Coastal Garland Table Decor

Coastal Garland Table Decor – Hello again friends! Thanks so much for stopping by; I hope you find this post well. Today I thought I would share our dining room with you. It’s still a lot of work in progress! With fall just around the corner, I thought I’d share this space decorated for summer before I start adding cozy, autumnal touches. Hydrangeas, coral, wood beads and botanical prints make this space airy and fresh for summer! So, here comes our coastal farmhouse dining room decor!

As you can imagine, one of my main inspirations for this summer location is the beach! Memories of the beach have held a special place in my heart ever since my parents, sister, and I traveled to the Outer Banks, North Carolina for a week each summer. I don’t think any other type of vacation is as relaxing and sweet as a beach trip! (That is, unless you’re the adventurous type who enjoys parasailing and hiking. We’re not; we read books, do crossword puzzles, and generally throw around the term “sea bomb.” accepted.)

Coastal Garland Table Decor

Coastal Garland Table Decor

This natural woven tray complements the beach theme of the room. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and these cream colored flowers add a subtle and feminine touch. I found vases, wire mesh bottles, corals, trays and flowers, all from Hobby Lobby (on sale, of course!). I’ve loved the look of wooden bead garland for a while, and I finally realized I could make my own! Check out my DIY wood beaded garland tutorial here.

Easy Diy Beachy Boho Driftwood Wall Hanging — House Full Of Summer

These amazing botanical prints are public domain images discovered by Lauren of Blaser House! She has a wonderful tutorial on her blog where she explains how to print, frame and hang it in your home. I used the same frames as listed, except I ordered them in gray instead of honey.

Coastal Garland Table Decor

In terms of layout, our dining room is directly to the left as you walk through the front door. It also doubles as a playroom for Bugs, so the cube organizer against the wall helps Marjan’s toys and books (and keep in mind I took a lot of toys out of this room to take pictures!). We like to have a separate dining room in addition to our breakfast bar, although it seems a bit impractical with all the toys. There is something special about going to a separate room to eat. It allows you to escape the daily hustle and bustle of the kitchen and focus a little more on good food and friends.

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Our dining room was empty for several months when we moved in January, and I didn’t want to spend a lot on decorating right now. I used craft paper, string, and a sharpie roll through this quote. I plan to make a tutorial on this soon, so stay tuned if you’re interested in making your own fall or holiday quote art!

Coastal Garland Table Decor

Blue And White Coastal Inspired Christmas Tree Ideas For 2020

This straw hat has special meaning to me because it was made in Colonial Williamsburg, a place my family loved to visit when I was growing up. My sister and I bought matching straw hats and I’m so glad I saved them. We now have both of them on display in our home as souvenirs of those special trips.

Since we usually stopped at the beach in Williamsburg, my memories are tied to the salty air. So, my handmade straw hat looks perfect for our beachy dining room! I finished this vignette with some olive branches and another DIY book pack.

Coastal Garland Table Decor

And that’s our coastal farmhouse dining room. Thank you so much for walking with me today and walking down a dry memory lane. What was your favorite summer vacation? Do you have something special at home that reminds you of the trip? I hope you have a wonderful day, make your dining table sparkle like a bright, lazy summer day with these beach table setting ideas for a cozy beachy theme!

Oyster Shell Garland Wood Beads Tassel Gilded Shell

Decorating your home with a beach theme is easy when you have incredible inspiration. This collection of beach table ideas will help you see ways to incorporate a beach theme into your dining areas.

Coastal Garland Table Decor

From the kitchen to the dining room and from the porch to the patio, you’ll find plenty of beach views that range from cozy to elegant.

All of these ideas can be achieved with a lot of things that you already have. Included are some easy DIY projects for unique decorations that you can customize for your home. You can easily extend the design to a coastal living room if you have an open floor plan.

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Coastal Garland Table Decor

Coastal Christmas Decor Ideas

The beauty of table decoration is that it is not permanent. You can change it when you get new inspiration, want a different color scheme, or want to decorate for a certain season. Use these beach design ideas to create the perfect beach decor for your home.

Any beach dining table will benefit from these easy-to-make starfish napkin rings. For this DIY project, you’ll need hot glue, napkin rings, and starfish. Use your favorite napkin rings to coordinate the look you want, such as rope, wood, iron or brass rings.

Coastal Garland Table Decor

Play with neutral colors, textures, blues and whites for your napkins, placemats, plates and cutlery. You can also add coral and seashells to the table linens for beach-themed decor.

Modern Coastal Table Decor

Combine your love of farmhouse and coastal style with this neutral table. Perfect for a wooden dining table, textured jute table runners and placemats add just the right rustic edge to this look. A bowl of dough filled with mash balls, rope monkey heads and starfish serves as the centerpiece.

Coastal Garland Table Decor

Small pieces of driftwood create a themed wreath for another natural element. Sea glass bottles in shades of blue and green complete the coastal idea. Simple white plates and napkins take center stage with this cozy look to your table decor.

Fresh white and weathered tones create a clean look on this coastal-style farmhouse table. Flaunting the beauty of the natural wood table, the settings are defined by woven mats topped with white dinner plates flanked by aqua salad plates. A white starfish placed in the middle of each dish expresses this idea as a beach.

Coastal Garland Table Decor

Beach Decorations For Christmas

Distressed white vases that hold white flowers and greenery act as center runners, keeping the look fresh. It’s a beachy look that’s easy to achieve through minimal color and a well-placed starfish accessory to anchor the look.

This green, white, brown, and beige color scheme sets the tone for a tropical dinner party. The place settings are a pattern of tropical leaves printed on brown wooden placemats, white dinner plates, and top salad plates. Golden colored forks, knives and spoons add a touch of elegance to the tropical scene.

Coastal Garland Table Decor

Colorful sockets serve as a horizontal centerpiece with two large white candles. Green goblets and green napkins complete the look. Bring in a tropical look by covering the dining room chandelier with green.

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Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room

An extraordinary interior design with a dramatic look for your dining room is easy with these simple ideas. Anchor the room with a navy blue and white striped rug and combine the pattern and color with placemats. Use beige slipcovers for your dining chairs and add cushions in a complementary shade to the end chairs.

Coastal Garland Table Decor

Keep it clean with a white floral arrangement for the centerpiece. Coordinate with white or blue and white dinnerware with delicate patterns. This home decor idea is the perfect four-season look for a beach house.

Bright splashes of petrol blue accent this patio table’s coastal decor. A light wood table gets a runner in a patterned teal color and is set with wired glass vases that serve as candle holders. Mesh glasses also add a beach vibe to the table.

Coastal Garland Table Decor

Chic Staircase Christmas Decorations

Black woven placemats are topped with aqua patterned melamine dinnerware to keep the color theme alive. A floral centerpiece with pops of pink, white and green provides a colorful relief that makes this outdoor dining table inviting.

Al fresco dining is made simple and elegant using minimal touches to define the dinner theme as definitely coastal. Start with a blue and white striped table runner and matching striped napkins. Use a neutral fabric placemat with white plates and a salad plate with a nautical motif.

Coastal Garland Table Decor

Here, a colorful orange lobster print on the plate gives guests a hint of the party menu theme. Clear glassware keeps it elegant while glass vases contain unusual white flowers to keep it natural. This table decor has a simple beachy vibe that’s easy to replicate.

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Use your collection of oyster shells to make a simple and elegant wreath that’s perfect for the holiday table. Clean your shells before placing them between pine needle branches for a green and white nature-inspired look on your table centerpiece. A white tablecloth will help highlight the look.

Coastal Garland Table Decor

A large white coral in the center of the greenery creates a dramatic focal point

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