Coffee Table Game Decor

Coffee Table Game Decor – Design a tabletop game room where you can store and play your favorite board games. Or you can easily turn your living room into a playroom.

Every tabletop gamer’s dream is to have a dedicated game room with all the features. Some of us are not so lucky and have to use the common room as a game room.

Coffee Table Game Decor

Coffee Table Game Decor

We designed this living room as an ideal tabletop game room. Complete with enclosed storage cabinets built for your ever-growing gaming collection, a coffee table for the home gamer, and options to suit varying gaming comfort preferences.

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Any time you convert a room into a playroom, there are a few considerations to consider.

Coffee Table Game Decor

You will own it for the rest of your life. If you think it will be bulky, we recommend using double deep storage cabinets and planning for future overflow.

After estimating what our future game collection would look like, we decided to build our own storage from the ground up so we could precisely control the depth, width and height of the storage.

Coffee Table Game Decor

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We discussed these cabinets and how to make them in detail here. Of course, it’s easy to build a library on top.

If you’re not into building your own, you can make drawers for any set of cabinets by screwing 1″ x 2″ boards to 1/2″ plywood and attaching drawer glides. . It’s cheaper than buying a ready-made drawer, but if you’re not a DIYer, it’s worth it to invest.

Coffee Table Game Decor

Use the same 1″ x 2″ board cut to size to make the drawer fronts. I used the pocket holes to attach the front piece securely.

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I also created a drawer with “compartments” to store various game items such as extra dice, a drawstring bag, and a game item storage bag.

Coffee Table Game Decor

I haven’t finished the top pull-outs for some of the cabinet units yet, but I plan to make one specifically designed to hold a video game controller like I did here.

I also want to make another one for my daughter for different puzzle pieces. When you build your own unit, only your creativity limits how you store things.

Coffee Table Game Decor

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The built-in drive provides so much storage (which was the plan) that I could store my husband’s old video games and systems and anything else he wanted to store until our game collection grew again. I designated one closet to store old things.

In addition, for the time being, we have set aside one separate cabinet for storing puzzles and other things.

Coffee Table Game Decor

Most board game players go for round cards or a dining table, but I’ve never quite understood this one. Most of my Euro table games last at least 4 hours. My body couldn’t have been more comfortable in a folding chair or dining chair for so long.

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However, we understand that every player’s comfort needs to be taken into account when planning a gaming space.

Coffee Table Game Decor

In my case, my kids like to sit on the floor or on stools that are closer to the floor. The husband chooses between the floor and the sofa, but never the dining chairs or folding chairs, so I can’t sit on the floor.

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For us, the ideal play space is the play area around the modular sofa. However, everything in this room is designed to be adjusted and moved to suit the most comfortable.

Coffee Table Game Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Once you’ve found the most comfortable seats for your players, you can start planning your gaming table.

The gaming coffee table is perfect for my family (and living room). I built this coffee table (see tutorial here), but there are some features that only gamers really understand.

Coffee Table Game Decor

This gaming coffee table is slightly taller than a regular coffee table, so you can comfortably play while sitting on the sofa. However, we also used legs that could be replaced with higher or lower ones if necessary.

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The length and width of the table are designed to comfortably fit most board game sizes (but not so large that you have to reach far to play the board).

Coffee Table Game Decor

However, some games have a lot of moving parts and pieces that are spread out and require more space. That’s where coffee table drawers come in handy.

We also included a puzzle drawer at the bottom for one of our kids who loves puzzles. It’s a great way for her to store and work on a puzzle in progress, so no pieces get lost or accidentally broken in transit.

Coffee Table Game Decor

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Of course lighting and light control is very important. Natural light coming through windows changes throughout the day, so it’s important to be able to control how much light you let in with curtains.

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If you use lamps or other light fixtures in your room, make sure they are directional and adjustable.

Coffee Table Game Decor

The view from the top of the game is all it takes to annoy the player as part of the board is invisible. My beautiful decorative lamp also has an arm that can be moved to adjust the path of the light. Even the wall lights are directional and there are no dazzling LED bulbs in any of the lights.

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I may be the wife of a board game nerd, but I’m also a woman who wants her home to look like a beautifully decorated space. Now it reflects both my inner gamer and inner designer. I’m here.

Coffee Table Game Decor

And for those of you who are gamers but your wife is not a fan, this might just be the solution for you… 😉

This room is not only ideal for games, but also stylish for casual entertainment, ideal for family movie nights at home.

Coffee Table Game Decor

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Check out the full before and after of this space and all the details on this design challenge here. Yes, below that was this room

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