Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget – Inspired by vintage tablecloths and homemade glass ornaments, I created an easy to put together Christmas centerpiece to add holiday style and sparkle to my dining room.

You may remember that about a month ago I posted about my vintage modern Christmas table decorations. I put glassware, plates, crockery and even a special cake on the table. (You can watch it here if you missed it.)

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

As much as I love Tablescape, I’ve noticed that I don’t use my table as much as I set it up. Usually, I’m at my desk drinking my morning coffee while scrolling through blog post comments on my laptop. With the table set, I couldn’t do it because there was no space. I realized I needed to clear everything out and just have a simple Christmas centerpiece.

Must Haves For Your Perfect Christmas Dinner Table

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I mostly used things I already had. However, I went to a favorite local antique store (Antique Diamonds in Tarentum, PA if you’re local) where I found a vintage tablecloth and glass cake dishes and covers. The first became part of my motivation!

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

With those things on hand and a few things around my house, this is what I came up with!

I’m really happy with how it turned out, especially since so little effort or planning went into it. Normally, I stress this, but this centerpiece came together so easily.

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

An Easy Christmas Centerpiece For A Long Table

For this Christmas centerpiece, I started with a vintage plaid tablecloth. It’s a bargain at just $10. Instead of laying it straight or “right” on the table, I decided to spread it out at an angle. It looks even more interesting with all the straight lines in the room – panels, doors, floors and moldings.

Next, I place a cake stand in the center of the table. (I found this at HomeGoods a few years ago.) Then I put my new-me glass cake plate on the stand. I sprinkled fake snow on the plate and placed four glass ornament houses that I just picked up at a local store. I bought them because I thought they were beautiful. And luckily, they fit perfectly here. On the site of the houses, there is also room for some mini fake pine trees.

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

On each side of the cake stand, I placed a set of black tapered candle holders. (You may remember that I also used them in my earlier tablescape.) Their clean design looks amazing with my chandelier.

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Christmas Dinner Table Decorations And Easy Diy Ideas

Like I said, I’m really happy with how it turned out. I hadn’t planned on sharing the middle with you all, but when it was done, I couldn’t resist showing it to the world.

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

Oh, and if you like my vintage decorative tree wall hanging you can see how I made it here.

This Christmas centerpiece is also a very easy look to recreate. I hope it inspires you to add something (similar) to your holiday schedule. Looking for an eco-friendly and low-waste DIY Christmas tablescape? Check out these amazing yet achievable DIY Christmas table decorations that you can recreate with things you probably already have at home. It’s simple yet beautiful and perfect for a stress-free, eco-friendly vacation.

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

Easy Diy Advent Centerpiece With Joann

Raise your hand if you’re constantly running out of time and fighting against clutter. Hello, it’s me, your favorite Hot Mess Express.

As I write this, I’m staring at the stacks of Halloween decorations that are currently actively haunting our house and still haven’t made their way back into the attic despite the fact that we’re well into November.

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

I love the holidays and I pour myself into decorating for them all with a passion and obsession. I love entertaining the family, creating a little magic for the kids and generally spreading happiness. However, I don’t like the time it takes to remove everything and stuff it back into the pile of anxious mess that comes with it.

Easy & Stylish Christmas Table Setting Ideas

I started making DIY Christmas table decorations that ticked a few key boxes for me:

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

Instant inspiration comes when I bring groceries into the house. We live in Charleston, South Carolina and have a magnolia tree in our front yard. Magnolia trees have broad, glossy green leaves with velvety rust-colored undersides that make them a favorite Southern decorative material for weddings and holiday wreaths in the Lowcountry. Why not integrate something from the front yard into a wreath for the show?

I like to use forage and ingredients found in my area, but you can recreate this DIY Christmas table decoration with a variety of plants that flourish where you live. Loquat leaves are the same size and are also suitable for place cards. Boxwood and pine make equally beautiful wreaths. And variegated pittosporum (a popular hedge option) would be amazing.

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Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

Best Diy Christmas Table Decoration Ideas For 2022

If you want to add material to your mulch (don’t harvest so much that you kill your magnolia tree), try to choose something that can be reused or dried easily, like baby’s breath or eucalyptus.

I’ve also established how many books are thrown away and end up in stores every year, so I’m already itching to use some unwanted novels as creative craft material. For this Christmas tablescape, I used vintage books to create a deep and personal book page as a DIY table runner.

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

I recommend making sure your table runner page doesn’t contain indecent love scenes. The first book I chose for this DIY was going to be a cynical and awkward conversation starter.

Christmas Table Setting Decor On A Budget

There are many options for DIY Christmas table decorations. Here are some of my favorites and the ones I used for this DIY Christmas dining table.

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

I’ve laid out the steps I took to create this DIY Christmas dining table. Use them as guidelines if you want, but make them your own with what you already have.

Remove any labels from your yogurt jar or pot using Goo Gone. Then wash and let dry or use a hair dryer to speed up this part.

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas 2022

Once your jar is dry, decorate as desired with your gold paint pen. You can also tie ribbons around them, spray paint them, or scratch glass if you’re so inclined. After the paint dries, place votive candles in each jar and set aside.

Tear out a few pages from the book you designated for the table runner. Place the page in the center of your table and determine the best configuration for its width, remembering that you also need to consider plates and place settings.

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

I have a farm table, so two pages side by side lengthwise is the ideal width. I chose to layer it on the outside with frayed edges for a softer look. Then decide if you want your table runner to anchor the edge of your table or run the length of the table surface.

Simple & Modern Christmas Dining Table Ideas

Tape the pages of your book together to make your table runner, remembering that you will reverse them so that the tape side is not visible. (If your table runner isn’t padded around the edges, you probably won’t need much tape.) This should take you a few minutes.

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Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

Use a damp cloth to wipe down the leaves you will be using for your place cards. Let dry for a while, then use a paint pen to write your guests’ names.

Time to make your wreath! This will be the most time consuming part of this DIY. Measure your string or yarn to your desired wreath length. If you’re short on time, remember that instead of filling the entire table with books, you can easily make a small wreath to sit among artfully arranged vintage books.

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

Simple And Inexpensive Christmas Table Centerpiece

Gather small pieces of greenery around the stem and secure it by twisting the wire around the stem and then wrapping it around the twine. Layer each section on top of the section before it to hide exposed wires or threads. Repeat this process until you’ve made your garland to the desired length, remembering that you can always cover up any empty spots once the tablescape is complete. (Don’t go crazy on this step.)

Add your vintage books or books confiscated from your personal library to artistic stacks along your desk, keeping in mind that people can easily see and talk to your centerpiece.

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

Place your glass votive holder over your book and fill in any empty or weak spots on your wreath by adding extra leaves.

Quick And Easy Cozy Christmas Cottage Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Glue coloring book pages together for a children’s placemat and add crayons to twine bundles or extra glass yogurt jars.

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

Finally, set up your desk. Add place cards, light your candles and pour yourself a glass of wine. Do it!

After your festive holiday night, it’s time to dispose of your DIY Christmas table decorations responsibly (or save what you can reuse in the future).

Christmas Banquet Table Decorations On A Budget

Christmas Table Setting Ideas And Centerpieces

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