Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

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Today’s Global Chic Tablescape from Bri of Half Pint Party Design is a beautiful design for a rustic wedding tablescape. It’s full of beautiful colors that are perfect for weddings during the holidays and winter months.

Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

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Tiffany Blue Wedding Inspiration

The centerpiece of this peacock table is the stunning white box Peacock Garden tableware. Did you know that the peacock is a symbol of honor? I love the cobalt and copper tones that Barry brought to this table with the teak velvet runner. This is one of the great finds from Pier 1 Imports.

Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

Other design elements include the bars – these were originally gold from Dollar Tree, then spray painted with Krylon Copper Rose. The faux bronze dishes are from The Fulfilled Shop. Aren’t they completely out of reach? And those deep cobalt wine glasses? Not only did Barry find them at the Dollar Tree, but he added brass knobs with Martha Stewart Craft paint.

One of my favorite things is the golden pomegranate that fills each bowl. Barry painted each one with a combination of burnished bronze and glittery gold edible art paint from Baker’s Party Store. Beautiful comment from Barry. . . “Painting is amazing, but when working with food, be sure to use food coloring.” Tablecloths, floral tapestries, and wedding dresses are all part of wedding day planning, but the latest wedding trends are not. Dresses A blue item carries I-DO’s design ideas from event to after-party, but it doesn’t stop there, the trend makes its way down the aisle and onto merchandise. Paper too. For some of our favorite ways to embrace this tradition in new ways, read on for the smartest ways to incorporate “something blue” into your big day.

Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

Christmas Dinner Table Decorations In Blues And Gold Following A Beach Theme With Seashells And Starfish Stock Photo

Sometimes the best use of a bold shade of blue is to highlight key elements of your day. Tracie Domino, founder and creative director of Tracie Domino Events, said: “To give this cake a special touch, we built a wall and covered it with a special wallpaper that included shades of blue, the perfect setting for a simple white cake.”

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“Recently, we’ve noticed that blue has become a more popular color through various weddings and special parties,” says Heather Lowenthal, owner of Elegant Parties. For this Palm Beach wedding, we used blue materials for their presentation. Guests were seated at their tables on hand-painted blue and white tablecloths framed in green.

Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

One of the best ways to add a touch of blue to your day is to use it as an accessory to your outfit. “Your blue items can be as simple as a blue flower or a ribbon on the side of your bouquet,” said Christine Doggett, co-founder and creative director of Bellafare. “Soft blue definitely makes a statement, but it’s timeless and beautiful,” she adds.

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“It was first inspired by the plates, seen at the MET Gala,” said Jeannette Tavares, president of Evoke Design & Creative, of the intricate blue porcelain that inspired the design of this decorative table. “Along the table were a variety of blue crystal glasses, juxtaposed with sparkling flowers,” she added. The result is something inspired by blue and beauty.

Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

“Blue chair cushions can bring out your blue color and add dimension to your reception,” says owner Liz Banfield, who paired this light blue cushion, which adds elegance and beauty, with a patterned wooden chair. ».

“Imagine a sea of ​​blue among vintage plates or glasses to create a spectacular moment and welcome your guests for welcome drinks,” advises owner Jacin Fitzgerald. The environment of your place and the color blue

Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding Trends [2022/23 Guide + Expert Tips]

“To create the most beautiful color scheme to transform your dining space, we love deep blues paired with lush greens spread throughout the tables,” says Marie Artal, creative projects director. “To make your design not one-note, mix colors, patterns, and different shades of blue, but emphasize greens and deep colors,” adds Artal.

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Molly Sehr, the owner and host of Molly Sehr, said: The contrast of colors is very important in a beautiful wedding design, especially blue, a color that does not last and if it has the right color, it is very useful as a neutral color. Events that chose soft blue velvet to accompany the Hall of the Country Music Hall of Fame event and the Museum Event Hall event. “It was surrounded by a sea of ​​neutral fabrics, gold and beautiful wooden wall details,” she added.

Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

Fabrics provide the opportunity to weave in the concept of blue in a modern way. “We love the visual excitement of it, with the white floral print,” added Sara Duke, co-founder of Duke + Van Deusen. Choose a strong blue to create a strong contrast with the rest of your decor and flowers.

Cobalt Blue And Pink Floral Table

Dressing your bridesmaids in dresses that follow the blue color scheme is a great way to incorporate your blues. “We love that Meghan’s bridesmaids chose different styles and textures to complement each other and enhance the day,” said Sheila Dodson-Wright, executive editor and principal of Tableau Events.

Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

Ali Phillips, founder of Charming Events by Ali, said: “Incorporate shades of blue into your choice of stationery so that elements of your ceremony, like this fan, feature blue and double to warm up your guests.” Also: Choose a comfortable one to highlight the venue or beautiful day, like this breezy shell for a beach wedding.

“Pillows are a great way to dress up your living room and add flair to your design, especially when it comes to adding color,” says Kathleen Deary, founder of Urban Parlor. Soft blue pillows were used for this space to add elegance and softness to the design and space. 37 Ways to Use Cone Candles Add Color to Your Wedding Colorful candles are an inexpensive way to decorate your wedding day.

Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

Soft Blue Wedding With Garden Vibes

Heather Lee is the editor-in-chief of Minted’s lifestyle blog, Julep, and was the former editor-in-chief for seven years. He has written for Bon Appétit, Sunset, and Shape.

Soft, flickering candles are a great addition to your wedding ceremony – however, everyone works better with candlelight. And while white and ivory candles are a classic choice, we also love the more fun idea of ​​colorful table candles. They’re unexpected, fun, and an easy way to add color to an otherwise pleasant space.

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Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

A taper candlestick is a tall, thin candlestick with a tapered base that tapers upwards. It can be clear or twisted and is often inexpensive, making it a good decorative item.

Blue Wedding Inspiration

Colorful candles are perfect for setting the mood for any occasion or your wedding setting. You can line it up the aisle, place it on your altar, or place it on your reception table, as it is often used. Romantic reds, potatoes add interest to any setting, they don’t have the same rustic feel, and dark colors like burgundy or black add a bit of sophistication.

Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

Taper candles are also a great way to decorate a table by matching food or centerpieces or reinforcing a theme, especially time. For fall, use warm seasonal colors like marigold, orange, or plum. For winter, consider cool colors like dusty blue, black, and gray. You can also turn them into table centerpieces, whether you fill your table with candles or display it with a few smaller ones. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite colors and ideas for candle holders, from dusty rose and soft blue to black and green—and everything in between.

You can’t go wrong with red and gold – it’s a classic color combination. Bright pink garden centerpieces add sparkle with bronze candle holders and soft pink candles. Cool, enjoy your perfect response time. We especially love the candles and the matching table numbers and plates.

Cobalt Blue Wedding Table Decorations

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The couple’s outdoor reception combines wooden tables, vintage chairs, vintage French crockery and cut glass. They take the form of colored candles that are tied together and collapsed in the middle of each meal

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