Christmas Decor Entryway Table

Christmas Decor Entryway Table – Decorating a foyer for Christmas is easy and can set the tone for your entire Christmas home! Today I’m sharing the first look at my Christmas home this year! See you in our lobby. Here are 7 ideas to decorate the most festive foyer!

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Christmas Decor Entryway Table

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

Before we get into all the fun and festive Christmas decorating ideas, let’s get a little practical first.

Christmas Foyer Decorating Entryway Ideas

No matter how small or large your foyer or entryway is, it’s important to make sure your holiday decor is simple so it doesn’t overlook what a foyer is used for.

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

Oh, and if you’re like me, it’s hard to think about practical things, especially if you want to make a foyer look beautiful at Christmas! If left to me, I’ll dress it up every time. So above all, I try to remember that a foyer should be functional first!

Let’s talk about winning ideas for decorating the foyer and keeping our foyers and entryways even more useful for family and guests coming through our Christmas door!

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

How To Decorate A Natural & Neutral Christmas Tree

I repeat that all decorating starts with some things. And one color palette.

What is your Christmas color palette this year? If your answer is “I don’t know” or “the same as always,” then you need to think a little more about the colors you add to your home this Christmas. Many of us love the cozy yet designer Christmas look. You can get both by paying attention to the colors you use in your home this holiday season.

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

This year Christmas colors are all over the color wheel! They are soft and light like my foyer or the beautiful traditional reds and greens. Deep purples and jewel tones always seem to be popular choices for Christmas decorations, and this year navy and red could be IT colors!

New Entryway Christmas Decor

One of my top Christmas decorating ideas is to create a color palette for your home this holiday season. It can easily decorate every room in your home, including the foyer.

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Christmas Decor Entryway Table

And it’s amazing how color can spread Christmas cheer! Color has such an impact on how we feel.

This year my Christmas color palette revolves around soft neutrals and greens, especially lime green. I used lime green last year, but this year I’m using white with it.

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

Simple, Classic Christmas Entryway

Choosing a color palette gives me a sense of direction. So all my Christmas decorations have to be in my chosen color palette.

The foyer gives my friends and family a first look at what colors to expect in my home this holiday season! Easy, right?

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

This will make Christmas decorating so much easier! If Christmas decorations don’t look good with your everyday decor, don’t use them. It is very simple.

What Do You Hang Above A Console Table?

Our entryways and entrances should not only be the first sight of our homes, but also set the tone for what lies beyond.

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

This summer I added a more traditional light green rug to the foyer. I love the lemon and spring green in the rug. Adding this rug gives a huge pop of color that I’m using in our home right now! This is a big reason why I chose lime green as part of my Christmas color palette.

In our foyer, I have a long console table that I decorate with seasonal items. The console table is white and very transitional and makes a great display for any seasonal decor I want to use!

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

How To Decorate An Entryway Table Seasonally

I didn’t move any furniture when I decorated, I just added my wood collection and a few other touches of greenery and ornaments.

For me, a clean and simple Christmas look with fewer layers and much less fuss is my style! So I keep it pretty neat and less messy!

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

Add some greenery to your foyer decor, such as garland or Christmas wreaths or winter greens and other Christmas greenery.

Christmas Hallway Decorating Ideas For A Festive Hall

If you have the space, a small Christmas tree with lights would be a lovely addition! Add a small white Christmas tree with lights to the left of the foyer this week.

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

For my Christmas foyer, I used a vertical coat hook to hang a basket of beautiful white pine boughs and other artificial grass. Although I love the smell of real pine, it’s so confusing! So I mostly use fake greens in our house.

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I cut a pine wreath and used some of it in the basket with a large snow cone. Add pine cones and some ornaments to the basket arrangement, hanging from velvety lemon green ribbon. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem like enough!

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

Christmas Entryway Decorating Ideas To Enter A Festive And Magical World

I can hang my fake pine and other fake greenery in the basket until the New Year!

On the foyer table, I added three gilded bowls with faux boxwood balls to the bottom shelf of the console table to continue the greenery in the foyer.

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

Repeating elements is important when we decorate. Our senses find it attractive. Recurring elements are good to remember when decorating for Christmas.

Christmas Porch Ideas And Front Door Christmas Decorations

These beautiful bowls are from a local shop. They are gilded on the outside and ceramic on the inside. I really like them and plan to get more this week.

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

You don’t need an outlet to use Christmas lights in your foyer. Many lights and other Christmas items are powered by batteries.

Or you might want to add warm white lights to a bowl of Christmas decorations. Reflect light on shiny balls!

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

Christmas Decor Ideas: 21 Fabulously Festive Looks |

The ornaments I chose to use in the bowl in the center of the table were my favorite ones made of mercury glass. And the lamps are carved with golden scrolls.

At the base of the pedestal bowl is a large gold ornament, which is actually a three-wick candle with a lovely Christmas scent.

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

I’m not much of a collector. However, I do collect Christmas trees! If you’ve read Stonegable for any length of time, you’ll recognize many of them, because this Christmas my little trees were in nearly every room in our Stonegable and Tanglewood homes!

Christmas Decorating Ideas For Entryways

This year, I thought I’d add some Christmas cheer to our foyer by using some on the table.

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

This idea might work for you too! Do you have a Christmas collection? If you have a table in your foyer, you can display your entire collection there! What a fun Christmas entryway decoration!

I love my white, mercury glasses and light woods. So I chose several for the foyer and arranged them on either side of the decorative bowl.

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Christmas Decor Entryway Table

How I Plan My Christmas Home Decor

The bottom shelf has my favorite paper trees. I found these a few years ago. Below you can see this year’s paper Christmas trees from West Elm.

A thoughtfully decorated Christmas foyer adds holiday spirit and festive spirit throughout your home! After all, it’s the first sight of your Christmas decorations for anyone who walks through your front door.

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

Take some time and plan your interior design! Make sure you have a working Christmas foyer and a great one! Very slowly but surely I am making progress in decorating my house for the holidays. I started early hoping to share early, but it seems all I did was start early. I shared my Christmas bedroom earlier this week and it’s the only one that’s finished so far. A lot of work still needs to be done. I can make a lot of progress this week. One place I recently finished was my entryway table for Christmas. I’ll show you how it turned out, and then I can decorate some more.

Neutral And Gold Christmas Entryway

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Christmas Decor Entryway Table

Starting with my favorite Christmas sign that you may remember from my reception last Christmas, I also shared it in my Kirkland Christmas Favorites post. I knew I wanted to do something different in our new space this year and thought it would be perfect for my entryway table.

I work from home from my dining room table and love seeing this view every day. It’s so festive and fun!

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

Wooden Christmas Decorations To Spruce Up Your Home

One area I struggle with especially around the holidays is greenery and flowers. I don’t have the ability to put different stems together to create a masterpiece. No problem! When I created this space, I knew I wanted some sort of flower arrangement on this side to counter the wreath hanging in my window.

While in the hobby lobby, my eyes were drawn to these snowy berries.

Christmas Decor Entryway Table

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