Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo – Here’s the second writing system I mentioned earlier, this time it’s for a girl who works for the phone company Movistar, so that was my suggestion.

I love these support boards, I bought another one to see if I could decorate them and organize homework on them that has been floating around among so many things lately.

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

Access to the table, in this I also used beautiful stamps that my friend Mati gave me.

Carteles De Las Tablas De Multiplicar Del 1 Al 10

A tin of chocolate, this picture shows the details of the telephone cord better, I made it with crochet thread.

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

The cue holder has a different design than the one I made for the pediatrician, I’m also making it for the first time and the truth is that I liked it more than last time.

I am very happy to be part of another team where I can put the things I am learning on paper.

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

Tabla De Sílabas Inversas (1)

The telemarketing thing is a little joke we have in the Facebook group because of all the anonymous comments, but oh well, that’s another old topic and another butterfly thing.

Here I bring you the desk set that my beloved co-worker JC ordered for me, as you can see it is for Dr. This image I used is a digital stamp from La La Land Crafts, it’s called Dr. Mercy, I thought it was nice for this pediatrician gift

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

The set consists of a support table or folder, a taco holder, a bookmark or page marker, a tin filled with chocolate, a notebook and a card. I would have liked to take better pictures, but I finished it very late at night.

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Loza Profunda Fotografías E Imágenes De Alta Resolución

Access to the bottom of the table, I liked the name, I stamped it with beautiful stamps given to me by my friends Mati and Delice.

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

Taco holder (that’s what they call it in Venezuela) to put blank papers in, I’m making this for the first time, I promise I’ll make a tutorial for you in January because it’s super easy and it looks so cute on the tables.

And that’s it, I still have a table set to finish, also themed and tailored, with a little more vibrant colors, I like how it turns out, I’ll show you in the next post.

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

Super Cuaderno Tablas De Multiplicar_página_111

I want to thank all the girls who have supported me and left nice messages on anonymous comments, I love knowing that I have nice people who appreciate the love I offer them.

I saw this little card over a month ago in one of the Facebook groups, I liked it but never got around to making it, it looks super sweet.

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

Back then I was looking online for inspiration on how to make a 15 year old card and I saw this sweet 16 year old card made by Karen Pinsont, I really liked it and thought I’d make a similar card and by the way I’ll give my friends the tutorial . Reading and here is the step by step, I hope you like it. Rincon, Puerto Rico

I cut one end of 17cm with an edge hole punch, if you don’t have a hole, you can also use figure scissors

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

Even though my table is in inches, I also leave the measurements in cm because I work with centimeters, but you still see the inches in the pictures 🙂

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For the fold we will make two marks, one 3.5 cm and the other 12 cm from the first one we made.

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

Ideas Creativas Para Hacer Manualidades Con Tablas De Picar De Cocina

Now we will make our own nest or frame, if you have a cube that is no problem, but for those who don’t, here is a step by step how to make them in any size, take a small sheet and fold it into 4 parts

Look for a small bottle or cap or cup or circle and place it in the corner where the center of the four folds is not, mark the bend of the circle with a pencil.

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

And the printed one, the one I used I made myself, if you want to download and print it at home, just click here Ohio Estado

The tab we cut out with the edge punch is glued to the edges and is used to donate money

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

It’s easy… and it’s beautiful… I hope to see all the successful markets soon, thanks for reading and leaving me your little messages

I met my oldest nephew’s girlfriend in August, oh my…how time flies, since my nephew learned to walk and play at home, well, he’s a little man now, in college, and what a great boy, she’s the first official girlfriend he brings home, AND she’s an amazing girl, I adopted her as a niece lol!!! The story is that after they saw the blog Scrap Caracas together, she fell in love with the thermal cups that Nana made. You can view them by clicking here.

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Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

La Operación Pañal Respetuosa: ¿se Quita O Se Deja?

And since my new niece loved ballet, what better way to personalize her cup than with a ballerina liner

Many thanks to Nana who always guides and inspires me with her beautiful works, share the tutorial by clicking here, don’t forget to leave her a nice message.

Como Decorar Una Tabla De Apoyo

Although this Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Venezuela, I was inspired by this celebration that brings families together every November (Thursday) to give thanks for the wonderful things and blessings that come to them throughout the year. Pinpix Tablón De Anuncios De Corcho De 20.9 X 16.9 In. Este Tablero Decorativo Enmarcado Viene Con Diseño De Pomelo Ikat Y Marco Blanco Satinado. Ideal Para El Hogar, La Oficina

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