of memories just by looking at those books and rereading the words.

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

Now they are 17, 15, I am 13 and 8 and I can read by myself so we don’t spend much time reading books together. But the words came right back and I could recite many of them from memory.

Anyway… here are some other details in the bathroom. It was a lot of fun to add. I worked very hard the previous month to prepare for Easter at church. (When you work for a church, Easter is the biggest day of the year.)

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

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My husband sees me cutting and pasting banners and other decorations and comments on how happy I am. There’s nothing like doing something creative to unwind after a few weeks. Somewhere in my secret dream world life I envisioned myself spending my days as a professional birthday party planner. (Is there such a thing?!

I was in charge of creating the invitations for the shower. After scouring the internet for ideas, I came up with an invitation designed to fold this little book up like a book. Characters from classic stories were created in Photoshop to create this simple yet charming invitation.

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

I used my silhouette to print and cut out signs and banners for the food. I’ve already found so many storybook characters to make invitations, so it’s easy to incorporate other signs. Using the ‘register’ feature on my Silhouette, I first printed the letters on glossy card stock and then cut out the circles on my Silhouette.

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Children’s Book Themed Birthday Party

Sarah created a cute wreath out of scraps of books and animals she found in the $1 aisle at Target.

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

We simply printed an extra cover for these scrapbooks that we gave out as party favors…

For our party games, we created a sheet of paper with lines from classic children’s books and guests had to guess which book it was.

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

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And we said, “Guess what’s in the diaper?” candy, other foods such as fruit and processed cheese; I loaded the diapers with Fig Newtons and my favorite, guacamole. I think this picture says it all.

As always, Planning a party is almost as much fun as the party itself. But I especially love my little walk down memory lane through the pages of all these books. Brilliant children’s books and classic children’s stories are a magical part of growing up. As we looked back at our favorite texts, something stirred in my heart. So when parents hope to be ready to welcome baby, it’s only natural that these much-loved books are part of the celebration. So take it a step further and plan a book-themed baby shower. If you’re planning a light-centered baby shower for your favorite bookish friend, take a page from The Precious Book for inspiration.

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

If you’re struggling for a bath time book, consider taking inspiration from the many beloved children’s stories. A simple vertical patterned display makes a cute book themed baby shower decoration for the entrance of the party space.

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You go with many books; Or even just for a party, these fancy cookies serve as adorable inspiration for your kids’ book-themed baby shower.

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

Ditto for adorable book-shaped cakes with 3D children’s book motifs. These things are good to eat, but don’t worry; Your guests will devour them in no time.

You simply can’t beat this stunning Mother Goose themed cake. A display like this in the center of your book-style baby shower can make such a bold statement to bring the theme together: you’re neutral, it can be kept simple with white and/or contrast.

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

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Oh Places to go for your subject books. The best baby shower decorations are all about paper goods and cute food plates. If you want to take it to the next level, you can throw in the heavy flowers. How spooky are these iconic baby shower displays from Dr. Seats?

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There are details that go into planning a baby shower and a Beatrix Potter theme, or especially a Peter Rabbit theme, is priceless. Bouquets of your favorite characters, as shown here. Get creative with paper patterns and fruits galore.

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

The great thing about children’s literature and baby parties is that the vibrant images are easy and fun to decorate in every detail. Consider your food displays for book-themed baby shower decorations for lots of fun for guests. This Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired finger sandwich is a perfect example.

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While your baby may not be interested in pink and tutus, a pink baby shower theme will allow the dad-to-be to embrace all things girly and pre-baby. Angelina ooh’s and aahs from all your guests. One of those modern classic children’s characters that will bring aahs and smiles, and a way to make a lot of pink. (You can find the cake decoration here.)

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

Elements of fairy tales; Bring the creatures of the forest and the torn pages of old bookstores. Once upon a time storybook baby shower theme lets you get creative and have fun, even on a budget. This cool wall decor can even make it into a child’s nursery.

One of those iconic children’s books that lives on in so many of our hearts. If you’re planning a Pooh-themed book baby shower, consider the charm of these adorable cardboard boxes. You can do lots of fun things with them and parents themselves can take them home looking adorable. In addition to your notebook or children’s book.

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

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Be inspired by the story or stories when creating a menu for the party. The way this baby shower menu is displayed (on the spine of the books) gets extra points for creativity and presentation.

Give new life to your old favorites when you mix your childhood classics with new favorites for the under 5 sets. With two old school options and two new options, this fun baby shower cake is perfect. And these hummus and carrot pots are a great idea for a baby shower.

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Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

No matter what theme you choose, this ridiculously easy appetizer option is a must-have for a book-themed baby shower.

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Combine your book baby shower theme with stylish DIY decorations like this wreath made from old book pages. It’s a special baby shower design that parents want to take home and add to their nursery.

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

Every detail of this lush Velveteen Rabbit themed baby shower will make your heart skip a beat. From floral arrangements inspired by books to calligraphic passages on scrolls on tables; It’s a cute and lovely book themed baby shower…you can take inspiration from your theme.

Not the type to bury your nose in a book? There are many other sources of inspiration for your baby…

Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

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Children's Book Themed Baby Shower Table Decorations

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