Christmas In July Table Decorations

Christmas In July Table Decorations – Christmas is just around the corner in July, and for those of us in Australia, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate Christmas and welcome winter!

Only in the last few years have we seen Christmas or Yuletide celebrations in July get more interesting.

Christmas In July Table Decorations

Christmas In July Table Decorations

In Australia, following a reader’s request, we’ve produced a July Christmas planning guide covering decorations, menus and events.

Fourth Of July Tablescape Ideas

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Christmas In July Table Decorations

In all seriousness, though, one of the funniest things for us about heading into Christmas in July festivities is that it’s the middle of winter, and it’s an opportunity to use traditional Christmas decorations without looking out of place.

A timeless tradition, we’ve given our Christmas decorations a modern twist!

Christmas In July Table Decorations

Tablescape For The 4th Of July

Taking inspiration from Balsam Mountain’s stunning “Heritage Spice” bouquet, our table setting features fresh red apples, a small vase with Thryp sprigs, glass candles, and star anise sprinkled in the center. It creates a delicate centerpiece that runs the length of the table – adding life and Christmas flair.

These beautiful linen cushions from Simply Cushions also bring a more modern, somewhat Scandinavian look to our setting. The Cora set includes 4 cushions with a criss-cross pattern, pine, stripes and a large cross.

Christmas In July Table Decorations

There are red accents throughout the decor. From the garlands, to the apples on the table, to the red decorations on the Christmas tree in the background (yes, that’s an artificial tree!). We also included some metallic elements such as gold charms, “Joy” bronze charms and charms.

Diy 4th Of July Table Decorations

Always recommended, especially in colder weather, is a cheese board with soft and hard cheeses that are full of flavour. Add cured meat of choice and mixed olives. Artichokes and fresh strawberries or grapes, along with a choice of biscuits complete the dish. Find all our tips for making the perfect cheese board here.

Christmas In July Table Decorations

For main course menu inspiration, we turned to our friend Anisa Sabet, who has a great selection of recipes.

We highly recommend the BBQ, and good old Martha Stewart has plenty of recipe ideas here. Don’t forget some side dishes, like a roasted sweet potato salad or a bean and carrot salad.

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Christmas In July Table Decorations

Christmas Table Decorations

For dessert, you can make a recipe similar to traditional Christmas pudding, and there’s a great recipe for a healthy, gluten- and dairy-free Christmas pudding. Or try something new like we did and set up a donut and drink station.

Follow Jamie Oliver’s recipe for mixing cider with hot water and use premium cider with freshly made donuts. You can try making your own donuts, but ours come from locally made bombolini.

Christmas In July Table Decorations

While typical Christmas activities in Australia might include backyard cricket and swimming at the beach. Christmas in July is a great opportunity to try more winter-friendly activities like roasting marshmallows over the fire or even making your own Smores. We used this modified Australian Smores recipe.

Christmas In July Projects

Camping is also a fun way to bring a large group of family and friends together for the weekend!

Christmas In July Table Decorations

If you’re celebrating at home, making your own Christmas decorations or cookies is also a fun activity for us crafters and bakers.

A popular activity for all ages is board games (and for the adults, a glass or two of wine helps too 😉).

Christmas In July Table Decorations

Fun Ways To Celebrate Christmas In July

Gift giving is also a popular activity during the festive season, and in our Christmas display we have fabulous gifts from The Change Box, including luxury botanicals, natural beauty products, delicious snacks and lovely homeware designed to benefit the world.

Do you like our fake fire? We took this photo at a heritage-listed location, so you’ll have to use your imagination!

Christmas In July Table Decorations

And that concludes our July Australian Christmas guide! What do you think; what do you think Do you want to come up with more ideas? Share them in the comments below! If you’re hosting your own event, we’d love to hear it!

Festive Christmas Table Decorations

Designed and photographed by Gina Ciancio at Pialligo Redwood Forest, Australia’s largest heritage-listed redwood site.

Christmas In July Table Decorations

Our mission is to help you create a beautiful home you love. Through our #challenge, articles and videos, you’ll find all the tips and tricks – and a community of like-minded interior enthusiasts – to make it happen!

The colorful street scene first caught our attention and wanted to know more about artist Nate Hornery. Then, we were drawn to…everyone loves a dinner party, why not spice up the next one with Christmas decorations? Celebrating Christmas in July gives you the chance to enjoy all the cool Christmas festivities you don’t usually enjoy in Australia. Mulled wine, blazing fires and soft jumpers aren’t all that common at Christmas in Australia, but with the right planning and a festive spirit, Christmas celebrations in July are the perfect way to beat the cold blues!

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Christmas In July Table Decorations

Top Christmas Table Decorations On Search Engines

A July Christmas party calls for a table setting as beautiful as traditional Christmas, so to create the perfect July Christmas party you’ll need a variety of Christmas table decorations and napkins. A beautifully designed table setting will set the tone for your gathering, make your guests feel special, and have the added bonus of making any meal spectacular – so there’s no reason not to decorate!

While summer Christmases often feature ropes, koala balls, and a Santa wearing sunglasses, your July Christmas theme needs more traditional Christmas decorations to match the winter theme. Here are some great decorating ideas you can use to create your very own July Christmas table setting.

Christmas In July Table Decorations

Start with the proper linen as this is the basis of the entire table top. Since you’re going to be adding a little decor to your table, stick to high-quality tablecloths and napkins. Detailed patterns and designs can clash with your decor and make your table setting look messy. Soft white tablecloths and napkins are always a good choice, as they look great in traditional Christmas colors like red and green. If you choose to place placemats under your plates, make sure they contrast with the color of your tablecloth – navy or soft gold will look great while also complementing any red and green table decorations you’re using.

Vintage Modern Christmas Table Decor

Put away your weekly meal supplies – it’s time to get the good stuff! Decorative planters are perfect for Christmas in July, whether they’re pots with fancy handles or polished and shiny silverware. We love the look of gold ornaments at Christmas because they add warmth to the table and complement the other traditional Christmas colors.

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Christmas In July Table Decorations

When looking for special plates for a dinner party, you’ll want to place them on tablecloths or placemats. So if you have navy blue placemats, white cream plates will look lovely. If you’re dining in a white area, try gold or green/gray plates for a nice color combination that won’t distract from your meal. For formal occasions, make sure your plates are lined too. Bowls/plates on top of entrees add depth to your table setting and also ensure your guests don’t mix leftovers into their entrees.

Serve delicious Christmas drinks in equally festive glasses! Leave the regular glasses in the cupboard and bring clear glassware with cut-out designs for your water, juices, and spirits. Clear wine glasses with gold or silver trim are perfect for serving your whites and reds, while elegant round glasses are perfect for any hot beverage you wish to serve. Silver jugs are always a good choice if you want to keep water on the table.

Christmas In July Table Decorations

Neutral Christmas Table Setting And Diy Garland

Your table has everything you need for your guests to dine in comfort – now is the time to surprise them with your table decorating skills.

If there is room on the table, a Christmas wreath makes an attractive centerpiece. If you can, you can also hang the wreath so it also lays flat on the table.

Christmas In July Table Decorations

Scented candles are nice to have around the table (especially if they’re Christmas-themed), but if they’re at risk of tipping over or touching other decorations, it’s best to keep them somewhere safe nearby.

Christmas In July

Decorative ribbons are great for setting tables and/or attaching bows that hang from chair backs. You can also use the ribbon to tie napkins in a row, wrap them around candle holders, and of course, wrap gifts!

Christmas In July Table Decorations

No Christmas dinner is complete without candy. Also known as Christmas cookies, these fun poppers come in a variety of designs – you

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