Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest – It’s the centerpiece of every formal and casual living space, so why not showcase it as a focal point? Coffee tables serve many roles in the home: from a drink stand, footstool or TV remote control to a place where important decorative items can be displayed. When it comes to designing a coffee table, some may see it as a daunting task, but with the right accessories, it’s a great way to add interest to a room. We have included tips and guidelines for creating balanced decorative designs for all types of coffee tables.

The rule of three has long been an established design guideline. The Carlisle Home Design Blog defines the Rule of Three as “a design principle that affects every room in your home. It determines the shape, size and shape of objects, the triangle of kitchen work, even the color, pattern and design of your room’s fabric. They continue: “The human brain likes to mix things up easily, and with three you always find a central place and balance.”

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

Start with three very different items and explore different layouts to find the balance that works for your coffee table.

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Depending on the size and style of the coffee table, grouping them together is another way to create balance. With two tables, a two-tiered glass table, or a square table, symmetry works well as a way to achieve balance.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

By grouping pieces together, the group represents a single piece, meaning that multiple items can be used as one cohesive design. Depending on the size of the coffee table, the rule of three can be extended to any odd number, especially when collecting pieces.

Using objects of different heights moves the eye and creates more visual appeal. In good design, the eye should dance from one piece to another without getting stuck at one level.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Add Interest + Style

Displaying a variety of shapes on a coffee table is a way to create interest. Think simple things like a rectangular book with a round candle and a square decorative box.

Whether it’s a piece of jewelry bought on a trip or an old family heirloom, what better way to display these precious items than in the center of the room where they’ll get the attention they deserve they are worthy. Plus, unusual items always serve their purpose as great conversation starters.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

Readers, do you have any questions about making a coffee table? Let us know! We are happy to answer all your design questions.

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Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2022

Leslie Hendricks Wood is the founder of the luxury lifestyle and design blog Hadley Court and owns her own interior design firm, Leslie Hendricks Wood Interiors, in Midland, Texas.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

Leslie graduated with a BA in Business. She worked briefly in banking and went back to school to get her MBA.

After graduating, she moved to Washington, D.C. to work on a presidential campaign and landed a presidential position in international trade.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

White Marble Coffee Tables We Love

At the end of his administration, Leslie returned to her hometown and joined the family’s oil and gas business, although her first passion after raising her children with her husband was business and interior design.

When she saw that her children were closer to leaving home, she decided to start a blog called Hadley Court. in 2012, which won the Design Blogger Conference Hall of Fame Award for Best New Design Blog of 2013, a prestigious honor bestowed by her peers.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

In 2014, in addition to blogging, she starts a family-friendly luxury lifestyle brand: HADLEY COURT, based on her values: Gracious Living, Timeless Design and Family Traditions. You probably know that home decor is one of the most popular. important elements in any interior, especially when it comes to the decoration of our living room – because this is the place where we spend most of our free time us.

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I admit it – I love spending time in my living room. My place is to entertain friends with good wine and music, spend time with my family, sleep in on weekends (and hopefully do nothing) or just watch TV… so of course the main decoration in my interior is the coffee table. , and busy. I always “play” with the design of the coffee table just to change it up – change accessories, plants, change the colors a bit, put a Bazaar Velvet rug under it to make it stand out more – you’ll be surprised how different it can make a room look.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

Did you know that when you enter the living room, the two main pieces of furniture that attract the most attention are the coffee table and the sofa? A coffee table is often the focal point of an entire room due to its central location (especially in smaller spaces), which is why it is so important to take time and effort to decorate it. The home accessories you put on your coffee table can make the difference between a plain, flat table and one that’s straight out of a magazine.

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So if your coffee table has been taken over by newspapers, coffee mugs or remote controls (sound familiar??), it’s time for a style makeover! With these amazing coffee table decorating ideas, style tips, and DIYs I’ve put together for you, you’ll see that creating a living room coffee table is really easy! Once your coffee table is designed, you need to make sure your coffee making skills are up to par! The Full Moon Cafe has tons of tips to help your coffee game be as desirable as your living room!

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

Tips For A Perfect Coffee Table Styling

Tip 3: Add a tray to put all the accessories together – this is a great design element.

Tip no. 2: Finalize the table’s color scheme and decorate in black and white, gray and wood

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

Tip no. 3: Add a touch of nature to the table with flowers, succulents or other greenery – it brings so much life to the room!

Coffee Table Decor Ideas (to Liven Up Your Coffee Table)

Tip no. 4: Stack some beautiful books in bright colored covers and bold letters as a base for decorative elements.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

Decorating with gold home decor adds a lot of chic and will do wonders for the living room.

Tip no. 1: Coffee tables with gold legs and a white/marble/glass top are perfect for this type of style.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

Fall Coffee Table Décor Ideas

Tip no. 1: Colorful chic can be created with the table itself or with the decorations you put on it. Don’t do both.

Tip no. 1: A metal and wood coffee table with clean lines would be the perfect base for this style.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

Copper has been a very trendy metal in the world of home decor for the past couple of years – and for good reason!

Viv & Tim

Tip no. 1: copper accessories look great on all types of coffee tables: wooden, glass, white, barrel (!) and others.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

After the inspiration, ideas and tips we showed you, we’re pretty sure you know the basics of decorating the perfect coffee table yourself. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate a coffee table and make it the centerpiece of your living room. Here are 5 simple ideas for decorating coffee tables with your own hands:

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Washi Tape is a great solution for any DIY project and instantly adds style, color and elegance.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

Best Diy Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas And Designs For 2022

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Marble coffee tables are a great way to add elegance to your living room. They are very stylish and you can find several home tours that feature them. In white, they can combine with almost any existing decoration scheme and create a

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

We have selected the most beautiful marble coffee tables online that we think you will like. With bases ranging from minimal to curved and from bronze to gold to silver, there are plenty of great styles to choose from. Gold looks good in white living rooms, while black works best in darker and brighter rooms. Check out our picks below!

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

We also have a guide to choosing the best coffee table for your space, so don’t miss this post before you decide which table to buy!

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

This Scandinavian style living room makes great use of a marble table that contrasts with a dark black sofa.

If your coffee table has brass legs, make sure the other metals in the room are also brass, like the tray and the carving on the surface.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

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The black and white geometric rug under this table gives this living room a unique mid-century feel.

As you can see, there are many ways to design a white marble coffee table. They are flexible and long-lasting products that will definitely not go out of style. If you are considering it, I would definitely recommend it! Which of these marble coffee tables will you buy?

Coffee Table Decor Ideas Pinterest

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How To Style A Coffee Table

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