Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

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Create 4th of July vignettes and fun shows! This is how I made my coffee table patriotic decor.

Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

Have you decorated your home for the 4th of July? I usually do a little decorating for the holidays. We usually cook afterwards by watching the big fireworks display on the lake. Obviously, last year, these celebrations were cancelled. I’m excited to be with family and friends again!

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Most of my red, white and blue colors are outside, like my Patriotic 4th of July Porch. This year I made and made things that I can use at home.

Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

Last week, I showed you how to make Patriotic Stamped Book Stacks along with a simple Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath. I love creating seasonal decorations that don’t break the bank.

Recently, I visited my local Hobby Lobby store. I was so excited when I saw this little red car!

Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby Fall Stuff Clearance Sales, 55% Off

After sending this photo to Jenn, she confirmed that it would be perfect! Lucky for me – 4th of July decor is 50% off. By the way, on a visit to Hobby Lobby – All the fall decorations have appeared. An employee told me that the next day they will start giving out Christmas decor 😳 Can you believe it?

I collected props and decorations that I thought would look good for my patriotic show. In the end I used:

Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

Creating a patriotic coffee table decor only takes a few minutes. Hope you got some inspiration today. Jenn and I would love to see what you’ve been up to!

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Patriotic Stamped Book Stack Patriotic 4th of July Porch Spring Green Coffee Table Decor Simple Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath So when Shad and I were in the “planning” process of buying a house, I used “clip” out magazine pictures from Pottery Barn and other houses . the newspaper that I received and I will put in my book “One Day”.

Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

I call it rescue because I always tell Shad, don’t worry “one day” we will have a beautiful house with everything we dream of. Think of it as more engaging than “pinterest” before pinterest was popular. Usually this is done on a snowy day — I try to write down all the different ideas for our house “One Day” – because I know that when we buy a real house, choose the color , tools, and ideas can be too. hard at first.

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So anyway.. what I’m starting to notice from “clipping” magazines when it comes to “coffee table” decor, is that most coffee tables come out of Pottery Barn and Ballard’s Newspapers are the same for them there are different products.

Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

Fall Decor — Blog — Nissa Lynn Interiors

Now what do they have in common? Formula: A bowl, Flowers / greenery of some kind, something tall, interesting things, books, and something “pleasant to the eye.

1. Start with a bowl: Be sure to measure the top of your coffee table before ordering a bowl online or going to a bowl store. You don’t want the bowl to be too small, but you also don’t want to bring it to the table. If you have a wooden table, consider getting a bowl with a different color combination like blue or gray, or go with a metal bowl (example: white coffee tables should not have white bowls ). Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s have great bowls for $15-$30. Mine is from Home Goods, and while it’s still wood- I think it’s perfect because of the black color. matches the other black metal on my desk.

Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

2. Main Items: This is where you will hold all your remote controls. It’s a good idea to get coasters, so when guests are in your living room, they get the hint that you want their drinks on coasters. Some people put candles in their bowls- I think that’s more for the living room than the living room. I have one on the coffee table in my living room. Newspapers are a perfect “decor” item for this area. My “something pleasing to the eye” thing is in the bowl. See below.

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3. Something pleasing to the eye: In my case, I chose sunglasses, because I thought they looked cool and they were only $6.99 at Marshall’s. (BTW- Marshalls is the best place for “something pleasing to the eye”, they have a wide range of products for relatively inexpensive items.) Don’t know if it’s on sale? Leave a child in your house, this is the first thing they will touch (I’m not kidding). Examples of other notable items: hour glass, metal ornaments, a piece of fake coral…

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Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

4. Greenery or flowers of some kind: This can be cheap. No idea? Homeware glass flowers are anywhere from $25-$50. That’s more than I want to spend, so I go to Hobby Lobby (also try Michaels), when they have a sale and get hydrangeas to match my yellow pillow color for 50% per stem. I like hydrangeas or peonies. The best thing about fake stems is that you can’t kill them. Hobby Lobby has the best looking fake-“green”- if you want to go that route instead of flowers. I change my Christmas flowers to show off my Christmas decorations. The round vase on my desk was given to me as a wedding gift- it’s a Lenox, and probably the most expensive thing in my house (because I never used that vase. – Thanks Aunt Donna!).

5. Something tall- I like the idea of ​​”something tall” but not for my living room. We want to see TV and “someone tall” is blocking our view. “Something high” is better for a sitting room that is not used often (See the example of the wooden horse in the picture above). So for my coffee table instead- my “something taller… er” is my plant/flower from #4. If you go this route, make sure it’s higher than the bowl, but not too high to block the TV.

Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

My Living Room Refresh And Organizing With Hobby Lobby

6. Interesting Things: On my coffee table I have a bottom that can be decorated. I hung it with circles I got from Home Goods for $7.99 and $9.99 each. If you have kids – you’ll want something that doesn’t “roll” (they have the best ones that don’t roll at Hobby Lobby that I bought for a coffee table with kids). Or maybe you want to put off the idea all together until your kids are older. The basket can be placed under the table and you can keep the toys in it when people visit. Place a blanket over the toys and no one will see your mess.

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7. Books: These can be placed on your desk next to a small tray, or if you have a shelf underneath you can place them there. I like to put the whole book to one side like “left or right” alignment in word documents. You can leave them “centered” This is a matter of preference.

Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

Now if you’re looking for great coffee tables under $250, be sure to follow me on LiketoKNOWit at: And check out recent posts with links to great coffee tables that caught my eye :

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This post should give you a good “jump-off” for decorating your coffee table and make it warm and inviting. If you like this song or use the idea below, I’d love to hear from anyone who actually reads this :P.

Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

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Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

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Coffee Table Decor Hobby Lobby

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