Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red – Christmas dinner is a special time with family and friends. People try to outdo themselves by making their own delicious spread.

While dinner should be delicious, it should also be eye-catching to make it festive and reflect the spirit of Christmas, which means you have to pay attention to the little details.

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

Although the colors are red, green and white, since the theme is Christmas, you should choose a cheerful red tablecloth; It sets the scene for Christmas lunch or dinner. Use a tablecloth with different Christmas motifs.

Top 40 Fun And Festive Red And Green Christmas Decoration Ideas

A Christmas-themed table will make your guests feel special. The combination of red and white tiles looks amazing. Keep small red and white napkins, green napkins, etc. and use Christmas gifts to decorate the table.

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

You need to pay particular attention to the seating as you want the perfect setting for an intimate dinner. A warm meal for the family is important at Christmas.

If there is enough table space, create a cheerful centerpiece. For example, take a low vase filled with holly branches, ivy, greenery and berries and decorate it with Christmas bowls and candles. Use glitter to make it look more festive. Tis the season and I had to share more Christmas table decorations with you! I love so many different styles and designs this year that I can’t pick just one. If you missed yesterday’s post, check out my gold and white Christmas table here. Today is all about PLAID! I’m crazy about plaid, you can tell!

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

Festive Holiday Styling Tips: Christmas Table Decorations

For me, Christmas is all about sitting around the holiday table with our family and loved ones and enjoying our favorite Christmas party food. I love designing tablescapes because it’s the environment we enjoy creating those memories. Hope you’re inspired to add a little pizazz to your holiday table this year! Read on for some of my favorite tips…

I started with a festive plaid tablecloth and topped it off with rattan woven chargers. I wanted to share a Christmas table that was festive and fun, but not too formal. Many of us have young children at home and want an accessible and uncrowded holiday environment.

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

Simple white dinner plates with gold stripes are paired with red and white striped napkins. I love adding red to my home for Christmas. I tied the red line with ribbon to the mini boxwood wreaths on the chairs. I use them all season and change the ribbon when I need a different color scheme. They last year after year, so it’s a great investment!

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Ikea Christmas 2022 Inspired By Scandinavian Folklore & Handicraft

Placing a sprig of rosemary in the center of each plate not only adds festive greenery, but also adds a scent to the table. I love the smell of rosemary! You can set it days in advance when it dries well. I also loved using the little jingle place cards.

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

I feel like a broken record lately, but lighting is everything! Especially during the holidays, you want to create a festive atmosphere on your table. Double your Christmas table decorations by filling them with candles and twinkling lights. I used simple brass lamps that usually sit in my living room. They pulled off the trick beautifully! I also have a set of glass votive holders that I use throughout the year. I put them around the place settings.

The simple white and red floral arrangement is perfect for Christmas! I used white hydrangeas and red roses in simple glass vases. I also added some decorative gold trees. I use them all over my house before and after Christmas dinner.

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

Decorated Christmas Tree Ideas

As you can see, it really is! Christmas table decorations don’t have to be elaborate to look beautiful and festive.

Brass lamps with twinkling lights, beautiful red and white flowers and decorative tree touches! These ideas work for any color scheme.

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

You can easily use all white flowers for a “Winter Wonderland” white theme. Or skip the flowers and add more festive trees to the center of the table. Mix and match your favorite embellishments to create a design you’ll love! Let’s face it: Christmas is expensive. So when it comes to decorating, I’m all about inexpensive Christmas table setting ideas.

Cozy Red And White Christmas Décor Ideas

With this idea in mind, last week I hosted a Christmas table design event for my friends at Metricon. The best part? It proved my theory that you can create an amazing party table without spending a fortune. If you weren’t able to attend, this post will give you all the wisdom you missed that day.

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Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

Taking away the key here? You can replicate these inexpensive Christmas table setting ideas in your own home. Below, I’ll show you how.

The only tough decision you will face is which of these three forms to adopt in your home!

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

Christmas Table Setting With White Plates And Red Decorations Stock Photo

This inexpensive Christmas table setting idea was inspired by my metricon Scandinavian lookbook theme. This is a classic approach to the festive menu. The best part is that it does not require huge expenses to remove it. Metricon’s design team sourced many finishes from stores like Kmart, Spotlight and Lincraft.

The general idea behind these looks is that your basic pieces, like the table and dining chairs, you’ve already invested in. So festive shopping should all be cheap. If you want to change the color scheme next year, you haven’t wasted a lot of money on decorations.

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

I definitely recommend getting this look, but keep in mind that the color scheme is a classic red and white. White is the main color and red is a sharp accent.

Christmas Table Setting

Try to keep the red in the same shade. It’s very easy to go to the store and start buying red, then orange-red, then pinkish red. Before you know it, the look has gone crazy and bears little resemblance to the classic Scandi palette. Must be disciplined

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

If you love nature, neutral tones and rustic decor, this affordable Christmas table has your name written all over it. What I love about this look is that it avoids all the usual party clichés. The color palette is cool, the look is textured, and feels wonderfully Australian, right?

This scheme was inspired by Metricon’s Nordic Moose lookbook theme. The theme itself is clean, crisp, and bright, but still retains its charm and craftsmanship. That’s how I explain the chart above, so it’s good to know that the design of your home will influence your festive decor each year.

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

How To Decorate For Christmas: Expert Ideas From Interior Designers

This is another inexpensive Christmas table setting idea that you can totally put your own stamp on. You need to be careful not to introduce any bright colors. It’s about the earth, the neutrals and the soil. I’d say only muddy olive greens would work here.

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Finally, we come to the most complex form of the plot. Of the three inexpensive Christmas table setting ideas here, this is the most lavish. It’s still an accessible and simple setup; Inspired by Metricon’s high street lookbook theme. Don’t think your home has to be high-end for this to work, as it will suit any black and white home.

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

If you’re a fan of this decor style, you might like the New York hotel vibe I’ve covered in this post. A video is included so you can look around the house and find some luxurious high-end ideas for your stay.

Stunning Christmas Table Decorations Ideas To Bring Festive Cheer

While this Christmas table is perfect, you’ll notice it’s a bit rustic. We don’t overdo it to look rich. It has a bit of light, laid back, Aussie feel to it.

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

So, Rosemary is brought in, and name cards are made out of brown cardboard. It’s a luxe look, so don’t feel pressured to go full throttle with the bling.

If you’re looking at these inexpensive Christmas table setting ideas and want to branch out into more themes and ideas, I have three more looks for you.

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

Christmas Table Decoration Photos

Click here to explore three table ideas that celebrate traditional, global and French provincial decorating styles.

This post contains images and/or videos of Metricon display homes and events, reproduced with permission. © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2016.

Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

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Festive Christmas Table Decorations

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Christmas Table Decorations White And Red

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