Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

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Sometimes nothing but traditional Christmas decorations is enough. Maybe you’ve tried all the new decorating schemes and are craving the classic Christmas look. Or is your goal to recreate the magical Christmas you remember from childhood?

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

Whatever your reason for going traditional with your Christmas decorating ideas this year, these are some of the most magical, lavish and charming traditional decorating themes to explore.

Christmas Table Ideas & Inspiration

If you’re still deciding on your Christmas decorating scheme and aren’t sure why traditional decorating is worth considering, here’s what Rebecca Challinor, interior designer at homeware store Terris (opens in new tab):

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

“In modern times, Christmas decorations are more than usual. There are certain traditions that stand the test of time.’

In other words, you may find it easier and more rewarding to stick to a decorating scheme that is guaranteed to work rather than following the latest trends. Here are traditional Christmas looks that will never go out of style.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

Christmas Decorating Ideas

For nostalgic souls, opening a box of precious ornaments passed down from generation to generation brings joy year after year. In fact, one of the biggest Christmas decorating mistakes you can make is not having personalized decorations!

Antique examples are hard to find these days, so Catesbys teamed up with talented artisans to create vintage-inspired glass decorations (opens in new tab) using original molds. Choose from classic St. Nick and Christmas trees to fantastic fish and fruit.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

Clear A more homemade look is better. And if you can’t find the time to make your own stockings while drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies, these lovely traditional stockings from Garden Trading (opens in new tab) will certainly do the trick. Be sure to hang them on one of our favorite stocking holders.

Coffee Mug Santa Claus Novelty Nordic Dining Table Decoration

This classic color combination is guaranteed to give you a warm Christmas feeling. Of course it helps if you already have a red sofa, but a red wool throw (opens in new tab) or a red upholstered chair also provides the right accent. Accessorize with the perfect Christmas garland, new or fake.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

Choose a beautiful palette of reds, creams and pastels and create an English scheme with old-fashioned bunting and classic candy stripes.

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Susie Watson (opens in new tab) has plenty of country-style linen pillows, table linens, and Christmas homewares to recreate the look — complete with plenty of natural flora.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas lights, streamers, ribbons, decorations… you name it.

Laura Ashley’s trendy jewel-toned Christmas tree ornaments (opens in new tab) work wonders on this dramatic navy blue wall set, without forgetting the seasonal sparkle.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

Red and green may be traditional Christmas colors, but why not go rogue with a metallic color scheme this year?

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Adorned with warm lights and sparkling decorations (opens in new tab) by The White Company, we think this shiny silver tree would still suit a more traditional style.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

Getting stuck in some Christmas crochet is a great way to pass some “me” time during the busy holiday season and is also a great idea for thoughtful gifts.

From macramé bunting and chunky throws to stockings, the options are endless. Interested in making this loop stitch stocking? Knitting patterns and yarn (opens in new tab) can be found at Hobbycraft.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

Mini Christmas Tree Display Ideas To Get Your Holiday Promo Rocking!

Bringing in some fresh air for Christmas always makes a home cozier (and it’s a really cheap way to decorate).

There’s something very traditional about foraging in your yard (and the neighbors’ hedges) to find bits of holly and ivy lining the mantel to make a Christmas wreath. If you can’t mimic this look from real pieces of nature, fake it with artificial necklaces.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

Nothing says traditional Christmas like a fresh wreath of winter foliage and red berries. We like to lean towards more wild and natural styles this year, like this custom wreath from Daylesford (opens in new tab) made from spruce, eucalyptus, laurel and some dried flowers. If you put some rosemary in it yourself, the smell is amazing.

Unique Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

You can learn how to make a Christmas wreath – it’s more fun than buying it.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

A new tree will capture that nostalgic Christmas feeling perfectly – try your local Dobies (opens in new tab), they have a great selection.

But while traditional Christmas decorating ideas revolve around lots of evergreens, you can always recreate the feeling of walking through Narnia with artificial trees. There are some very compelling, affordable options out there.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

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Traditional Christmas table decorations are all about abundance. More and more – it’s time to get out your gold-rimmed crockery and fine wine glasses; A chic Christmas table runner is a must.

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White and red are classic Christmas table colors, but you can also try green and white.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

So we’ve covered the inside, but what about decorating the outside of your home? The best Christmas lights are warm colored lights (opens in new tab) – nothing too bright white if you’re going for a more traditional look.

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Thread them around your door, pull out the ladder and drag them through the trees for a warm welcome. Don’t forget to hang lights in front of your windows to add that beautiful festive glow.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

When it comes to decorating, why limit yourself to downstairs? Get that festive feeling in your bedroom too. Perfect for a festive update, this cute Robin set from FatFace (opens in new tab) has a timeless check on the back, so it won’t be Christmas in January. Make sure you can enjoy the festive feel with these Christmas bedroom lighting ideas.

Make like the Victorians and use everyday foods to decorate your home. Stick some cloves on an orange, string some popcorn on a string, or dry some citrus fruits — not only do they make cute budget decks, but they also make your house smell like Christmas.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

Christmas Decorations Uk 2021: The Best Decorations For Your Home And Christmas Tree, And Fairy Lights

Want something that leans more towards a modern scheme, but still has a traditional charm? Our advice is to go all white with a few evergreen accents.

The overall look will be fresh, but not too much there. A white tablecloth completes the winter wonderland motif for your Christmas table.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the luxurious warmth that a Christmas tree theme can provide, red and gold are the way to go. Try a color combination that never bores and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Novelty Christmas Table Runner Oval 26 In X 47 In Table Decorations Home & Garden Table Runners

According to Rebecca Challinor, “From a botanical point of view, garlands, wreaths and, of course, Christmas trees are all traditional.

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Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

The most traditional decoration possible, “Stockings are a decoration that dates back hundreds of years, and although they come in a variety of styles now, it is traditional to hang them on a mantelpiece or over an open fire.”

The classic combination of green, red and gold is Rebecca’s favorite choice. Green, of course, is “centuries old” – “holly plants were used to celebrate the winter solstice.” Red is traditionally due to the red color of the holly berries. And gold? It “represents the gifts brought to the baby Jesus and the color of the stars in the sky.”

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

Best Christmas Decoration Ideas For 2022 — Holiday Décor

Pippa is the style editor for Period Living magazine and spends many weekends exploring the Cotswolds to style shoot ideas. A collector at heart, she is currently looking for a vintage cabinet to store her favorite items. Preparing things for that great Christmas dinner with friends and family? Nothing can match the excitement of achievement when you can make something, admire your own handiwork and shout, “I made that.” Well, that’s the bottom line if you find these super easy and absolutely gorgeous inspirations and tutorials for putting together beautiful table settings and centerpieces for holiday gatherings. Check out 42 awesome DIY Christmas table decorations below to make your festive celebrations an unforgettable treat.

Impress your Christmas table with these decorations. Attached with bright LED lights, a little bit of drilling and spraying of papier-mâché cones can work wonders in turning miniature Christmas trees that sparkle with holiday cheer. The great thing is that it doesn’t take more than a dollar to bring each part to life. All you need are paper mache cones, an electric drill, some kind of drill, fine sandpaper, a rotary tool, a grinding bit and a matte white spray paint.

Christmas Novelty Table Decorations

This is a great way to bring a contemporary touch to your Christmas treat table and let members know where they are in the cutest way ever, including in the light of X’Mas. A beautiful

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