Cocktail Table Decorations

Cocktail Table Decorations – If you’ve been to a wedding, you’ve probably seen or stood around a cocktail table. Cocktail tables, also known as high-end tables, bistro tables, pub tables or high tables, are often used for the cocktail hour between the wedding ceremony and the reception. These tables are indispensable for the guests to easily place their food and drinks while the guests come together and enjoy the appetizers or drinks.

Primarily used as a conversation piece, the cocktail table is part of the big day and should be just as beautiful as the rest of the wedding table. If you’re not familiar with tall table decorations or just looking for a new way to decorate them, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re going to show you seven great ways to decorate your cocktail table for the big day!

Cocktail Table Decorations

Cocktail Table Decorations

Highboy cocktail tables come in a variety of heights, with the most common height being 42″ or a bar height of 24″, 30″, 32″ and 36″. These highboy tables are usually standard and bold and here is where cocktail table decor and linens play an important role!

Perfect Wedding Cocktail Table Decoration Ideas For Your Big Day

One of my favorite ways to decorate a cocktail table is to use a Spandex Table Cloth. These stretch spandex cocktail table covers are wrinkle-free and easy to stretch over the table, providing the easiest and most convenient table setting. These spandex cocktail table covers fit like a glove on a standard cocktail table. Add a different colored tablecloth or choose a sequined hat and the overall look of the table will change in an instant!

Cocktail Table Decorations

However, these options can leave a little to be desired, so loose tablecloths and layers can help. Various material options, complementary colors and of course various textures and patterns will take decoration to a whole new dimension! A flowing white tablecloth is perfect for pairing with a cocktail tablecloth in a wedding color scheme or leaving it as is! Simply add a wreath or bow to tie it around the top base.

Most cocktail tables are 42 inches long, and the ideal tablecloth for a 24-inch cocktail table would be a 108-inch round tablecloth. The best tablecloth for a 30-inch table is a 114-inch round, and for a 32-inch table, a 116-inch round. Finally, for a 36-inch cocktail table, a 120-inch round tablecloth will provide a tablecloth that reaches all the way to the floor.

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Cocktail Table Decorations

The 3pc Watson Cocktail Table Collection

If you want to create a stylish look with table rails, sashes and garlands, use one or two sizes of tablecloths. Make sure the cocktail table is the right size to avoid exposing the table legs while the tablecloth is installed. By entering the height and diameter of the table in our convenient table, you can easily find the size of the tablecloth you need, which will determine the size of the tablecloth for the ideal floor length.

Once you’ve found the perfect tablecloth size, you’re ready to set the high table for your special event. Check out these seven simple decorating ideas to take your cocktail table from understated to gorgeous!

Cocktail Table Decorations

This style is very easy and quick to apply and results in a very stylish and elegant aesthetic. Choose from simple polyester linen tablecloths to beautifully textured linen-like leaf-crowned taffeta. Choosing a belt in a contrasting color will help the bow stand out.

Cocktail Table Photo

Once you’ve finished gluing your tablecloth, take a chair strap or table rail as a hanger and wrap it around the top base of the table making sure both ends are flat. This is where you double knot the belt for a secure fit that will better hold the spring and prevent it from slipping off the table. Complete with a classic bunny ear bow, give the bow the look you want.

Cocktail Table Decorations

This unique table design is very similar to the bow style, but replacing the wings with a green wreath gives it a more natural, even rustic look, perfect for an outdoor event or vintage/barn wedding.

Any style of greenery can be used to enhance your theme, and a wreath of fresh or artificial silk greens can be as loose or as close to the base as you like. Any additional pendants can be linked together for a cohesive and uniform look. This option goes well with any tablecloth, but pairs well with a plain white tablecloth.

Cocktail Table Decorations

Close Up Beautiful Flower Bouquet Decoration On Cocktail Table Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 21372646

Left photo credit: Picture of Perfect Leaves

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This cocktail table decoration is most charming and romantic and attractive, especially with the sparkly sequin fabric on the solid tablecloth. Cocktail table decorations are perfect if your cocktail table doesn’t have the right size fabric.

Cocktail Table Decorations

To create this look, the top fabric needs to be the same size as the base fabric or slightly smaller. After placing it on the base cloth, set one end of the special fabric to the desired drop around the table. Then gather the excess fabric in front and tie it in a simple knot. Finally, place the excess material under the table.

Coffee/ Cocktail Tables — House Of Chippendale

Curly willow gives an endlessly stylish look with a luxurious cascade. It’s a great way to add volume and texture to your table and will continue the curly willow theme if you used a curly belt or skirt for the rest of your decor.

Cocktail Table Decorations

This stylish cocktail table tie starts with the same base fabric as the previous vintage effect and then adds a custom fabric on top. After adjusting the special fabric to the desired size, you collect the extra fabric in the front. The extra fabric on the floor is then pulled up and tied to create a bunched look. Finally, add a curly willow belt for a glamorous style!

With its flimsy, sophisticated look and twisted effect, cocktail table ties are a quick and simple way to create a stylish atmosphere. Once you have found the perfect tablecloth size, choose the next size to allow for “shrinkage” due to the twisting effect. For this style, choose a smooth-surface tablecloth such as a laminate satin or polyester tablecloth.

Cocktail Table Decorations

Potted Plants On Reception Tables

To give a look to your cocktail table, wrap the tablecloth around the base of the table until it is as tight as possible. Then make a small puddle from the tablecloth left on the floor.

For a more defined look, run a fabric steamer over the round tablecloth to remove any creases that may have formed during the process. The finished look is a satisfying swirl effect that will instantly grab your guests’ attention.

Cocktail Table Decorations

This tasteful and simple wedding cocktail table idea will add dramatic impact while minimizing visual volume. The ties can be placed as high or low on the base of the table as you like, but when the wings are placed higher, the tip looks like a martini glass cocktail table!

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Cocktail Table Centerpiece For Weddings And Events In Cabo

Start by threading a wide arch or an ornate table runner around the cocktail table at the base of the table. Then shorten one end and tie the two ends together. Stretch the tape wide and start wrapping the base of the table. Wrap the length of the table base with the short ends overlapping, and finally tuck the remaining fabric under the wrap you just modeled.

Cocktail Table Decorations

A trendy look for any indoor or outdoor event, using fresh or faux floral accents create a gorgeous cocktail table linen. You can style one of the charts above and match it with these accents or follow the tie idea.

Start with a square-tiered floor-length tablecloth. Then bring the side and back corners of the folds to the front corners and tie the fabric of all the folds together with a ribbon. Finally, you can add floral embellishments, fresh or fake flowers to hide the tie. You can choose a single flower, such as a fabric or foam flower, or bring in a variety of flowers with green accents to create a dreamy cascading effect.

Cocktail Table Decorations

How To Style Your Coffee Table

Here it is! Stunning cocktail table tie options that will transform any plain cocktail table into a stunning work of art. But that shouldn’t be the end of the transformation, let’s talk about finishing to further enhance the look!

Note that the surface of these tables is not as wide as a regular table, so the main areas of the cocktail table should be kept to a minimum. Flower arrangements should be simple and small enough to have room to rest over a glass or dinner plate. if

Cocktail Table Decorations

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