Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations

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Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations

Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations

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Tabletop Christmas Tree Led Green Tree Snowflake In Glass Dome Artificial Pine Tree Decoration With Realistic Snowing Effect|pendant & Drop Ornaments|

Please note that all tree heights listed on our website include the stand. If you want the tallest Christmas tree your room will allow, we recommend buying a tree that is six inches shorter than your ceiling height to allow some room for the top of the tree. For example, if you have a standard 8- to 9-foot ceiling, we suggest 7½-foot lumber. Here are some other tips:

Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations

7 – 7 ½ Foot Tree Our most popular size, designed to fit perfectly in rooms with average 8 – 9 foot ceilings.

9ft Tree Our second most popular size, designed for rooms with 10 – 11ft high ceilings to create a stunning effect.

Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations

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10 – 12 foot trees These trees make beautiful centerpieces for two-story living rooms, rooms with very high ceilings, and some commercial spaces.

15 to 30 foot trees These large trees are popular in churches, shopping centers and large office spaces to create a large holiday display.

Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations

We offer artificial trees in a variety of shapes, from traditional full-width trees to slim, space-saving trees. When choosing a tree, we suggest you consider the diameter (in the shape description, this may be described as Full 40″) of the Christmas tree to help you choose the perfect tree for your space. This measurement is taken as the most wide If you plan for some branches to touch a wall or piece of furniture, the actual space occupied by the wood will be about six inches less than the stated diameter.

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Buy Christmas Glass Angel Snow Globe

Balsam Hill designers carefully create our trees to mimic nature using field visits and cuttings from live trees to guide them. We offer three types of leaf options that are made of PE or PVC material. While some trees use only one type of leaf, others may use a mixture of leaf types to achieve a certain look. The specific blend is listed on each product detail page in the section describing tree leaves.

Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations

True Needle™ Technology Balsam Hill’s exclusive True Needle&tade; evergreen leaves are used to create our most realistic and luxurious artificial Christmas trees. These ultra-realistic leaves are created from PE plastic infused with several different pigment colors to mimic the structure, texture and color of natural evergreen needles. A unique feature of True Needle™ leaves is the color variation within the branches. For example, the branch may be brown/green, while the needles start dark green and slowly fade to a lighter green.

Classic Needle Balsam Hill’s Classic Needle Leaf has soft, flat and flexible needles with a more classic faux look. These needles are made from thin PVC sheets that have been cut into thin threads to resemble evergreen needles. We use these springy, flexible needles as the main foliage of many trees in our very affordable traditional trees. It is also used as filler for most of our live and more realistic Christmas trees due to its superior ability to block light and create a “full” tree look.

Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations

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Pine Needles The PVC pine needles used by Balsam Hill® are specially designed to mimic the size and texture of long, thin pine needles. These needles even have the hard structure of real pine needles. If you roll them between your thumb and finger, you will feel the ridges.

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If you long for the beautiful glow of lights on your tree, but dread picking out the wires, Balsam Hill’s pre-lit Christmas trees are the solution. All of our lights are UL® approved and are professionally wired into the wood by hand to minimize the appearance of wires. Each of our pre-lit indoor trees comes with premium commercial quality lights, so if one bulb burns out or is removed, the others stay lit. We have a wide variety of pre-lit lighting options to suit any decorating need.

Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations

Color+Clear™ Lights Our exclusive Color + Clear™ remote control lighting system is also available with an energy-saving incandescent LED. A convenient remote control lets you choose clear lights, multi-colored lights, or both. With more than 50% additional lights, your tree will still have many beautiful lights even if only one type of light is selected. If you choose clear and colored lights, your tree will display more light than any other artificial tree you will find.

Christmas Table Decorations & Place Settings

Clear Lights Enjoy the timeless look of clear lights. Our most popular style of pre-lit wood, clear lights give you great decorating flexibility and the ability to change your look from year to year.

Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations

Colorful Lights Warm up your home with these trees pre-lit with traditional colorful holiday lights. Most of our colorful pre-lit trees have red, green, blue and yellow lights.

Candlelight™ LED Lights Enjoy our energy-saving premium LED lights that never burn out. Unlike the cold light emitted by traditional LEDs, our energy-efficient LED glow candles provide a warm glow reminiscent of a candle flame.

Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations Mercury Glass Christmas Tree, 2 Pack Lighted Xmas Tree Decorations, Holiday Centerpiece Battery Operated Led With Timer, Decorative For Tabletop Window Mantel Display Party Indoor Home Decor(red)

Multi-Color LED Lights Our Classic Color™ multi-color LED lights bring a festive glow to your Christmas tree without the intense glare of standard LED bulbs. These red, blue, orange, green and yellow LED lights are energy efficient and will never burn out.

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Unlit Trees Use your special lights on these unlit trees. For unlit trees that specify Simple String™, we have already cut the trunk with extension cords, allowing you to connect your favorite lights to the extension cord sockets around the center of the tree.

Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations

Share your holiday cheer by decorating your spaces with these great decorations. Turn on its glowing LED stars for a cozy winter glow.

Christmas Tree In Glass Dome Ornament Tabletop Led Christmas Tree With Wood Base Xmas Decor With String Light New Year’s Gift|pendant & Drop Ornaments|

We take great pride in the craftsmanship of our products and stand behind their quality. All non-cleaning trees are backed by our 3-year warranty, which covers:

Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations

We take great pride in our products and craftsmanship. Please inspect your purchase upon receipt and notify us within 30 days of any damage or malfunction. Our team is happy to help with a quick solution.

Balsam Hill™ is committed to providing exceptional customer service. Call us at 888-55-BALSAM or contact us through our contact page.

Christmas Glass Table Top Decorations

Christmas Table Setting

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