Coffee Bean Table Decorations

Coffee Bean Table Decorations – We used to spread display cases throughout the house: a few vases on a side table, a decorative bowl on the coffee table, a beautiful light on the edge of the tub. Now the surfaces in our house can be divided into two categories: empty (to protect our possessions from the curious and clumsy hands of the toddler); or piled high with nappies, burp cloths and toys.

But I vow to add a third category this holiday season: tidy and decked out with something simple and beautiful. For starters, I dug out this little fall piece I put together a few years ago, inspired by Martha Stewart. I love the mix of colors, textures and scents – the rustic imperfection. It’s also self-contained, easy to decorate and unobtrusive, so you can talk to your companion at the dining table without distraction.

Coffee Bean Table Decorations

Coffee Bean Table Decorations

You’ll need a few bags of coffee beans, five or more round glass vases, raffia, a votive candle for each vase (I chose pumpkin spice, the only candle scent I can stand), and a round or square pan or tray. Aside from the coffee beans, you should be able to find the supplies at Michael’sorA.C. Heat.

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Find the amazing copper pan your in-laws gave you – a memento of the years they lived in Iran. Don’t have one? Any round or square pan or tray should do. Try using something with an interesting texture.

Coffee Bean Table Decorations

Place the vases in the pot and voila: you have a simple drop piece. Now you just need to find a tidy surface to display it…

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Coffee Bean Table Decorations

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