Circus Tent Table Decoration

Circus Tent Table Decoration – This post is going to be long, but I promise it will all be worth it to see. 🙂

Last weekend was my nephew’s 1st birthday party and I was in charge of the decorations. At Christmas I asked her mom for a circus theme. And the work began!

Circus Tent Table Decoration

Circus Tent Table Decoration

I used a lot of Stampin’ Up! products for my creations, but my “go to” was definitely MDS – Digital Design Software. I made these super cute invitations, you can check out all the details from a previous post here .

Circus Tent Backdrop

Even before guests entered the party, they knew they were in for a fun afternoon. This huge circus roof covers the entire entrance of the house. My stepdad built the frame and I had a lot of help putting up the plastic tents. It turned out so amazing, I wish this picture did it justice.

Circus Tent Table Decoration

In the background of the food table was a plastic circus tent that was sewn together and hung from the ceiling. I also sewed probably over 100 feet of paper circle banners. I think they really give everything a circus feel.

Most of the food wasn’t on the table when these photos were taken, but you can see the cute little cards scattered around and the beautiful decor pieces I put together.

Circus Tent Table Decoration

Pink Circus Tent Backdrop Open Middle

No birthday party is complete without a personalized banner. It consists of paper pennants printed in tones. I cut out the letters with my large frame and traced them onto the white 2½” circles.

To make the cages for the circus animals, I bought bird cages from a local store and spray painted them. Then I added a bunch of plastic animals from the dollar store.

Circus Tent Table Decoration

My favorite part of this little display was the gold balloons! I enlisted the help of my cousin Jessica and we got some gold sequins from the strings and then she glued each person to the styrofoam balls. He is my hero. 🙂

Circus Themed Party Ideas That Are Over The Big Top In 2023

You can’t have a circus party without lots of circus treats! I got these miniature solo cups a long time ago and finally put them to good use! The kids loved the cotton candy, but I don’t think I was popular with my parents. Hahaha!

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Circus Tent Table Decoration

Food and sweets were everywhere in the house. I have also posted these beautiful decor frames in several places. I used MDS to create a fun piece of subway art and a few other small posters that I placed on a selection of frame spray painted in party colors.

I printed the same piece of MDS subway art multiple times and cut it into 2×3 inch pieces to make soda bottle labels.

Circus Tent Table Decoration

Carnival Theme Decor

These cupcakes were a huge hit. Making all the marshmallow popcorn for the topping is a lot of work because each piece is cut out and then painted by hand, but it’s worth it.

It took 2 people about 3 hours to make all the popcorn for 36 cupcakes. So, if you don’t have help, there is no job to solve it.

Circus Tent Table Decoration

One of the first things I wanted at the party was a photo booth.

Carnival Circus Party Decorations Supplies

I found some nice wooden items in a selection of thrift stores and started painting. They turned out great! The kids had a great time playing and taking pictures with all of them.

Circus Tent Table Decoration

My favorite picture is the birthday boy and his parents. Aren’t they the cutest little family?!?

If you’re having a circus themed party with little ones, I recommend buying this mini tent from Ikea. The children played all afternoon!

Circus Tent Table Decoration

Carnivalcircus Themed Sweets Table That I Created For My Daughters 6th Birthday Complete With Circus Tent Cake Clown Cupcakes Circus Te

Last but certainly not least is a nice bag. I found this popcorn bucket at the dollar store and filled it with circus themed snacks and toys.

Thank you all so much for your help! Mom, Bob, Dad, Janice, Jessica, Jane, Reno, Maria and many more! And big thanks to my brother and his wife for letting us host their son’s first birthday party (and hammering a few nails into the ceiling and walls 😉

Circus Tent Table Decoration

Thanks for reading my longest blog yet!!!! I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with something very short!

Carnival Tabletop Decorating Kit

Tags: 3D , baking , banner , large frame , custom , fabric , favors , handmade , home decor , kids classroom , MDS , My Digital Studio , Stampin’ Up Canada Demonstrator , Vintage It’s May and that means graduation! I’m the advisor for the class of 2017 and it’s our turn to plan this year’s prom. I’ve been thinking about this story for over a year and even started a Pinterest board to collect thousands of ideas. We decided on a circus/carnival theme and it was so much fun getting crafty and creative on a tight budget! Below are some ideas and resources for creating your own “Night on the Big Top” event!

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Circus Tent Table Decoration

We hold our prom every year on a large lake with an amazing view. The cathedral ceiling in the room is sloping and is a blank canvas that can be a little difficult to fill. My initial idea was to try to build a circus tent at one end of the room with a DJ and a dance floor underneath. After doing some research to find something inexpensive, I purchased some red and white plastic tablecloths from Oriental Trading. This long roll, along with a tablecloth, rope and duct tape, became the base of our tent! It really defines the space and adds the “wow” factor as kids

Thinking about our limited budget, we got creative and crafty with our centerpieces. For the larger tables, we bought a striped fabric over our white linen rental from WalMart. We looked all over for cheap “cake dummies” because they were called for tiered centerpieces, but they were all too expensive. So one day over February break, I played around with poster board sheets, cutting long strips on the sides and using kitchen mixing bowls to stamp three different sized circles on the tops and made my own! The circles are taped to the strips with clear packing tape (but any tape will work) overlapping each layer slightly to stabilize each layer.

Circus Tent Table Decoration

Circus Tent Personalised Birthday Party Thank You Cards

Graduation committee students decorated the cake with gold spray paint and used painters tape to add stripes to the poster. These were then attached to ticket strips and ribbons to add some color. We used wooden skewers and scrapbook paper to make flags for the top of the cake. I found lion and elephant toys at Walmart for $1 each and painted them gold to play off the circus theme!

For the smaller tables, we decorated large bowls with ribbon and paper rosettes, then added cotton candy bouquets (we rented a candy and popcorn machine and had tables with food). Big gold stars were cut out of wrapping paper, pennants were made by cutting some triangles out of fabric and then sewing them together with a simple straight stitch! We used sewing pins to attach the flag banners to the tablecloth. The candles were purchased in bulk from Amazon.

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Circus Tent Table Decoration

In addition to the cotton candy and popcorn tables, we hired a photo booth, hired a caricature artist, and set up a kiss booth, mostly for fun photos and to add to the carnival theme (no pun intended…ha ha)! We filled a large jar with Hersey’s kisses and the contestants guessed how many chocolates were in the jar…the winning guess took the jar home!

Circus Carnival Birthday Party Theme Ideas

We also built a large ticket booth for entry into the event. Both cabins are made from inexpensive wood paneling and 2×3 planks from Home Depot (I actually found wood paneling for 75% off in the “damaged” section). We used red and white spray paint to decorate the booth!

Circus Tent Table Decoration

To create the letters for both booths, we used our school projector to trace the letters onto dollar store foam board and cut them out with an exacto knife. The letters were then spray painted and attached to the booth using velcro (command strips or duct tape would also work)!

Our kids ate dinner before going to prom, but we had a table with food and drinks. We made a fun vignette using some plastic tablecloths ($1 each at WalMart), some fabric pennant banners (I made them at home), and paper fans. The red striped tablecloth and paper fans shown here were all purchased from Oriental Trading Company. We used command strips and masking tape to secure everything in place without damaging the wall.

Circus Tent Table Decoration

Day At The Circus Kids’ Birthday Party

The paper rosettes pictured below are actually handmade using a combination of scrapbook and wrapping paper. Here are some tutorials that you can make yourself if you don’t want to buy them!

Instead of paying to get tickets to the event

Circus Tent Table Decoration

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