Class Time Table Decoration Ideas

Class Time Table Decoration Ideas – Add cake power to your school routine and have fun designing! The popular range of 1200 color pens now comes in pastel colors for the first time. The new soft shades also have delicious-sounding names: Honey Melon, Berry Lavender, Sorbet Apple, Cherry, Sweet Mint and Silver Grey. Prolific writers and craft enthusiasts can really go to town with these shades; after all, you don’t need vivid colors to make a creative statement when pastels work just as well. We have a printable design on our website for you to color as you choose. You can use pastels, a mix of colors, or some of your favorite shades. Delicate pastel shades are also good for decorating shopping lists, notebooks and even love letters – the possibilities are endless!

Gather all your materials before you begin. 1200 pastel pens, plus 1200 black pens for writing. You can see all the pastel shades at a glance in our photo. The template is available on our website for you to print.

Class Time Table Decoration Ideas

Class Time Table Decoration Ideas

The black bristle pen is ideal for drawing lines and filling in boxes. When you’re done, tape your schedule to the wall with washi tape where it can be easily seen.

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Class Time Table Decoration Ideas

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