Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas – A beautifully decorated coffee table is always the most important thing in the living room. Want it to look like the work of a professional? First, determine the focal point of the composition: flowers, vegetation or an arrangement of natural materials according to the season. Try different sizes of decorations and number of elements. Be practical: when guests arrive, you need to clear the table quickly to place cups and plates. The coffee table should also have enough space for certain items such as a remote control, cups or other necessary items. How can you think all these things can come to an agreement? We’ve rounded up some cool ideas that are both stylish and practical for you to rock or get inspired to create your own.

Find out what style you used for the whole room and adapt it to the style of your coffee table, here it should look natural. As for the colors, use the same colors as the rest of the room – this is for decoration, if you are stacking books, put what you want.

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Black coffee table, red tray, candle holder, clear vase with greenery and some candles for an elegant touch

Tips And Tricks For Winter Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

A black marble coffee table with some books, a candle in a candlestick and an arrangement of red tulips in a vase

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Glam black and gold coffee table with stacks of books, pink candle in floral candle holder, white flowers in clear vase

A shiny gold and blue coffee table with a blue bowl, a pile of books, bright flowers in a white vase

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

How To Style A Two Tier Coffee Table

Coffee table made of glass and colored wood with candles on a tray, a golden vase with flower decorations, a bowl with balls and books

Glass tray with a large candle in a mason jar, an antique clock, greenery in a pot and some old books

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Large black coffee table with basket boxes, white vases with greenery, woven snacks and candles

Clever Ways To Decorate Your Coffee Table

Low wooden coffee table with pillar candle arrangement in a tray, greenery in a pot and candlelight

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

A marble coffee table, a wooden tray with beads, a vase with greenery, some candles and books, and a pumpkin

A marble tray with candles in mason jars, a white flower arrangement in a clear vase on a glass table

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Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

How To Decorate A Modern Coffee Table

A modern rustic coffee table with a rough wooden bowl, books and an arrangement of greenery in a vase

A reclaimed wood coffee table, a woven tray, a white vase with greenery and a stack of books

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Sophisticated arrangement of pillar candles, journals, bright flowers in clear vases and eucalyptus in clear vases

Coffee Table Decor Ideas (to Liven Up Your Coffee Table)

Sophisticated coffee table with modern candlestick with black candles, trya with perforated candlestick and dried branches and herbs

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Refined coffee table with white orchids in pots, a pile of books, a candle and a black tray

Rustic coffee table with woven tray with towels, pile of books, vase with white flowers, candle and greenery

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Home Decor 101: How To Decorate End Tables

In decorative and style vases, you can choose green or floral decorations. Potted plants and flowering and artificial plants will last longer, so consider this option as well. Dried herbs, vegetables and flowers are a trendy idea that will also last a long time.

Rustic wooden coffee table with marble top, copper lantern, candle in glass jar, eucalyptus in clear vase

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Pink shabby chic coffee table with woven tray, candle lantern, arrangement of greenery in a white vase

How To Decorate A Coffee Table

A wooden tray with a vintage candlelight, a white jug of lavender and a blue patterned sugar bowl for trinkets

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

A woven tray with moss balls, a pile of books, a candle, a porcelain egg and a white jug with fresh flowers and greenery

Rough black coffee table with candlestick, black vase with dried herbs and candlelight and books

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas For Every Living Room

A large coffee table with a white cloth, a tray with teapots and fresh flowers for a cute look

Wooden coffee table with candle lights, greenery and floral decorations, starfish tray for beach look

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

A rustic wooden coffee table with a woven tray, some rose flowers and a jar of nuts for decoration

Coffee Table Decor Ideas And How To Style Them

A wooden coffee table with baskets filled with colorful petals and some books is a very dreamy idea

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

An upholstered ottoman that doubles as a coffee table, with two woven trays and fresh flowers and candles

A long and narrow black coffee table with books and magazines and a mirrored tray with bright floral decorations and bottles

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Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Rustic Coffee Table Decor Ideas You Will Love

Choose the decor according to the style and colors of your room: various trays, bowls, collectors, plates, chargers, tables and even candlesticks must match. There are many different color ideas, it all depends on the style you want to recreate and the touches you want to add. Tableware, coffee and tea cups, various wine glasses and decanters are also welcome on your coffee table, they also have a practical value. Add some books or magazines you like and voila!

Basket tray with terrarium, candlelight and potted plant for boho chic

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

A white coffee table with a tray of elegant vintage coffee pots, candles and fresh floral arrangements

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

A coffee table with a tray and bright flower decorations in clear vases is a very cool and chic idea

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Round shabby and cool coffee table with books, a large candle in a clear glass vase, a metal bucket with greenery and flowers

We use cookies to improve your experience and support our mission. By using our websites, you agree to the use of cookies. I understand the privacy policy. After looking at the two coffee tables in our house, I realized that there are five basic decorations that I use all the time, and today I’m going to share each of these coffee table decoration ideas with you!

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Utilize What You’ve Got With These 20 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas!

I always use a large tray on the coffee tables. Always. I love that they keep everything organized and if you want to clear it off the coffee table before a game or dinner spread, you can remove everything by simply lifting the tray. Trays are also a great way to add a contrasting texture or color to keep things interesting.

I chose our coffee table in the family room with a large 28″ square wooden tray that takes up most of the coffee table but gives the man room to put his feet up (we have a special “footrest” for him to do this – lol!):

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Sources: White Fringe Corner Pillow Cover | Textured gray pillowcase  | Antelope Pillow Cover  | Fig tree with artificial fiddle leaf  | Mat  | Pair of floor poufs  | Acrylic Coffee Table (similar)  | Black and White Striped Box  | Brass faucet  | White Coral (similar)

How To Style A Coffee Table

I had the hardest time finding a large square case that I liked, but I finally found the perfect one on Etsy. The store I bought mine from no longer exists, but you can find an almost identical board at . They offer them in a variety of colors in a velvety matte or glossy finish. A tray that big is expensive but I’ve had mine for YEARS. I love that if I change the color scheme in the future I can just repaint it instead of buying a new board.

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Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

On the ottoman/coffee table in our living room, I tend to use light woven trays to add a little pop and texture. My favorite is a good size and great price for such a large tray:

FYI, be sure to add felt pads to the bottom of the woven trays so they don’t scratch your coffee table! Here are some other favorite coffee table trays that would also work well (

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Chic & Glam Coffee Table Decor Ideas

I use flowers and natural elements throughout my home because they bring life like nothing else can, so it’s no surprise that one of my favorite ideas for decorating a coffee table! In the summer, when our garden is full of flowers, I keep small bouquets of fresh flowers on my coffee table:

You can add even more life and personality by placing your flowers in something unique, like my brass swan pot (you can find similar planters and ) that I’m totally obsessed with:

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

If you don’t have flowers to cut from your garden, pick up a $5 bunch of tulips at the grocery store or add a low-maintenance plant. This snake plant that used to be on our coffee table is the best – definitely don’t kill:

Tips For Best Coffee Table Books Styling

I love having a stack of books at the end of the coffee table, another way to bring nature into this space.

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

There’s also no shame in working fake! I recently bought raspberries and two of them are the most beautiful:

And then

Coffee Tables Decor Ideas

Best Ways To Decorate A Coffee Table

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