Church Table Decorations

Church Table Decorations – A few weeks ago the women’s ministry held our annual spring dinner at the church. The theme was “wild flowers and whimsy” and I was asked to design the decor for the stage. This is the first year that we have held our lunch in our gym, so we had plenty of room to go around, but almost, well…it’s a gym! We do the best we can with what we can.

The committee offered me some money for decorations, and I spent it on a furnace and hanging flower baskets, which we gave out as door prizes. Black pots full of geraniums were brought from my house to use for the day (I didn’t take them away!) 🙂

Church Table Decorations

Church Table Decorations

If you’ve been around this blog for a long time, you’re starting to pick up on some of my tricks! I like to use what I already have and carry lots of stuff from my house to whatever event I’m decorating for. You’ll recognize my patio table, some of the place settings and flower pom selections from my Easter tables, and hanging pom poms like the one made in my daughter’s room. I pulled the pillows out of my living room to add pop to the chairs, which really just blended in with the blackout curtains.

Casually Elegant Spring Centerpiece And Table Decorations Ideas

The stage was already set for our worship service to be held here the next morning, so I had to work around equipment and a drum set. So, the wildflower wall! I put several sheets of butcher paper together and painted them. I was going for a semi-dramatic wildflower look, but yeah, well, it is what it is. It was a reason to hide the drums.

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Church Table Decorations

The ladies volunteered to decorate and hold the table for the event, and I believe we had about 30 tables. The variety was amazing! You’re going to be overwhelmed with photos, but I want to share a few ideas with you if you need some tablescape inspiration. Actually, I only share half of them. They just can’t fit it all in! I’ll keep the comments to a minimum and let you see for yourself.

My favorite of the day – The mirrored centerpiece is a wall mirror from Hobby Lobby! I think I really need one of these! And how beautiful are balloon flowers?

Church Table Decorations

Table Decor Ideas Part 1

Each guest should have place cards and favors for each guest. I loved this one, a metal bucket filled with Pottery Barn ceramic flour measuring spoons and dip mix. Oh, and those napkin rings are to die for! I’m not sure if she bought it, but it would be a very simple DIY.

I love the mix of natural placemats and burlap placemats here. The floral runner and centerpiece are sweet too!

Church Table Decorations

My friend who made this board got help with her color scheme and choices from Mary Carol Garrity of Neil Hill fame in Kansas City. Do you know Neil Hills? and me All that goodness is a post for another day.

Church Wedding Decoration

My friend who made this board is a visual master! Her sewing machine probably costs more than a car :). She made these gorgeous slipcovers for the back of the chair, which I believe are the lace placemats pictured above. and heart shaped cookies. Bet it was good.

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Church Table Decorations

I forgot to take a picture of this table after lunch, so you miss the whole scene, but isn’t a glass of milk and black and yellow amazing? He’s been collecting from thrift stores and garage sales for a while.

Wow! You win a gold star! You made it to the end! I love our church ladies so much. It’s so fun to see a bit of everyone’s personality reflected in their table setting. For most of us, the first thing we notice when we enter a wedding ceremony is the beautiful decorations that cover every area and corner. wedding hall From wedding table decorations, lighting, backdrops, centerpieces, you name it. Even down to the smallest detail, such as a flower arrangement tied in the hallway. It will set the look and feel of the wedding, as well as the mood, which will affect the success of the event. Impressing your guests and making them feel good is an important part of hosting weddings and other events as well.

Church Table Decorations

Church Wedding Decor

So after you’ve decided on your venue, the next question is how and what to bring in for your wedding ceremony decorations.

Take some time to talk to your other half about what you both envision on your wedding day. Get inspiration from your everyday life or from common activities that you enjoy to start your idea. Every love story is different so adding a little of your personal touch will add deeper meaning to your wedding ceremony decorations.

Church Table Decorations

Here’s one we did for Rebecca at the Holland Pavilion, featuring our 9-piece frame against natural light coming from a colonial-style window. The all-white color palette was chosen specifically because it was the bride’s favorite color. It also symbolizes light, purity and divine love.

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Chattanooga Area Wedding Blog Stunning Head Table Decor Inspiration

If you want your guests to mingle right before you sit down, consider adding a photo gallery to display your pre-wedding photos and adding cocktail tables for guests.

Church Table Decorations

Thinking of giving a heartfelt speech during your ceremony? Then why not add some decorations around the rostrum!

Looking for wedding reception table decorations in Singapore? Consider getting a place to gather your guests and write their blessings with our wedding reception table decorations. There are endless possibilities for creating wedding reception decorations!

Church Table Decorations

Michelle Paige Blogs: Decorating For A Celebration Of Life Memorial Service

Last but not least, choosing the right vendor will help you make your dreams come true! As one of the many vendors offering wedding ceremony decorations in Singapore, our team at Wedding Props is able to come to the event and deliver as promised. Click this link to see what our customers are saying!

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