Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Coffee Table Decor With Tray – For a while, my coffee table became a hot wheel race track and a village for the underdog. However, as my boys got older I was able to make this coffee table more mature! Now, with the help of some blog friends, I’m sharing tips on how to create a beautiful coffee table vignette that you can transform into your family room.

I’m excited to post this coffee table decor as part of the monthly Pinterest challenge hosted by Cindy of County Road 407.

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Have you seen a pin on Pinterest and wondered how to create the same atmosphere at home? On the fourth Tuesday of every month, Cindy challenges a group of bloggers to do just that!

Coffee Table Decorating Tray 8058

If you come from Leslea to A Heart Filled Home, welcome! She’s got some great fall table styling tips to get you in style for my favorite season!

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Don’t forget to check out other ideas from my fellow bloggers at the end of this post.

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Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Hartleys Round Wicker Serving Tray Decorative Wooden Platter Coffee Table Decor

This month comes our photo inspiration from Yvonne of StoneGable who shared her Summer Open House Tour. Something to see!

Yvonne has nice tips and interior secrets on her blog. I promise you will enjoy your visit.

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

In my vignette below I’ll go through how I took things from Yvonne’s photo and made my own version with what I had on hand. Rustic Serving Tray With Cut Out Handles, Decorative Wooden Tray, Tray Decor, Tray For Ottoman Coffee Table, Decorative Tray, Coffee Table Tray, Moudja Wooden Tray 16.53 X 12.20

With Yvonne’s wall decor as a starting point, I went shopping in and around the house. I identified six main points that I wanted to repeat in my own vignette:

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Luckily I have a few in my stash, although I have to admit that most of them aren’t on my coffee table…yet!

You will notice that I had to adjust a few things, but the result is the same. Can you see where I changed it?

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas & Designs (modern, Round) For 2022

To make the coffee table look nice, I used a red square board. This page is where Home Goods can be found, but I will link similar items at the end of this post.

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I’ve seen all kinds of walls on Pinterest, from glass/acrylic to wine/wood and everything in between. Since my coffee table and side table have a dark, dark look, I thought a lightly woven tray would provide a nice contrast and would hold up.

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

*Note: I like to angle my tray against the four-sided coffee table for more interest.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas For A Cozy Living Room

This French country urn is one of my favorite purchases! However, it is huuuuge, about 16×9 inches in size…

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

While I like the way it looks in the living room, it still sits on our dining table where it doesn’t endure much traffic from two 5 year old boys. However, I like how the swirls on the decorative box match the symbol on the urn.

To balance the playfulness of the urn, I added a cardboard topiary (studded in three books), a rustic ceramic bird, and a decorative box of various pieces and rattan spheres. .

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Home Decor Must Haves For Styling Coffee Tables, Bookshelves And Consoles — Designed

Again, I haven’t bought anything more for this challenge, so the smaller orbs in the box will be a little different from Yvonne’s original metal orb.

You’ll notice that I changed the cushions on the couch later. While I dig all the beauty, I can’t live without the splendor of colors. I think the patterns on the cushions add a different feel to the vignette. What are your thoughts?

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

A few years ago, I found a lot on boxwood topiaries at Target. You won’t notice the difference between this small box and others I’ve seen in high-end stores. The real dried leaves!

Serving Tray Farmhouse Tray Rustic Farmhouse Serving Tray

Coffee table books, by the way, are turned away because the spines are too dark for this look.

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

My birdie usually hangs on the TV in an artistic niche, but he insists on being part of this vignette. Who am I to refuse him?

Next up on your vacation is Terrie from Decorate and more with Tip. She’s got a fun DIY project in store, so you’ll have plenty of inspiration for your coffee table!

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Buy 2 Pack Boho Farmhouse Wood Serving Tray With Handles

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Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. This section contains cookies that provide basic functions and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. From trays to trinkets, shells and books, it’s time to experiment with your coffee table decor and turn a blank canvas into something beautiful.

Table Tray Decor: Ways To Make The Most Of This Home Accessory

Decorating the center of your room becomes an art when you are more than a flower vase. But it can also be a great opportunity to let your stylist in.

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Coffee tables can be used and in their lifetime they can hold everything from empty coffee cups to remote controls. While these maintenance requirements are important, there’s no reason you can’t add flair to them.

You can’t go wrong with a combination of candles and flowers, but other inviting accessories can include books, table runners, succulents, and candles. The only limit is your imagination, but try a combination of different styles, heights and colors to create balance.

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Tips To Style A Round Coffee Table In Your Living Room

Enter the conversation with larger tables such as coral pieces. A large piece can be the star of the show in the middle, or spread out the smaller pieces to play with the high quality.

Whether you want to watch your favorite TV shows or just need a place to store your TV remote, a tray means your table is always clean and can protect the table from wear and tear.

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

If you’re having a hard time getting everything to work together, grab all your gear and work within the confines of the wall. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s time to get rid of it.

Decor Tray Ideas For Your Home And Home Office

If your table has enough style statement and you don’t want it covered for a separate area in the center of the room.

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

A picture or vase with your favorite flower and greenery is all it takes to fill the living room for a simple yet beautiful look.

Go for a maximalist look with colors and decorations. By mixing round and square shapes to play with the shape, you get a classic combination at the same time.

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Coffee Table Decor With Tray

The Best Decorative Coffee Table Trays For 2022

For a solid look, stick to a color scheme and pick a few statement pieces that really stand out from the rest of the show.

A great addition to your coffee table, it’s best to choose books with bold text and colorful covers. Choose bright hues with pink overlays or express your style and passion (the Chanel book is a firm favourite).

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

They don’t have to be symmetrically arranged; you can wear them on high heels for a simple look and add little trinkets like Kourtney Kardashian did here.

Round Tray Décor Ideas For A Gorgeous Centerpiece

For an easy way to get a nice display, use a tall centerpiece like a flower in the center and place two shorter items like books or candles on either side to balance.

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

They don’t have to be the same, but should be the same size and height for a good look.

A good coffee table is made with planks and the runner is a great foundation to build on for a look.

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Coffee Table Trays: Decorative Ways To Style And Organize Your Coffee Table Tray

For a rustic style like this, go for a macramé pattern and stick natural materials and colors on it.

A small terrarium and some pinecones can give your design a new lease of life without the overhead. Arrange everything on the cutting board as you would a plate.

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

If you have a glass table with shelves, it’s not about what goes on top, it’s about what goes down.

Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2022

For the symmetrical design below, add books on one side and a covered storage box on the other to add height and handy for storing your remotes. blog that makes you profit.

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

I’ll be updating these tabletop ideas as products come and go, but for now all the pretty plates are here and ready to buy.

It seems that there are not many budget friendly stores. Maybe that’s why it happened

Coffee Table Decor With Tray

Tray Styling Inspiration

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