Christmas Aviation Table Decor

Christmas Aviation Table Decor – Today on Hallmark Channel’s Koti ja Perhe channel we celebrate the wedding season with a very unique wedding theme, Boho meets Aviation!! Our bride’s style is boho, and her family’s aviation history is very important to her, as is the groom’s aviation career. They are getting married at an aircraft museum and wanted to keep things casual and comfortable. I created a Boho meets Aviation buffet table to give them inspiration for their big day. With 250 people attending the wedding, they wanted to create a buffet that was casual enough for paper plates and still incorporated their boho/aviation theme.

Oooh, I think we did it!! The program will be shown today, June 13, 2016, on Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family channel at 10:00 a.m. If you missed it, it will be replayed tomorrow at noon!

Christmas Aviation Table Decor

Christmas Aviation Table Decor

*Paint the rectangle white with a blue border; help to create a border with painter’s tape, this can be done by measuring both sides to ensure they are even and applying painter’s tape

Christmas Decor Inspiration At Bachmans

* Paint the circle dark blue, then after it dries, a star in the middle; Create clean lines by using masking tape to create a star shape and painting

Christmas Aviation Table Decor

* Let everything dry completely and then glue the round piece of wood to the center of the rectangular piece of wood

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