Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Christmas Table Decorations Gold – Whether you’re hosting a fancy Christmas dinner, a glam girl holiday dinner or just a family celebration, you can create a magical Christmas table with 3 simple tips! To help you set a table that no one will forget, I’m sharing tips on how to set a simple, beautiful table that looks like you spent hours decorating it.

The best schedules are the ones that look like you’ve been slaving away for hours, but are actually only set one at a time.

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Minute, thin! Simple elegance. This is a trick! I’m going to show you some secrets to setting beautiful and simple tables!

Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas

But first, I’m teaming up with some friends to bring you a little roundup of Christmas inspiration called Stylish for the Season. Every blogger shares Christmas style tips. If you came from my friend Sarah at Haute and Humid, welcome! I’m so glad to have met you and I look forward to meeting more of you!

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

*This post contains affiliate links (read more here) and was created in partnership with Juer. 3 Magical Tips For Silver And Gold Christmas Table Setting #1 Create A Stunning Centerpiece

Try creating a centerpiece that you can keep throughout the holiday season. This will allow you to enjoy it longer and take something off your plate on the day of the gathering.

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

A Simple Gold & Natural Christmas Table

For my centerpiece, I used embellishments I had on hand. Large, medium and small, silver and gold mercury ornaments mixed with gold leaf garland, snowflake ornaments and ribbon!

I had to include a sweet picture of Chloe watching me. He just sat in the frame and watched intently!

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

The key to creating a magical place is to make your guest feel special! It starts with beautiful dishes! For my magical silver and gold table, I used these cute gold chargers. They are amazing, fun and affordable!!!

Luxury Mistletoe Christmas Tablescape Decorations Pack

My gold rimmed dinnerware adds a classic touch. If you are looking for a versatile snack set that can be used for any season and any occasion, this is the perfect choice!

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

White napkin pom poms set in a crystal snowflake ring add sparkle and magic to the dish. See how mini snow pom poms look?

For something special, use these favorite poppers from Juer. I placed a chair at each end of the table for my girlfriend to take home. The gold popper includes two lip glosses – one glossy and one matte. The blush popper contains a rose lip scrub to exfoliate and a lip enhancer to create fuller lips. From the packaging to the bubbly label, everything screams Christmas magic! They really make the table magical!

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Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Christmas Table Setting Still Life Stock Photo By ©anna_om 15830875

Create a magical mood by adding wishes and some candles to the table. I love this gold gift set. They dress up almost every table I put on them! Whether the party is day or night, turn on your lights to add some Christmas magic!

Think about what else you can display in the room that can add to the feel. I added mercury glass sprigs for their reflective finish. Light dances from them, creating a magical mood.

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

A comfortable fringe is thrown over each seat for a touch of luxury. Fur cushions are placed on the seats for even greater comfort. Little things like this really help set the magical mood. In this post: Want to create a wonderful and unique holiday table? Try gold and pink Christmas ornaments in your table decoration.⇒

Stunning Christmas Table Decorations Ideas To Bring Festive Cheer

I’ve always felt comfortable breaking some of the decorating rules, especially when it comes to traditional dictates. White shoes after Labor Day? Sign me up! Do they mix and match patterns that mix more than they match? I am in!

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Today I’m joining a talented group of bloggers to present our holiday entertainment blog tour focused on Christmas inspiration. Don’t forget to visit the other posts linked at the bottom of this article.

My home style is defined by soft feminine colors defined by a momentary touch, so for Christmas my table was full of pink and gold.

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Christmas Table With Gold Centerpiece And Elegant Fine China Tableware. Stock Image

I have been so excited to find peonies in the florists for the last few weeks, best of all, my favorite pale pink.

I knew I had to have them prominently displayed on my party table because I had decided I wanted to work with this palette.

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

I also broke that gilded bowl so it changed the direction of my wedding table right there.

Rustic Style Christmas Table Decoration With Wooden Candle Holders With Moss And Pine Cones Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 135948865

No doubt, I’m a hobbyist and I approach my tablescapes the same way I approach my rooms. I pick a color feel and a pattern or two, and the rest should blend together comfortably.

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Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Here I started with gold chargers, with two different cream textured plates. The crown is a small vintage porcelain plate with gilt edges.

Napkins are blush linen gathered on a copper napkin ring. The mix of gold and copper shows the use of various shades of pink as well as white mixed with creams.

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Christmas Table Setting With Holiday Decorations Stock Image

The key is to stay on the warm side of the color wheel and keep everything soft and subtle

I am in love with these flutes and bowls. They’re actually quite small, but they make a bold statement on the table.

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Enhancing the floral centerpiece is the placement of greenery in the center of the table, accented with rose gold ornaments in various finishes.

Easy Christmas Table Settings To Try This Year

They add just the right touch of festive sparkle and are the perfect bridge between pink and gold.

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Another favorite that drives me crazy is this gorgeous linen tablecloth. It keeps all the gilding from getting too complicated and dusts the floor with the right undercoat.

A hot pink glow is exactly the look I want to go for on this elegant Christmas table. It’s welcoming and festive and will give your guests the exact feel you want.

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Christmas Table Setting With Plates, Silverware, Gift Box And Decorations In Black And Gold Colors Stock Photo

To shop the look, click on the items below for direct links to the products. In case specific items are no longer available, I have provided similar options. If an item is out of stock but can be restocked, I’ve left it listed.

Did you go shopping? Click the images below to shop my favorites, my home, and my store on Amazon. New items are added every week. Happy shopping!! I am so excited to share this gorgeous silver and gold Christmas table with you! I’ll share all the details of how I put it together below. Creating Christmas/Holiday table settings is always so much fun for me and I look forward to the special memories our family will make around this table.

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

I have always loved Lenox dinnerware, from china to everyday dishes. When Lenox got in touch with me a few months ago and asked if I wanted to set the table with their lovely cutlery, I seemed to have hit the jackpot. Mmm bite me please! YES! I’ve been eyeing the Contempo Luxe table for a while, so I chose this pattern along with a few other items to create this gorgeous table!

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Christmas Table Setting Gold Black Decoration Stock Photo 1201351990

As I’ve said in previous posts, the beauty is in the details. I started by making the center piece of this winter garland.

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

To do this, I started with a layer of fake cedar branches. I lined them up by pointing the three branches to one side, with the stem/branch part toward the center, then repeating on the other side until they overlapped and stuck together in the middle.

You can (sort of) see it below. I apologize for not taking a picture before I finished it. Sometimes I get so caught up in the project that I forget to take pictures!

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Christmas Table Setting

I then repeated the same idea as above with frosted pine branches, frosted eucalyptus, mistletoe stems with white berries and painted pinecones. Finally, I added some frosted white peonies to fill in any holes. It was done entirely using artificial flowers and greenery.

Then I added these beautiful Lenox Wintery Woods wood carvings. I used three sets of these, one at each end and the rest in the middle of the garland. Then I added the gold lights.

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Layer arrangements in place are also important and these I have found add great beauty to the table. I arranged all the plates and other items I planned to use and placed them on my island to make setting the table easier.

Tips To Set A Magical Silver And Gold Christmas Table

I love these mats because they are so versatile and inexpensive. They go great with a variety of dishes.

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

After placing the placemats, I placed the gold charger, followed by the Contempo Luxe dinner and salad plate. Between the plates I laid gold and white napkins.

The flatware is also Lenox and two-tone gold and silver. It’s called Vintage Jewel Gold 5-Piece Place Setting

Christmas Table Decorations Gold

Christmas Table Decorating Ideas For Holiday Cheer

One of my favorite things

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