Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations – Throw a Luau Party in ONE DAY with these easy Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas! Learn time-saving luau decorating and EASY food ideas for your summer party!

You know I’m sold on tropical parties… and Luaus hold a special place in my heart for many reasons. Fun fact: My husband and I danced our first dance at a Hawaiian luau.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

And before you start arguing and think that’s when we fell in love…we already had two kids at the time.

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My luau experience is a mix of love story and horror story, but you know…that’s how I roll.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

I promise I’ll get to the party details in a bit, but this story just has to be told. It’s one of my greatest achievements, really.

Before my husband and I started seriously dating, we had some weird drama going on. I won’t go into details… mainly because I don’t remember…

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

Luau Party Images

But my roommate and I came up with the idea to prank him and his roommate. One of my roommates suggested we get a pig’s head to put on the toilet. We thought it was amazing but…

Well, our apartment complex happened to have a Luau party this weekend…and it was a hog roast. See where I’m going with this? Yes. We got our pig’s head this week.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

We kindly asked the head of our church who organized the party. He was obviously skeptical…but he told us that as long as we didn’t do anything illegal, we could have it.

How To Throw A Hawaiian Theme Party

So we did what sane people do and kept a pig’s head in our fridge until the opportunity presented itself. AKA … we skipped class and waited until all six roommates were out of my future husband’s apartment.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

We can go a bit further. And by that I mean…we’ve gone too far. No one ever accused me of doing things partially.

We put the pig’s head in the bathroom, stick oreos in the shower and fill the tub with powdered milk, knock over all the furniture in the living room, write.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

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We steal every single pillow from their apartment (including throw pillows) and then send them to the POST. We even made the ransom ransom tag creepy.

They found out that we were very quick because we were the only girls who were twisted.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

Seriously, we had our first kiss the night they got the pillows back – because with this kind of effort, you really hate someone or love them.

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Private Party Catering Company

So a Luau party sealed my fate. We have three kids who are just as weird as I am, so look out into the world!

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

Ready to organize? Or maybe you need some SVG files for your Cricut project? Visit the Printable Crush Shop for all your digital needs!

If you want to share anything in my blog, feel free to share an image and then link back to my post where people can read the full tutorial/content. please do not edit or copy images or copy my work in its entirety to share on your site without my permission. Check out my full information, TOS, and privacy policy. It’s table picture day for my monthly supper club group. I have been waiting for this month’s term since the beginning of the year. So let’s get to it and let me show you how to throw a gorgeous Hawaiian luau party.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

Tropical Chic Party Ideas

If you’re coming from Stacy at Bricks N Blooms, welcome! I’m glad you’re here and joining us for a tropical Hawaiian themed luau party.

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Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

I refer to my tablescape as a “glamorous” luau party, because traditionally a luau party or tropical themed party should be bright fun colors.

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Neutral loving hearts I just wanted to go a little outside the box and try to create a neutral themed luau tablescape.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

Since I went completely neutral and did not use bright colors, it ended up looking a little more classic and elegant.

The meaning of “luau” is an elaborate Hawaiian party, usually held outdoors with traditional Hawaiian food and entertainment.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

Elcoho Hawaiian Party Decorations Set Luau Grass Table Skirt With Hawaiian Garlands 3d Paper Straws Hawaiian Flowers And Palm Leaves For Luau Party Decorations

The first luau was thrown by King Kamehameha II in 1819, as a way to celebrate the end of the Hawaiian cultural prohibition against men and women eating together.

My mom bought it for me for Christmas and I love it. All kinds of ideas are swirling in my head for different ways to use this in my next tablescapes.

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Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

For this particular table, I couldn’t resist wrapping the top of the post with beautiful flowers from my trumpet vine that is currently blooming.

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Another fun detail for this luau table photo is the grass skirt at the table. I picked these up for $1.25 each at my local dollar store.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

I used 6 of them to go around my table, so it was a very expensive detail that made a big impact.

It is attached around the edge of my table with wooden dowels. But you could easily use Velcro strips if you don’t want to put holes in your board.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

Summer Tropical Party Decorations Honeycomb Pineapple Shaped Table Centerpiece For Hawaii Luau Beach Party Supplies

For the table runner, I used a fishing net that I bought for the “shrimp boil table” I made last month.

This time, I scratched it a bit and created a narrow runner down the middle of the board.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

Leaves I cut from a house plant were placed under the mesh to create a tropical look.

How To Throw An Outdoor Luau Party This Summer

The shells that I have collected on beach vacations over the years have come in really handy for my luau table.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

If you don’t have shells, they are usually available at dollar stores and craft stores quite cheaply. They can easily be used for any tropical party or event, beach or luau.

One of my tropical plants got a trim and I used a beautiful flower from my moon flower for the flower arrangement.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

What Is Proper Luau Attire?

And large slabs of white ironstone, layered with smaller slabs of white edged with gold, made an elegant setting.

The disposable square bamboo dessert plates left over from my daughter’s wedding were perfect for this theme.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

And finally, those big shells I saved last year stole the show and finished every setting.

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Empty toilet paper rolls and a string topped with a seashell made perfect napkin rings for a neutral luau venue.

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

And finally, I picked up some white leis from the dollar store and spread them across the back of each chair to complete my Luau themed table.

Be sure and check back on Saturday for the menu full of recipes. But here’s a look at what’s to come!

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

Hawaiian Birthday Party

While a grass skirt and bright colored floral lei is very ‘Hawaiian’, I chose my favorite white kaftan and white lei for my luau party.

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Next up is Jen from Midwest Life & Style. Jen’s charts are always beautiful and creative!

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

Be sure to stop by to see everyone’s amazing board creations by clicking the link below the image.

Blue Hawaiian Themed Wedding

If you’ve missed my latest paintings, you can see them by clicking on the link below each image below. Let’s set up a grass hut, authentic tiki statues, cool tropical flower arrangements, a large set of impressive steps, a cool grass shelter. & Palapas, with a 9’outrigger boat floating in your pool. Don’t forget the cool Hawaiian leis….

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

If you’re not sure where to take your luau, give us a call for suggestions. We’ve had luaus everywhere – rooftops, yachts, parks, beaches, museums and gardens of all sizes, plus we have connections at indoor venues that allow us to supply venues. We can decorate a boring indoor conference room to give it an elegant island vibe.

Our decorating team can even turn a company parking lot into a festive yet inexpensive venue for a large company luau! All images below are from the company car park decorated by our team. We start with a van full of tough islanders who unload the props, add palm trees, some gorgeous tikkas, a grass hut, lots of palapa umbrellas and hide anything that doesn’t matter with a bamboo screen or two. Add the aroma of Chicken Teriyaki to the grill, dress up some staff for the pig ceremony, and let the party begin!

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

My 40th [un] Birthday Hawaiian Luau

The man in the second photo below is Sriracha sauce inventor David Tran at his Irwindale factory luau. She poses with her cane dressed for our pig ceremony which signals the start of the buffet feast.

Islanders Luau is a one-stop event planning site. Hire us for hula dancers, Hawaiian island catering, as well as beautiful authentic Luau themed decorations and party rentals. We specialize in corporate, community, HOA and corporate events where we can set up Hawaiian “Village” activities to entertain your Luau guests all afternoon with a fun and entertaining selection of Hawaiian dance lessons, luau crafts and island entertainers. Our “villages” are complete

Classy Hawaiian Party Table Decorations

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