Chili Table Decorations

Chili Table Decorations – I don’t sound like a brat, but I do call myself the Queen of Chillivar. I love making chili.

I made this for Max’s first birthday party. I made this for Halloween this year. I have a chili bar menu in my book and am totally obsessed with it because it’s a great idea for a party.

Chili Table Decorations

Chili Table Decorations

However, you don’t have to arrive on time that day. Or even the day before. My goal with chili bars is to make the chili ahead of time, freeze it (or even make it in the slow cooker the night before), and have the toppings and possible sides ready in the morning. .

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It’s not a ton of manual work, unless you want to make cornbread or something wild. Or rather, it may seem like a lot of work to your guests, but if you prepare ahead of time, it’s really easy.

Chili Table Decorations

Since having children, my life has changed drastically and I have to prepare for everything. That is the key to success. On this topic alone, we will have a great holiday guide for you soon!

You’ve probably filled your favorite MacKenzie-Child’s bowl with piping hot Cheetahs and tater tots, so you know it’s good.

Chili Table Decorations

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A few years ago on Halloween, I had Chillivar all set up and ready. Lacy appeared with hot dogs and buns and changed the game. I mean, what a great idea! If someone doesn’t want a bowl of chili, they can make chili dogs with Madness.

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My Chilivar tradition skyrocketed from there. I always have chips and I also have queso. Both are great toppings for chili bowls, but you can also use them for chili cheese nachos. In short…

Chili Table Decorations

Then there are tater tots. Earlier this week we said we were walking tater tot lane. You can make a chili cheese toxo or throw a tater tot or two on top of a chili bowl.

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If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can roast some russets or sweet potatoes and give them the option of filling. I think this is also a great idea.

Chili Table Decorations

I like both chilies. There is also a red and white version. There are also beef and chicken versions. There may be a bean version and a non-bean version. Sometimes it’s meat and vegetarian versions!

People like options. You can make two chilis ahead of time, or you can prepare one ahead of time for dinner one night a week and have a bowl ready before freezing the rest.

Chili Table Decorations

How To Set A Dinner Table To Impress Your Guests

However, you can always have only one chili. Unless you’re hosting a large party, a slow cooker filled with chili will work well.

What is the chili recipe in the picture? One is White Chicken Roasted Corn Chili from Pretty Dish! I made everything in my slow cooker and used rotisserie chicken. Another is a new chili recipe that I love and will share on Monday. OMG, wait a minute. It’s a mess.

Chili Table Decorations

I’ve included a seemingly straightforward list of chili toppings and accessories for you. However, you don’t need to use all of them. But I wanted to make a huge list of everything set in Chilivar, so you can pick and choose what you like.

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How To Host A Chili Party

Follow us on Instagram and tag us with #. You can also post a photo of your recipe on your Facebook page. Autumn is just around the corner. For cooler weather and summer goodbye, it’s the perfect excuse to dust off the chili from the crockpot and start cooking. A warm, hearty bowl of everyone’s favorite chili recipe, served with all the ingredients, is a kickstarter for tailgate events, Halloween parties and more.

Chili Table Decorations

Before starting your chili cook-off, make a list of your guests, invitees, activities, and any extras you may need. Here are some ideas:

Chili cook-offs start with atmosphere, and decor and color are key at chile cook-offs. Prepare your taste buds for the chili onslaught with helpful, inspired decorating ideas to tempt your guests.

Chili Table Decorations

Chili Cook Off Card

Even if it’s not a chili cook-off, a drink bar is a must. Plenty of drinks and ice should be readily available as your friends and guests travel down the chili line to down your fiery chili concoctions.

Beer is always the best drink to accompany a hearty Chilean meal. There are some impressive ways to serve your favorite beer. With a full-size (half-barrel) keg, the kegerator can easily hold up to 15.5 gallons of beer, yielding about 165 bottles of beer.

Chili Table Decorations

Wine is also a great choice if you want to lighten up your adult drinks. Ask guests who choose not to bring chili if they would like to bring a bottle of their favorite wine. Pull out all the stoppers and wine accessories like wine stoppers, openers and glass markers to complete your decor. Our favorite Capabunga Wine Sealer opens wine bottles for horizontal storage.

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Winter Dinner Party {chili & Beer Tasting}

To keep the ideas flowing, here are some additional tips to make the chili cook-off a memorable one for everyone.

Chili Table Decorations

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