Coastal Decor End Tables

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As the seasons change, I look for new decorations to give my followers new ideas. Looking back on coffee tables, I loved our old coffee table (and reviewed it here). I really enjoy creating new looks with different styles. When looking for a coffee table, there are different shapes available. In my opinion, a round coffee table is a versatile choice of shape and fits seamlessly into any style.

Coastal Decor End Tables

Coastal Decor End Tables

While looking for new pieces for my home, I found many beautiful round coffee tables. Some are reasonably priced with high end designer items and some designer looks. There are tons of budget-friendly round tables out there that you’ll love – keep reading and let me know your favourite!

Home Decor 101: How To Decorate End Tables

I know how overwhelming it can be when looking for the perfect piece of furniture, and coffee tables are no exception. There are so many options and being inundated with perfect rooms on Instagram and Pinterest doesn’t help. Lately, the trend seems to be towards larger, square coffee tables, but I’m here to tell you why you can get more bang for your buck by sticking to the classic round shape in some rooms!

Coastal Decor End Tables

Round coffee tables look really good in any room and are such a classic and natural choice. Think about it – most furniture and walls have clean, simple lines – sofas, curtains, rugs, etc. A round coffee table is the perfect way to soften a room full of hard corners and add an organic curve to the space. bring.

Round coffee tables naturally draw attention to the center of the room and ground the space. A round coffee table is easy to combine with any type of furniture and does not need to be fully assembled like its rectangular and square counterparts.

Coastal Decor End Tables

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Another great thing about round coffee tables? Fewer corners for kids to run into and hurt themselves (if you know, you know). The natural curvature of the round coffee table creates more space on all sides, making it an ideal choice for smaller living rooms and study rooms.

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In some cases it is better to choose a rectangular or square coffee table for your living room. For example, a small sofa or loveseat usually looks best with a rectangular coffee table that is one-half to two-thirds the length of the sofa.

Coastal Decor End Tables

Some round options can be bulky and out of place with just a small piece of furniture. On the other hand, a large space calls for a large piece of furniture. Sometimes a great room looks great with a large, square coffee table in the center to ground the space.

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If you opt for a round coffee table, there are a few things to keep in mind when furnishing your room. As I said before, your coffee table (regardless of its shape) should be half the length of your sofa or corner sofa.

Coastal Decor End Tables

The ideal length is between half and two-thirds of the sofa. It is also important to consider the space you need between your chair and the desk. It is recommended to have a clearance of at least 14 inches between the two. For fireplaces and TV setups, it is recommended to have at least two to three feet of space between them for safety.

If your living room has a corner sofa with chaise longue, a round coffee table will give you enough space to easily reach all sides of the corner sofa. A corner or square coffee table goes well with a round square coffee table to take up a large corner space.

Coastal Decor End Tables

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I recommend a rectangular coffee table if you have two sofas facing each other – it’s actually a great design for that shape. Another great thing about round coffee tables is that they don’t have to be in the center of the room – they look balanced anywhere. This really frees up your living room design and gives you more layout options if you have a particularly awkward space to work with.

There are many great options on the market for round coffee tables. You can go for traditional wood, coastal rattan, modern concrete, timeless wicker or a beautifully upholstered coffee table. I have a choice of two and it is well made and durable with kids. You can read the full review on this here.

Coastal Decor End Tables

Coffee table number three is one of my absolute favorites and I have the same console table. I ordered a selection of eight for under $500 with plans to make it look like my favorite table. Do you think I can? Choices Four and Six from Amazon with Prime Shipping! Options one and twelve are from Target, with budget-friendly price tags. The number fifteen is very similar to the designer look!

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Coffee Table Decor Ideas Guide

Looking for a budget-friendly coffee table? You can try doing a coffee table as a project. I found some tutorials from Pennys for Fortune and Schoolside Designs. Both DIY coffee tables are beginner-friendly with beautiful results!

Coastal Decor End Tables

I have some important rules for coffee table design. A functional tray is a must for every coffee table. It has all the essentials and serves as a beautiful centerpiece. Also, make sure your coffee table decor matches your bookshelf style.

For a round coffee table, I always recommend a tray and stack of neutral hardback books with plenty of spine. I love adding audiobooks to your personal style, hobbies and interests. These books look great with our living room paint color, Balboa Mist.

Coastal Decor End Tables

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I always use a decorative piece like these marble links, decorative beads or a nice candle to keep things interesting. Beautiful coasters are another functional must-have item for my coffee table top. Finally, add some life and texture with greenery or florals – real or fake – to keep things fresh!

If you need a refresh in the living room, try combining it with a round coffee table. They are versatile, timeless and make a great centerpiece in any room. Add the perfect styling pieces and you can transform the space into something completely magazine worthy. Do you have a favorite round coffee table from my selections? Let me know below and stay tuned to see my living room remodel for the upcoming holiday season! If you have a large living room and want to fill the space with a collection of furniture in an interesting configuration, you may be wondering if you can. Two coffee tables in your living room. We’ve done the research to find the answer to that question! The answer is yes, but…

Coastal Decor End Tables

We all have to downsize at one time or another and you may be wondering if there is an alternative to the coffee table most of us use. Maybe you’re committed to college and suddenly have to share a cramped dorm room with one person. Or maybe you’re the last…

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Coastal Decor End Tables

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Coastal Decor End Tables

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Coastal Decor End Tables

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Coastal Coffee Tables

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