Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations – Don’t you just love the smell of cinnamon sticks? They’re great for mixing your tea…crushing and sprinkling on french toast…wrapped in a bag to scent the air and so much more. They are also great little materials to create! So today we have put together The collection that will make your celebration beautiful and smell amazing!

Grab your glue gun…grape vine…cinnamon stick and stop by Consumer Crafts to learn how to put this beauty together! It’s quick…it’s easy and looks amazing. perfect winter wreath!

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

Marissa made this beautiful criss-cross cinnamon stick at Ants and it’s so simple to make! Head over to her awesome blog and get the DIY! have a good time!

Diy: Cinnamon Stick Table Decor

Woman’s Day shows you how to take your cinnamon stick and combine it with other spices to create the perfect potpourri for the holiday season.

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

This DIY Himalayan Cinnamon Stick is so much fun to make… You can find the step by step on JoJotastic. Your tree will love this geometry hanging from its branches!

Do you have tons of fabric scraps? Firefly and Mud Pies shows you how to take your scraps, grab a cinnamon stick, and make a little Christmas tree! Talk about quick and easy! They also make great gifts!

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

Making Simple Festive Table Decorations

Jess Mama 4 Real shows you how to assemble this quick and easy cinnamon stick star! Make them a dozen!!! These are so easy, you can help the kids… just remember to use low temperature glue guns 🙂

Simply Designing shares a recipe for a gorgeous DIY Cinnamon Oatmeal Soap topped with a packet of cinnamon sticks…the perfect holiday gift!

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

You know, a green napkin and a cinnamon stick can turn into a Christmas tree…well, it can, and World Market shows you how! There is also a video for our convenience! These will look great on your holiday table.

Cinnamon Stick And Orange Slice Ornaments

Crafts Unleashed shows you how to assemble these evergreen cinnamon sticks! You can decorate them in so many ways…buttons…pearls…beads and more! Hang out!

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

Place this gorgeous heavenly scented holiday wreath on your front door…mantel or wherever. You don’t need much…just cinnamon sticks and string…but it will take you a few hours…but it’s so worth it in the end. love it!

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Joanna from JoJotastic is back with her version of the DIY Cinnamon Stick Himmeli Dried Orange Garland and it’s amazing! I can see it hanging on a mantel or arch…over the door and stretched to a million other places. It’s just beautiful. Get the complete tutorial on this creative blog.

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

Christmas Tree Made Of Dried Cranberries, Nuts, Cinnamon Sticks And And Anise Star On Wooden Table, Top View Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 84872222

At Polish House, they show you how to decorate these festive napkins with cinnamon sticks and herbs! Let’s jump in and see how…they have more fun ideas to share!

Bless Mama has a great DIY for us…just look at this beautiful arrangement! A picture perfect centerpiece! Come and see other arrangements that you may like.

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

These little cinnamon stick ornaments will look adorable on your tree and as a gift! Quick… easy and budget friendly! Check out this simple DIY on Tag and Tibby!

How To Make A Diy Simple Dried Orange Garland

These super cute cinnamon stick stars have such a great farmhouse look! Fave Crafts shows you how to make them quickly! have a good time!

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

Make them a dozen!!! Give them to everyone you know…they make everyone’s hot chocolate and coffee taste amazing! Put them in a mug… a box… a tin… and share them with your family and friends! How Consumer Art Awaits Sharing!!! DIY Orange and Cinnamon Stick Napkin Rings are a beautiful natural addition to your holiday table. Get ready in minutes with simple and inexpensive equipment.

I’m so excited to have you here today as we kick off the holiday season! I’m participating in the Seasonal Simple Christmas Series hosted by my friend Krista at Happy House. Today I, along with fellow bloggers, am sharing DIY/craft ideas for Christmas. I hope you will be inspired to create something more! So check out all the links below this post! xo

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

Diy Orange And Cinnamon Stick Napkin Rings

For my first holiday project, I’m sharing this really simple and inexpensive table setting idea: DIY Orange and Cinnamon Napkin Rings. Come see how they’re made!

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Every year around the holiday season, I tell myself to keep things as simple as possible. I don’t want to stress about my favorite time of year. So I’m going to share my simple holiday ideas with you, if you like! Today I’m going to start with the easiest place setting idea for any holiday meal…brunch, Christmas dinner or any special occasion.

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

When I was thinking of ways to set the holiday table this holiday season, I knew I wanted to make something at home and immediately thought of dried orange slices. Dried oranges are so beautiful this time of year! They are very simple, cheap and easy to make. So at the beginning of the season, I make 2 trays of dried orange slices so I can add them to wreaths, Christmas wreaths, Christmas tables, and even Christmas tree decorations and decorations! If you want to make some more, you can see how to make them on my blog here. If you’re going to decorate these napkins, you’re going to need some!

Christmas Decoration Stock Photo. Image Of Christmas

For this project, I used faux cedar branches that I found at Michaels because honestly, that’s all I could find this time of year. But I think any holiday greens, fresh or artificial, like evergreens, cedar, pine or eucalyptus, would be beautiful in these napkin rings. The good thing about using artificial greens is that you can use them year after year. On the other hand, the good thing about using fresh vegetables is that they smell delicious! The choice is yours.

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

I love the look of the layers of greens, cinnamon sticks, dried oranges and string. This is a very nice combination. And it really suits any type of decor. I used linen napkins and added them to my white plates, but you can use whatever you already have… the great thing about natural decor is that it usually goes with almost anything.

This is a completely glue-free project! I love it because you can use all your pieces for other things when you’re done!

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

Linen Napkin Decorated Cinnamon Sticks And Plants On A Ceramic Plate. The Concept Of Christmas Or Thanksgiving Dinner And Decorating Table Settings Stock Photo

As I mentioned, today I’m joining my talented blogger friends in sharing Christmas DIY and Craft project ideas with you. Be sure to visit their posts by clicking the links below the photos! Cinnamon stick candles are amazing! I quickly made a centerpiece for the dining room table. This is a simple craft, and you can make this project in less than twenty minutes!

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All you need are cinnamon sticks, candles, a rubber band and some ribbon/string. (Note: I found inexpensive cinnamon sticks at Oli’s.)

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

Place a rubber band around your candle and then place your stick under the rubber band. To add interest, I changed the height and also changed whether the line on the cinnamon sticks faces outward or towards the candle.

Cinnamon Stick Personalised Christmas Table Decoration By Sophia Victoria Joy

Once the entire candle is covered with sticks, wrap string or ribbon around the rubber band to hide it. Accessorize as desired and you’re done!

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

Here you can see all the casual fall tablescapes. My kids came home and found the “big table” ready for a fall meal tonight.

I put a fun little pumpkin on top of each handmade embossed leaf decor that I made for another project last fall. You have to love it when you repurpose your art!

Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

Create The Perfect Christmas Table Setting In Your Home

These candles transition well into winter with the addition of a few holy berries. Happy candle making!

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Cinnamon Stick Table Decorations

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