Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home – Dress up your dining room for the holidays with these cute Christmas dining room decorating ideas! Simple tips that anyone can do!

I continue our Christmas journey today as part of The Happy Housies Christmas Season Ease Series. 50 Christmas Home Tours will be shared this week, so get ready for some great Christmas inspiration! You can find all the posts for the whole week at the end of the post, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the ride. If you’re from The Tattered Pew – welcome! I’m sure you enjoyed Kelly’s beautiful ride! And if you’re new here, I’m glad you could visit!

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

Just in case you haven’t guessed, today I want to show you our Christmas dining room. We don’t

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There’s a lot in here, but it’s the first room you see when you walk in the door, so I like to make it nice and inviting. You can also see it more from every room on the ground floor, so we can enjoy all the decorations – and especially the tree!

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

The dining room is one of my favorite rooms to decorate – probably because I think of it so much as “my” room. laugh out loud! The kids haven’t been in here much, so everything stays where it should be – which is a Christmas miracle here.

Whether you decorate a little or a lot during the Christmas season, I hope you can find some Christmas inspiration and decorating ideas that you can use in your home. You really don’t have to go out – even a few special touches can bring out the magic of Christmas. If you are not sure where to start, just choose

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

Festive Christmas Table Decor Ideas

Room in your house!}, I have put together a few ideas for decorating for Christmas. So put on the Christmas music, pull out the decorations and enjoy decorating the hall!

There’s a different color scheme or theme, but it’s always a good place to start. This year I used the Reindeer Ridge Christmas Lodge printable as my inspiration and drew a lot of snow, decorated in neutrals and with all my reindeer to add to the scene. There are still pops of red around the room, but for the most part I’m sticking to neutrals and silver metallics.

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Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

I used most of the deer on the side of the board, but kept a few for the dining room table and a few in our cabin to tie them together.

Black And White Party Ideas

Your decorative pieces will look great if they are grouped together rather than scattered around the room. I have a series of white ceramic bowls that I used in our cabin and buffet. They add a simple Christmas touch to all our white plates and serving pieces. Sprigs of faux greenery add some texture and add extra warmth to the room.

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

We don’t drink coffee here so hot chocolate is definitely our drink of choice! Although it might be fun to put together a big hot chocolate bar, all you really need are a few jars.

Even though this is a piece of organized space, you can’t have Christmas decorations without a little something! I always use the far corner as a fun drink bar and this year I created a milk and cake bar.

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Don’t Require A Home Stylist

You can contact Rudolph’s Milk and Cookie Co. it prints HERE. I also used it for our Christmas movie night trailer and I think it would be great anywhere in the house.

A wreath doesn’t just have to be for the front door. Try taking a basic wreath and adding a few custom details. I added ribbon and pine cones to a simple jingle bell wreath and hung it from a large mirror on our side table.

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

On our second mirror I hung a bunch of fir cones with a symbol of Merry Christmas and Santa.

Beautiful Black And White Wedding Décor Ideas

Who says a Christmas tree can’t be in the dining room? I’ve always wanted a clustered, neutral wood, but my kids and husband chose the bare wood we have in our family room. So a few years ago I bought this little full tree so I could decorate it myself.

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

This year I dressed it up with some white and silver metal ribbon, snowy pine cones and all my favorite neutral Christmas decorations.

And of course it looks better when everything is lit! There’s nothing like dining by the lights of the Christmas tree.

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

Elegant Black And White Thanksgiving Décor Ideas

Your billboard ends up hidden behind a tree, but I think that’s the holiday message peeking through. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to add seasonal accessories, this board is perfect. Even simple designs look great!

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If you are not comfortable drawing on your own chalkboard, you can simply download and print the Sleigh Rides Christmas Printable Chalkboard.

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

For me, the best part of Christmas decorations are the lights! Christmas tree lights, twinkling lights, candles and battery operated candles all create the perfect glow and I love the display from the ornaments. I can never capture the light in pictures, but it looks great in real life.

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I hope this helped bring out a little of the Christmas spirit and gave you a few ideas for your Christmas dining room decor. However, there are still many other Christmas homes to visit, so check out the links below and find your own holiday home. Next up on today’s tour is Laura from The Turquoise Home. I’m sure you’ll love her beautiful home as much as I do, stop by and say hello!

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

I wish you a wonderful Christmas season! With the busyness of the holidays, I hope you take the time to enjoy all the fun and schedule some quiet time to relax with friends and family. xo

You can find all the links for the Christmas house tour below. I’ll be updating with new rides every day this week, so be sure to check back. I always enjoy seeing different color combinations and design styles. They are all so beautiful! Wedding Table Setting When mixing gold and silver, mix the warm color of gold with the cool color of silver. The key is to choose a metallic shade to complement your paint color and one to compliment that paint color.

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

Summer Table Decorations: Let These Settings Inspire Your July Or August Soirée

Discovery Call Do you need professional help to create an unforgettable time with family and friends? Kimberly respects your privacy and provides a luxurious experience. Let’s discuss… schedule your Discovery Call now.

Mix gold & silver table settings In this table setting we used gold as the main color and silver as a color to compliment the color palette.

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

1 Votive candles help transform your space by adding lines of light that create a soft glow. Everything near the candle light glows.

Best Christmas Centerpieces

People who are not used to quality always chase quantity. There is beauty in simplicity. ~ Kimberly R. Jones | Event Stylist ~

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Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

Votive Candle Holders As you can see Silver Mercury Glass Holders are a great addition. These candles are a staple that we always include in our small events. Silver Mercury Glass Votive Candles are strategically placed on guest tables, dessert tables, engagement tables and wedding tables.

* Instead of using a votive candle inside the votive holder, use a tea light candle and place it on top of the Pizza Saver Stand. The mini stand works as a perfect candle.

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

Themed Table Or Trunk Ideas For A Halloween Community Festival

* This tip ensures the best visibility of the candles. You will receive a continuous image of the flame as the candle burns.

Using tealights instead of votive candles helps reduce decor costs. Tealight candles are easy to clean and much cheaper than votive candles.

Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

Check out our Event Styling Services: Allows the guest to be the guest at their party. Enjoying quality time with guests and being in the moment will make your event more memorable.

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Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

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Chocolate And Silver Table Decor Ideas For Home

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