Christmas Vase Table Decorations

Christmas Vase Table Decorations – If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace at home, you know how important it is to celebrating the holidays. It’s the perfect place to hang up your Christmas stockings and keep warm while watching Christmas movies – and of course, Santa Claus can easily enter your home on Christmas Eve. Since it plays such an important role, you don’t want to overlook it when decorating for the holidays, and if you’re looking for some easy DIY Christmas mantel decorations that won’t break the bank, these ideas will help. some inspiration.

From colorful garlands to adorable mini trees to DIY advent calendars, there are plenty of ways to decorate your fireplace for Christmas before the big day. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate your fireplace either, because some Christmas fireplace decoration ideas only require things you already have on hand. These ornaments will help your fireplace rival your Christmas tree this year, and since they’re all homemade, you’ll save money on Christmas gifts you probably still have to buy.

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

Avoid cleaning up messy needles with this simple paper leaf garland. To make them, simply cut different sized leaf shapes from green and patterned paper and fold them in half lengthwise. Next, cut 10 inches of floral wire, fold it in half and twist. Hot glue a piece of wire to the underside of each leaf. Once dry, begin twisting the wire leaves together to create a garland of alternating colors and sizes. Finally, attach the pom pom “berries” to the entire garland with hot glue.

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To make this fun garland, use needle nose pliers, bend ⅛-inch rebar wire into 8-inch letters to spell out the word “jolly” (or any other phrase), and cover the letters with green floral ribbon. For each letter, cut a 3-inch piece of wire and wrap it with floral tape. Then bend one end into a small loop and secure with floral tape on the back of the leaf towards the top. Pull small sprigs from the faux juniper garland and attach them from the bottom up to the stem to the front of each leaf shape using floral tape to create the base. Then, using hot glue, fill in the front and sides of each letter with more green. Finally, glue faux or dried berries to each letter and once dry, thread red ribbon through the loops for hanging.

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Christmas Vase Table Decorations

These easy-to-make skater stockings will look super cute hanging from your mantle. To make, simply cut two pieces of felt into blade shapes and glue them together before gluing to the end of a plain white stocking. Then add a decorative backstitch with French knots at the end to create the lace.

Transform your mantel into a winter wonderland with some pre-lit string lights, fake snow globes and adorable Christmas village houses.

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

Sophisticated Silver Christmas Scheme Ideas

These thread Christmas trees add nice accents to the mantle, especially if you add some bronze elements like a deer figure or vintage ornaments.

Who said wreaths are just for doors? To make this pretty blue fireplace wreath, first tie the loose end of a skein of yarn around the wreath form and tie a knot at the back. Then wrap the yarn neatly around the shape, pinching the yarn every few inches to cover the exposed parts of the wreath shape. Continue until the entire shape is covered, then tie it off at the back and trim off the excess. Then punch out paper snowflakes from white and blue paper and hot glue the center of each to the top of a flat pin. Hot-glue the round blue ornaments to the pins, after drying, add fire and snowflakes to the wreath, adjust as desired.

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

Cotton tea towels are surprisingly adorable stocking stuffers when accessorized with seasonal embellishments and will look fabulous hanging from our mantle.

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This elegant decoration is actually very easy to make and will look lovely on top of a mantel with some white candles for contrast.

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

This fun mantelpiece is pretty easy for kids to make, and here’s the best part: you’ll have plenty of leftovers to make Christmas cookies.

Decorate your Christmas tree day after day with this effective advent calendar, which also serves as a mantle decoration.

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

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You can also use small paper envelopes and a cork board to create an advent calendar for your mantle. To do this, collect 25 coin envelopes and write the dates on each one with a rubber band. You can also decorate them by adding tags, strings and washi tapes. Then fill each one with little surprises and attach the envelopes to the cork board.

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This simple Christmas tree garland is easy for kids to make and will look adorable on your mantel. To do this, cut out triangles from cardboard and hot glue felt for each piece. Then glue pins, attach to baker’s twine and hang for instant fun.

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

The secret to creating unique felt tights: cookie cutters. Get creative with different designs like floral, wood and floral designs.

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This simple yet stunning wreath is made from tied wide grosgrain ribbon and will look lovely over a green wreath cape.

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

Use iron-on vinyl to turn paper designs into durable material and everyone will admire your unique stocking stuffer.

Came up with this creative idea. A stack of six mason jars surrounded by beads is a cute, festive and easy way to decorate your fireplace.

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

Elegant & Easy Christmas Dining Room Decor Ideas

To make this color-coordinated Christmas craft, first place a small pillar planter in a larger vase and fill the space between them with red and white baubles or baubles. Then simply fill the inner container with a mixture of anemones, garden roses and evergreen sprigs.

Use a washable marker to add delicate, drawn snowflakes to the mirror above the mantle for an unexpected holiday surprise.

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

Do you have too many decorations? Turn them into an ornament on your mantle! To do this, cover polystyrene cones with decorations, stick them with hot glue. Start with the larger ornaments at the bottom and work your way up to the smaller ones. Fill any gaps with mini decorative balls, then cover the finished trees with vintage tinsel and pearl beads.

Beautiful Christmas Table Decorating Ideas

Instead of a classic pine garland, make it from a coffee filter. First, stack 12 folded coffee filters, randomly mix white and natural colors, and sew them together in the middle. (20 stapled bundles are needed for a 10-meter cord.) When finished, poke a hole in the center of each bundle with a small nail. Then cut a piece of twine at least a foot longer than the desired length of the garland and tie one end in a knot. Thread one bundle and secure it firmly in place by knotting the twine on the other side, then tie another knot six inches down. Slide the second bundle over it until it is pressed against the last knot. Continue tying knots and adding bundles until all are strung. Finally, pull the filters down with your fingers so that each bundle turns into a pom pom.

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Christmas Vase Table Decorations

Draw simple holiday designs on paper cups with a black marker, fill them with moss and insert a taper candle into each to make pretty carol-style holders for your mantle.

Stack galvanized funnels of different sizes on top of each other to create unique Christmas trees for your mantle and finish by wrapping them with mistletoe on baker’s twine.

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

Homemade Christmas Table Decorations

For a simple and inexpensive decoration, simply cut glass candlesticks with ribbon and buttons and hang them above the fireplace.

If you have high ceilings, you can use yarn to create a mini version of the Christmas tree on the wall behind the fireplace. Then decorate it with paper circular “decorations” fixed with tape.

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

Sweeten your mantle with pillar candlesticks decorated with candy canes. Attach the candle wicks with hot glue, then wrap the candles with ribbon, peppermints or mini wreaths and greenery.

Best Christmas Table Decoration Ideas And Designs For 2021

Decorate your mantel with some of these holiday candlesticks, which you can make by simply hot-gluing ornaments of various sizes to silver or glass candlesticks.

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

Create your own white Christmas on your mantle by wrapping small pots in birch bark and satin ribbon and filling them with amaryllis flowers. Complete the look with snowy cones.

Add a nautical touch to your mantel with an antique lifeboat adorned with a festive bow and complete the look with a plain garland and cream knit stockings.

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

Our Tennessee Christmas Tablescape

Spruce seedlings add greenery to your mantle when planted in pretty galvanized buckets, and you can add extra sparkle by attaching beaded ornaments with floral wire.

To create this great vintage cake Christmas tree for your mantel, gather a collection of vintage 2- to 12-inch cake plates and stack them from largest to smallest. On the top

Christmas Vase Table Decorations

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