Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019 – Fresh pine branches, plaid tartan ribbon, and copper green combined with snowflake decorations and small candles make for a beautiful and simple centerpiece for the long table.

Scroll down to see a video showing how I made this centerpiece in just minutes and check out 17 more centerpiece ideas from my uber-talented friends!

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

Happy Birthday! I love this time of year when friends and family gather to celebrate the season, and usually food! I find myself setting up a lot of Christmas tables this time of year, and I’m always in a rush when it comes to creating a centerpiece for a long table.

Gorgeous Christmas Table Decorations & Settings

Luckily I found a simple solution that only takes minutes to create and works with any color or space setting!

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

This beautiful and modern oak house works well for a long table because it can be done when needed and yet it is low and does not block the view of the guests.

To create this look, I started with a simple white table and then placed a bed of fresh pine branches under the center of the table. I cut the strips wide and made sure the ends meet.

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

How To Decorate A Dinner Table Like A Professional

For this table, I wanted to continue the tartan plaid theme from the Christmas decorations in my family room, so I attached 12″ pieces of ribbon to the pine branches along the entire length in the middle. It’s the same technique I use to put ribbon on my Christmas tree. You can find these details by clicking HERE.

After I attached the ribbon, I added the copper painted green and then sprinkled frosted pinecones and glitter decorations on top of the pine runner.

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

The final touch is the addition of six copper candle holders with white candle holders. And that’s it! This long table centerpiece is so easy to make in just minutes!

Setting A Table For Christmas

When I finished the center, I wanted to add more tartan plaid accents, so I put a piece of ribbon on each side of the table and placed it over the edge. A simple v cut is finished at the end of the ribbon.

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

This simple tapestry is the perfect addition to the table and makes a beautiful backdrop for place settings.

I used shiny copper plates as the base of my arrangement with blue and white plates on top. I added a piece of dark blue napkins to the salad plate and placed a piece of green copper, tied with a wreath wrapped on each side.

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Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

Diy Christmas Table Decoration & Setting Ideas

I love this color combination and think it would be great for Christmas or any holiday celebration.

This simple centerpiece is perfect for a long table and can be made in minutes using any color combination of your choice. I like the tape under the place settings as an added accent on the white table. I hope this inspires you to create your own new pine tree scent this season!

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

Below are links to many of the articles I used to create this review. If the exact product is not available, I have attached a similar one.

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Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

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Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

How To Decorate A Beautiful Christmas Table On A Budget

Christmas Table Centerpiece Ideas from Jennifer Maune // How to Make an Advent Wreath from Sara D // Beautiful Christmas Table from Wrapped with Lace // Simple Christmas Centerpieces from Town N Country LivingIn this post: like setting a special Christmas table that is simple and beautiful but not decorated? These cute Christmas table decorations will do just that.⇒

Yes. True story. We never signed up. I was thinking about this the other day and the irony of my picking up tables. I have a few Chinese pieces, most of which have been passed down from family members, but some have been collected in small pieces that I like to mix and match with other pieces.

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

To be honest, I don’t really like to set my table with full sets of china. In fact, there are many other ways to create a beautiful table for a special event.

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Fantastic Festive Christmas Table Decorations

So, if you feel bad about not having regular china and don’t really like the set you got, today I will tell you about other ways to make a special Christmas table setting .

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

For starters, I like mixing styles for a sophisticated but relaxed feel. Plaids are great for the holidays and work well with the seasonal colors.

I also enjoy using vintage pieces like a garden vase serving royal red roses. Then I threw in a Yuletide flavor with glittery pine cones and other branches in the winter landscape.

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

Red Color Decorations Of Christmas Table Decorations Centerpiece

But the real star of this table comes in the form of beautiful pewter table decorations. They were given to Vagabond House, a company I have worked with many times before, because the pieces are so amazing, and the quality is so high and so good.

Today I’m joining my Styled + Set team to bring you our annual Christmas fun blog hop. You’ll find tables and other fun ideas for the holidays, so please check out my friends’ posts linked below.

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

As I like to add china, I like to add to the collection I choose pieces to decorate my table. Although the collections from Vagabond House are different and individualistic, they work well together because they maintain a similar style and spirit of design.

Vintage Christmas Table Setting

Above you can see the beautiful Medici Lunch Flatware that surrounds the shape of the tables, giving it a dignified and dignified air. Staying comfortable through the harshest parts of winter, it can be used all year round.

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

A large pitch sealing wine glass from the Entwined Oak Pewter Stemware collection. The model comes in four main colors including white wine, red wine, burgundy and burgundy. I chose a burgundy glass for its beautiful round shape, perfect for my favorite wine. Fine pewter leaves make good beds for roundworms.

One of the easiest ways to make a statement at the table is with beautiful napkin rings. You can put a clean napkin front and center on your shelf, collect a stand-out piece like the Pewter Acorn & Oak Leaf Napkin Ring and it will catch the eye. This is a great place to put a special piece. while the sinuous shape makes it appear more prominent on the table.

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Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

Festive Tips For Styling Your Christmas Table

The Lodge Style collection includes its Stag and Doe Salt & Pepper Set, seen above. This combination works well with oak pieces from the Majestic Forest collection, or with any other stag motif pieces you may have.

I kept it simple when it came to the flowers for the table, using bright red roses as the focal point and green plants to support the roles on either side. Christmas is said without fail and filled with handmade pewter items with a custom design.

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

The last part I will present is the shapely and beautiful soup. It will make a beautiful centerpiece on the table with twin flowers on either side or placed on the side, to serve, at the edge of the table.

Christmas Table Settings And Decor Ideas For The Perfect Festive Scene

There are many ways to decorate the table for a festive dinner and using pewter table decorations to entertain your guests is one of the funnest ways I can think of. One part can talk or the whole table can see them.

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

And I can guarantee that no one will ask where your competition set up is in China!

To get a look, click on the articles below for direct links to the products. Where the real ones are not available, I offer similar options. If something is available but can be returned, I will put it on the list.

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

Planning A Party: Festive Table Setting Ideas For The Holidays

Have you visited the store? Click below to shop my favorites, my Instagram and my Amazon store. Enjoy!! Using the beautiful bell ornament as inspiration, the soothing colors of bright cotton wood and mercury glass accents create a beautiful Christmas table setting perfect for a holiday gathering.

It is my pleasure to join my talented colleagues today to bring you

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2019

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