Coffee Table With Tray Decor

Coffee Table With Tray Decor – 6 coffee table decorating ideas and how to style things like a pro to make your living room feel purposeful and elegant.

The coffee table decor is strange. Like… when else in the history of all time would you find yourself staring at an inanimate object for an hour and wondering what to do with it?

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

I mean, coffee tables are high maintenance items and there is some frustration in second guessing every little thing you put on it.

Coffee Table Tray

There is a formula if you’ve ever wanted a perfectly decorated coffee table but didn’t know how to do it. Here is a breakdown of some of my favorite coffee table decor ideas.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

(By the way, if other areas of your home have eluded you, you can find many decorating secrets in this Easy Decorating series.)

I love the trays especially because I have kids, and if they get messy and messy, I can remove the tray with all the decor on it when needed.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

How To Style Your Coffee Table — Melissa Lunardon

But layers also give you a base to keep everything on the coffee table looking collected and purposeful. One that is not too small but still gives room to put your feet up, use it if you want.

Choose something that includes nature in the mix. It can be as simple as a bunch of flowers from the grocery store, but if you like length, fake stems are fine. (These are some of my favorite faux flowers.) These often create the focal point of a coffee table.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

I like to use a decorative box to store TV remotes or a decorative bowl to throw n covers as needed. They are both beautiful and functional.

Most Inspiring Coffee Table Book Styling Ideas For Coastal Homes

If you are using a marble pan, use a wooden bowl. Or if you are using a copper pan, choose a rattan box, etc. By using items that are all made from one material, the coffee table decor looks great. By adding different materials, you create a structured look that pops.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

Choose hardcover that is attractive and beautiful to you that you will enjoy picking up and playing regularly.

Choose what interests you: specific artists, favorite travel destinations, iconic fashion styles, a favorite period of history, whatever speaks to your heart.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Note the color schemes of the book covers as they match the overall look of the room.

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The useful thing about bookshelves is that they can also act as risers if you want to change the height of your decor items.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

In the evening, a lamp burns, sets the mood of the whole room and helps you to relax a little better. Choose one in a flavor you like. (Or if you prefer to diffuse essential oils, choose a scented candle diffuser for the aromatherapy benefits.)

Coffee Table Trays: Decorative Ways To Style And Organize Your Coffee Table Tray

If you have little ones or pets and you’re concerned about the safety issues of a real candle, battery-powered candles can look just as reliable as the real thing instead.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

To have fun with an extraordinary milk. Perhaps an abstract bronze knot sculpture, a black and white marble slab, or an ornate soapstone chain for added texture. If everything else on your desk is short, choose something that will add some height.

I love finding figurines at the thrift store and painting them to look like concrete, granite, or antique bronze for just a few bucks.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Don’t Require A Home Stylist

Don’t go so overboard with coffee table decorating ideas that you can’t actually use your coffee table. Less is more. Minimize what’s needed so you’re not left with a cluttered plate.

Mix different materials like marble, rattan, stone, glass, ceramic, bronze. It adds dimension and interest, especially if you stick to a neutral color palette.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

A good rule of thumb is to decorate with odd numbers: 3, 5 or 7. Then change the height of those items to create a triangle. Can you see it?

Christmas Tray Ideas For Your Home, My Styled Coffee Table Tray

These are some of my favorite coffee tables, but coffee tables are actually one of my favorite items to renovate if you keep your eyes open at the thrift store or browse Marketplace and Craigslist Facebook.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

That’s it! Move things around, play with different textures, and you’ll end up with a beautiful and collectible coffee table.

The size of the tray you need will depend on the size of the coffee table and your table designs, but you want to choose a tray that won’t fall apart. An appropriately sized coffee table tray would be approximately 20 inches.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

Gold Filigree Tray

Stack the books and check the room with the most traffic. When you walk into the room, you should see the bookshelves on the coffee table. If you want to breathe new life into your living space but don’t want to redecorate, look at changing what you have. your coffee table. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same old tired magazines and everyday items that really clutter up the focal point of your living room.

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A nice way to style a coffee table is to decorate a tray on your table. Not only does it help organize things you need (but might not want to see), it’s a decorative element in its own right. It also allows for functionality as you can remove it if you need more table space for nights out with friends. If you don’t have a coffee table, a tray can turn your ottoman into one.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

In this article we will look at design style ways to achieve that designer finish and give you lots of ideas on what you can try. Let’s dive in!

Tuscan Faux Leather Tray, Snake Skin, Rectangular, 2 Sizes

Here we go over the steps you need to get that professional finish. Like coffee table style in general, the tray should tell a story and invite the viewer into aspects of your life. The perfect tray to create a vignette that reflects your interests and tastes. The idea is to make it look natural, effortless and organic – which is really a skill.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

First, decide on a tray. Round and square are the most common shapes and probably the simplest shapes.

Consider the material and color and how it will fit in with your decorating theme. Look for a material that contrasts with your coffee table top.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

Gracie Oaks Cavendish Solid Wood Tray & Reviews

This vintage black metal tray will really complement a rustic wood paneled table. Also think of any topic you want to describe. If you are creating a natural outdoor look, rattan or seaweed rugs are ideal

Choose a size that works for your desk space. A tray can be used alone or with two other places. You still want room for the desk to be functional, but also not just a little thing placed in the middle.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

Most coffee tables have things we need for daily use such as a remote control, keys and cell phone chargers. To keep them from cluttering your coffee table, put a decorative box on top of the tray to keep them within reach but out of sight.

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Coffee Table Decorating Tray 8046

Add some height to your tray to create interest and depth. The easiest way to do this is to add a vase with some greenery or flowers. You can also go with a chandelier or a statue if you prefer.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

Now choose something linear – it can be a coffee table book, a shiny mug or a small tray. You can use more than one book, but keep it to a maximum of three. It also creates a perfect platform to add other items at a different height.

Consider placing something on top of your books to give greater depth of field. It can be a scented candle or a decorative sculpture such as a ceramic bird.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

Round Water Hyacinth Tray With Mother Of Pearl Inlay Wooden Base Inser

Depending on the space, you can add something else like a set of spoons in the corner of your tray. Look for some that come in a container to keep them fresh. Choose a decorative set that matches your theme – it will look beautiful and protect your coffee table.

Basically, you can put the same items on a tray that you would put on the table, but if you consider the amount of space, maybe choose 3 or 4 items, such as:

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

Lucky enough to live by the sea – or do you want to? Use your tray to bring in the outdoors and enjoy some escapism. Add a sea breeze scented candle, close your eyes and feel the waves hitting your toes.

Jollycaper Coffee Table Tray Decor , Wood Serving Tray, Ottoman Tray, Rectangular 16.5×12.25, Polished Silver

Using seasonal flowers and a touch of nature with a beautiful decoration, you can create a simple decoration to welcome spring.

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

To create a luxurious feel, invest in a beautifully crafted classic tray and add some of your favorite coffee table books, some traditional flowers and a cute design or two. This tray design is also perfect for a square coffee table style.

Want to create a little Zen in your living space? Soft, tactile shapes create a calm and timeless mood here. Clear usage

Coffee Table With Tray Decor

Coffee Table Styling

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